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If you’ve ever had an Android phone, you know that sometimes you’ll randomly get a pop-up that says, “Sign-in to Wi-Fi Network?” It’s annoying.

If you are trying to connect to the Wi-Fi, reset the router then re-enter your credentials. If you are unable to connect to your mobile data, stop your phone from trying to connect to Wi-Fi automatically.

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Why Does Your Android Keep Saying Sign-In is Required?

I have received this notification on more than one occasion. However, the answer to the problem was not always the same. The solutions differ based on what the problem is.

It will take a great deal of patience to attempt each solution in order to have the problem solved. Of course, the last option is to contact your internet service provider to investigate whether the problem is on their end.

If you are trying to get Wi-Fi access, then the problem is that the requests from the router’s signals are not being received by your Android.

This can be a problem on either the router or the phone’s side. It might not even be either side but a third-party issue, such as a hacker, that is causing the disruption between the two.

If you are trying to get mobile data access while receiving this notification, it means that your phone has prioritized a Wi-Fi Connection over a data connection.

This can be for various reasons such as a damaged chip or the default settings for your Wi-Fi interrupting the data connection. Below, I will describe each problem and how you can solve it.

How to Fix the “Sign-In to Wi-Fi- Network” from Android?

There are a series of methods that you can try in order to remove the Notification from your phone. I have shared a few that have helped me.

Wi-FI Network Needed

Reset Your Router

Even though you’re used to enjoying continued connection, your Android is running consistent tests on the Wi-Fi signals that your router is emitting.

So if the router is sending an incorrect request for you to Sign-in to the Network, your phone will notify you to do the same, although you have already signed in. The best way to resolve this is to reset the router so that it sends the correct information.

Turn off the router using the button or switch at the back. Give the router some time to completely shut down by waiting 30 seconds to 1 minute.

You want to ensure it’s completely shut down so that it does not continue sending incorrect signals. Afterward, you can restart the router and wait for your phone to connect.

to Portal

Some Public Wi-Fi Networks will require you to do a login to a portal. This can happen even though you see “Connected” written under the Network’s SSID when you select it.

Public places often do this to protect their Wi-Fi signal, as well as the information available on their network.

Once you have entered your log-in details you will either have full access to the Wi-Fi network or receive a session running anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hrs.

If you don’t already have credentials, you may have to request them from the owner of the Wi-Fi Network.

Software Update

Check your Android to see whether you have outstanding updates to install. Often, when Android releases new software , it is to fix bugs that the current software has.

Sometimes software bugs can affect how well the network connects to wireless networks.

Go to “Settings”, scroll to the bottom where you will see the “Advanced Settings” option. Search for the Update Status to see whether there are any outstanding updates.

If there are, install the updates then restart your phone. Some updates will automatically restart the phone . Once the phone is on, try connecting to the Wi-Fi, again.

Pre-Shared Key or SSID has Changed

This issue occurs mostly in situations where you are trying to Sign-In to Wi-Fi at a public space, such as a café or a library.

It is less likely to be the problem at home as you would probably know if someone has changed the SSID or the PSK. The SSID simply refers to the name of the Wi-Fi.

If you are used to automatically connecting to a network but now, it requests that you sign in before connecting, it may be because the SSID or the password was recently changed.

It means that the router is making a request for you to log in as it no longer recognizes the credentials you currently have.

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack

In your case, a DDoS Attack’s aim is to damage the Wireless Access Point. While I believe this is the least likely problem to affect you, the truth is that it happens.

If it didn’t happen there would be no need for things like anti-virus software. To ensure your phone’s safety, restart it and ensure you have enabled your antivirus.

Restart your router. For extra safety, you may want to change the password on your router. Once you’ve reconnected, enter the new credentials into your phone to check whether you now have access to the network.

Mobile Data Needed

Change to Connect Manually

If your issue is that you are using mobile data, however, your phone has picked up unwanted Wi-Fi signals that you can connect to, then you can follow these steps to have it removed.

Go to “Settings.” Then go to SIM Cards & Mobile Networks.” Afterward, click on the SIM Card that is displaying the notification. When you have selected this, go to “Mobile Network.”

You will see an already selected option to “Connect to Network Automatically.”

Afterward, turn on your mobile data. Go to the browser to ensure that you have a connection. You will no longer see the notification.

SIM Card Has Been Damaged

If you remove your SIM Card and place it in another phone, the problem is the SIM if the same problem occurs on the new phone.

You will have to get your SIM replaced in order to get Mobile Data Connection. The notification is appearing because the damaged SIM is unable to access the network.

So, your phone is automatically trying to search for other means of network connection.

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Why Does Your Wi-Fi Keep Disconnecting?

When a newer Android phone or tablet connects to your hotspot, it will attempt to test the Internet connection. Occasionally, they may mistakenly detect a poor Internet connection when the connection is perfectly fine.

The option which allows your Android device to switch away from a wireless network if it believes it is bad can be disabled by looking under the Advanced Wi-Fi settings. On different Android versions, that option has many different names.

Once you find that option, you can simply switch it OFF. Android phones should no longer misidentify the quality of your hotspot, so the device should stay connected properly.


The solution to your problem depends on whether the notification is preventing you from accessing your mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection.

If the notification is preventing you from using your mobile data, your options to solve the issue may be to stop your phone from automatically trying to connect to a Wi-Fi signal.

Otherwise, your issue may be resolved through the other options I have listed. Before you know it, your Android will be successfully connected.