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PS4 and PS5 consoles come with so many games that take a lot of time and effort to complete. You don’t want to finally get past the place you were stuck on for so long just to find that the console overheats and shuts down. While a PS4 or PS5 can overheat, you can easily learn the causes of overheating and how to prevent them.

Can a PS4 or PS5 Overheat?

Yes! Both PS4 and PS5 consoles can overheat. The main causes relate to how you use the console and what you do with it. In most cases, the console will shut itself down to prevent damage when it gets too hot.

In some cases, it will just keep running, which can damage some parts and cause you to lose most or all of your progress. That’s why it’s so important that you know what causes the console to overheat and how to fix it.

Common Causes of an Overheated PS4/PS5

Checking out the common causes of an overheated PS4/PS5 is the best way to see what issues affect your console. Keep in mind that even if you and a friend have the same console, the causes for your overheating are often different.

Hot Rooms: Hot rooms are one of the leading causes of overheating systems. The heat can cause quite a bit of damage.

Fan Failure: If you have an older console that keeps overheating, you should check the fans. Even just one fan that fails can cause your PS4/PS5 to run too hot.

Lack of Ventilation: You should always keep the vents on your PS4/PS5 clear. If anything blocks the vents, the chances of overheating will go up.

Hardware Failure: Hardware failures can also impact your system and make it run hot. As long as you keep using the console, it will keep overheating until you replace the parts.

Dirty Ports/Vents: Dirty ports and/or vents can make the console overheat. This includes tobacco/nicotine stains as well as pet dander.

Big Downloads: If you try to download large files while you play your PS4/PS5 or use certain apps, it can run too hot.

Lack of Updates: If you do not install updates as needed, you risk the console overheating. Overheating can also occur when you don’t update the games you play more often.

Large Files: As much as you love some Playstation games, keep in mind that some take up a lot of room. When you play those games, the console can overheat.

What Happens When a PS4/PS5 Overheats?

You might worry about your PS4 or PS5 overheating but aren’t sure what happens when it gets too hot. The console will often issue warning signs that show you it’s in danger of overheating.

While you might get lucky and have a console that shuts down, you might also hear the fan running louder than it should and see some glitching.

Artifact glitching is quite common. You might see the outline of your character or different parts of the game staying on the screen longer than they should or see ghostly outlines.

The console may also release an error message that tells you it’s too hot right before it shuts down. At the first sign of overheating, shut down your console and give it a break.

Do PS4/PS5 Skins Cause Overheating?

Playstation skins give you a fun way to customize your console and give it a new or different look. You can choose from various colors and designs that feature characters from your favorite games. P

S4 and PS5 skins are generally safe to use. Just make sure you buy the right size and do not block the vents with the skin. If the skin covers even a small portion of the vents, it will restrict airflow and can make the console overheat.

6 Ways to Fix an Overheating PS4/PS5

When your PS4/PS5 overheats, it keeps you from playing all of your favorite games and prevents you from going online with your console or using some apps you downloaded. Luckily for you, there are some great and easy ways to fix an overheating PS4 or PS5.

Limit Your Resources

Your PS4/PS5 can overheat when it uses too many resources simultaneously. Have you ever tried downloading a new game while watching a movie on Netflix or playing another game? Those big files require a lot of your resources and can slow the console down or overheat.

If it slows down, you may find that your game buffers or that Netflix tells you it encountered an error. Avoid using the console for anything else when you want to download new games. If you want to play a game that uses many resources, turn off any other apps you usually use.

Reduce the Room Temperature

If you have a PS4/PS5 that overheats because the room is too hot, look for ways to reduce the room’s temperature. You should only use your console in rooms between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using it when it’s hotter will increase your risk of it overheating. Move your PS4/PS5 away from any direct heat sources such as vents or ducts as well as windows that let in natural sunlight and heaters. You can also use a cooling stand that keeps air circulating around the console.

Move the Console

You should never use your PS4 or PS5 in any place that restricts airflow or blocks the vents. Most gamers have entertainment centers or console tables that allow them to place their consoles right next to their TVs.

For an overheating console, move it to a new spot where it sits on a flat surface like a table or a desk. You also want to use it on some type of platform that keeps it away from the ground.

The floors in your home have tons of debris that can block the vents, even if you vacuum or sweep every week. Using a cooling stand is also helpful.

Clean Your Console

Cleaning your console can keep it from overheating, especially if you have a PS4/PS5 with clogged vents. Turn off the console, unplug all the cables, and move it to a flat surface like your coffee table. Use canned air to gently remove any stuck-on debris from the vents, making sure you aim the can inside the console to clear out the fans.

You’ll also want to use the air to clean the ports before you wipe down the whole console with a soft cloth. Depending on how often you use your PS4/PS5 and your home, you may need to clean it as often as once a month or once a week.

Install Updates

Some PS5 consoles are digital only, which means that you need to keep them connected to the internet 24/7, but some PS4 and PS5 owners rarely go online and miss some of the updates their consoles need. Finding updates is easy. Open Settings and go to System Software Update.

Pick the Check for Updates option and let your console look for any updates it needs. You need to click on the Install Update button each time it finds one to install it.

Don’t forget to look for updates for your games either. Select the game from the main menu and pick Check for Update. Follow the steps on your screen to update each game.

Replace the Fan

PS4 and PS5 consoles use fans that keep air circulating and help them stay cool. You should hear the fans come to life as soon as you turn on your console. Listen for the sounds of the fan when hit the power button. If you hear a noise that sounds softer than it did before, it can indicate debris inside that blocks the fans.

However, if you cannot hear the fan, you know it stopped working. Always check your warranty from Sony as it may cover the cost of a new fan. For a console with an expired warranty, check for a repair shop in your area.

Can You Put a PS4/PS5 on Carpet or Floor?

One of the nice things about these consoles is that you can use on horizontally or vertically. That does not mean you can play with your PS4 or PS5 sitting right on the carpet though.

Not only does carpet block the vents and restrict airflow, but it can push dust and other debris from the carpet into the vents.

You should also avoid playing your PS4/PS5 with the console sitting on the floor. Try a few different ways to use your console to prevent overheating.

  • Use a cooling stand that you can use on different surfaces to keep the console cool as you play.
  • Invest in a mounting kit that lets you mount a PS4/PS5 onto a wall close to your TV.
  • Place the original box on the floor and set the console on top of it.
  • Set your console on top of a piece of cardboard that you put on the floor or carpet first.
  • Use two small pieces of wood that lift the console off the ground and provide good airflow.
  • Get a cheap bookshelf that lets you store and use your PS4/PS5, giving you more storage space for your games and accessories.

How Long Can I Play My PS4/PS5 Before Overheating?

While it’s possible to keep your console running for months without it overheating, not everyone has the same experience. Some gamers swear that they never turn off their consoles, but others find that their consoles overheat much faster. Remember that it depends on whether you want to play or use your PS4/PS5.

Never play your PS4/PS5 for more than four hours at a time. Even if you want to get past that final level or go just a little further in your game, give the console a break after four hours. Both the PS4 and PS5 have a standby mode that reduces their power usage and keeps it cool.

You can leave it in this mode for days and even months without any issues. Not only does turning off your console keep it from overheating, but it gives the console time to rest and install any needed updates.


While modern consoles last longer than older ones, they can easily overheat. The causes of an overheating PS4/PS5 can include a lack of ventilation and playing it in a room that is too hot. Make sure you try all of these remedies to keep the console cool and make it last longer.