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Backing up and restoring the components of a Microsoft Exchange Server used to be a daunting task. Acronis has changed that with the Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Server backup solution. The Microsoft Exchange mailbox server contains storage groups, logs, mailboxes, public folders, mails, and other components that structure the data. Using Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange, a solid and intuitive backup solution, is the critical step you can take to ensure a secure live Microsoft Exchange mailbox server backup that can be quickly restored.

There are two versions of Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange available for the different flavors of the Microsoft Server. There is the Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange for the Microsoft SBS and the Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange Enterprise Edition.

This powerful Microsoft Exchange backup and recovery solution for Small Business Server includes an intuitive wizard-driven GUI that guides you through the scheduling process and reduces the possibility of errors. The Backup Strategy Assistant creates a Disaster Recovery Plan for your environment, delivering systematic instructions for recovery. Anyone, whether an experienced Exchange Administrator or not, can schedule backup jobs and handle system restores rapidly. Acronis even provides FTP capability for storing your backup on any FTP server, worldwide.

With Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange, restoring individual emails is an easy task because you can restore from any kind of backup whether it is a database brick-level backup.

MS Exchange recovery is now made easy with automated system restore to a point-of-failure. There is no need to walk through menus to get your system back online. This one-step process will return your database to the last known good state just before failure. Incorrect transactions will no longer cost you minutes or hours in recovery.

Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange is an excellent accompaniment to the award-winning Acronis True Image suite of disaster recovery and system migration solutions that use patented disk-imaging technology. Together they deliver all-inclusive server system backup and restore and full Microsoft Exchange database protection — a winning disaster recovery plan combination.

Some of the Features of Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange

Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange provides the ultimate in granularity for backup and restore. Backup and restore operation can be applied to a whole information store, individual storage groups, mailboxes/public folders or even single emails.

With Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange you can restore your crucial mailboxes or single emails from different kinds of backup – not only from brick-level backups, but from a whole-database backup archive as well.

Smaller and More Manageable Backup Archives

Award-winning Acronis technology provides superior image file optimization. Customizable compression rates reduce the amount of data to store and transfer, leading to direct cost savings in storage and labor.

High Speed

Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange provides proven database backup technology that maximizes backup speed.

With its ability to restore any data (mailboxes, public folders or individual emails) from a database level backup, Acronis eliminates the need for time-consuming brick-level backups.

Active Restore

Active Restore mode provides full Microsoft Exchange Server functionality for users in minutes, while the system is still being restored. Using Active Restore, combined with automated Dial-tone restore mode, you can limit downtime of your Microsoft Exchange 2007 Server to only seconds.

Continuous Data Protection

Continuously back up transactions to enable the complete restoration of Microsoft Exchange Server databases with minimum data loss.

Faster Disaster Recovery

One-step Recovery and Automated Recovery to the point-of-failure help organizations meet aggressive Recovery Time Objectives.

Encryption for Security

Protect companies’ most valuable data with industry-standard encryption.

Centralized Management

The Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Management Console automatically detects all database servers on the network. The servers are displayed clearly with status information, making it easy to manage enterprise-wide installations.

Resource Management

CPU and bandwidth throttling let you allocate resources during the backup process to ensure users remain productive.

Guided Disaster Recovery

Acronis database backup also provides you with a Disaster Recovery Plan, detailing systematic instructions to guide you or your team through a fast and complete recovery. Even non-technical staff members can follow these simple instructions to restore even the most sophisticated Microsoft Exchange server.

Integration with Acronis Backup and Recovery

Installed on the same computer, Acronis Backup and Recovery and Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange can restore a whole production server including the operating system and whole information store, on bare metal from bootable CD or from a PXE.