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Apple has introduced the Apple Watch in the last month, but won’t let you pre-order or buy it until tomorrow (April 10), and will deliver to your front door by April 24.

The company also sent the Watch to tech magazine & website, such as CNET, Yahoo! Tech, The Verge. And here is a general roundup article about first feel and reviews of the Apple Watch.

The device will be available to purchase on the 24th, but now you can take a look into these reviews, in many aspects, before making your decision to buy this smartwatch or not.

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Apple Watch Reviews (Across the Internet)

Bloomberg Business

Like many things we beautify ourselves, you have to love the way Apple Watch looks on you. Its design does not rival with Omega, Rolex, or Breitling for lifestyle, but the more I wore the indistinct thing, the more I liked it on my wrist. … And all the speedy motion tracking and software is controlled by the Apple’s new S1 CPU (processor), which packed multiple components on a single chip. After using it, I think Apple Watch is one of wearable devices you can buy. {read more}

The Verge

Apple Watch is very interesting and high attracting, feeling like it always invites you to touch it and always wear it with you. Excluding the strap, the watch face is a masterpiece of engineering and manufacturing. Many sensors inside Apple Watch, and it owns a lot of processing power than other wearable devices. Apple Watch is a super-computer on the wrist, but it is also quite heaving and plump, reminds me of the 1st generation iPhone. {read more}

Yahoo! Tech

Apple Watch is better than any other smartwatches that have launched in the previous. Better screen, software, and error correction cycle. The watch face is like a real jewel, and it has a lot of technologies such as a magnetic strap, wrist to wrist drawings, Morse code, touch screen, wireless payment … and especially that operate in symbiosis with the iPhone. {read more}


I have worn many SmartWatch but none as good as Apple Watch. Personally, I would say the design of the Moto 360 is the best, but its screen is not nice enough. Meanwhile, with the Apple Watch, its rounded edges gently with Retina display intertwined, make me feel it looks like an infinity miniature pool. In terms of size, Apple Watch 42mm version is just big enough for me, but the 38 mm is not already wearing. {read more}

New York Times

Apple Watch is far from perfect and the price from $350 to $17,000 for a watch is not cheap. Although it seems to look smart and stylish strap with a lot of different types, but it’s the first generation, there are many restrictions and other errors. {read more}

As you can tell, reviews are mixed. Before you make a purchase, read all of these trusted sites before making your decision.

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