About WhatsaByte

Randy here.

As a former network administrator, I know what it is like to have servers and workstations crash and all of the users and bosses breathing down my neck because they need access to their files and applications. I have worked many long nights and weekends restoring and upgrading servers and workstations. That was before I knew about the utilities I have reviewed on the site.

As of now, I am currently not accepting any guest post opportunities and any email(s) related to them will be ignored.

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I have also used the backup and PC optimization utilities that I have reviewed on the site. I have tried a lot of them that just do not do what they claim to be able to do. I don’t waste my time reviewing garbage to share with the world. I hope that some of these products can take some of the headaches away from the daunting task of running a network for some of you network administrators and computer technicians.

Do yourself a favor and use the utilities available. Even if the users are just yourself and your family.

Maybe you just have a problem with a megabyte or a gigabyte?

Maybe you have a suggestion for a new review or tutorial.

Disclosure: As an affiliate for some of the vendors, I may be compensated for some of the products and deals recommended on this site. If after reading the reviews, you choose to click the link and purchase the product, I may get a referral commission.

This in no way raises the price that you pay for the product or service. I am not responsible for typos or broken links. It may happen that you click a link for the product or service and the price has changed or is no longer available.

If that happens I offer you my apologies but I am in no way liable for any compensation to you.