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You might find yourself asking this question when you notice that your controller is getting unusually or repetitively hot.

Keeping the PS4 controller turned on for long hours or on a hot surface may overheat it. Also, charging the controller for an extended period can lead to overheating. When the controller overheats, the hardware sensor prevents it from booting.

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How Long Can a PS4 Controller Stay On?

The PS4 controller can stay on for around four to eight hours on a single charge. PS4 controller’s battery life is less than the Xbox and Nintendo controller. However, here are a few methods that you can use to improve the battery life of your PS4 controller .

Lower the Vibration

Reduce the volume of your controller’s speakers and any outside noises by turning off the vibration. Audio cues and diegetic effects are sometimes employed by games using the speaker.

For example, in Destiny 2, the controller makes a lot more noise in combat than the game’s audio does. Even though I enjoy listening to the speaker, it is quite loud. To make your controller quiet and disable vibrations: 

  1. Select Devices from the quick menu to access volume control and adjust it. – it will make the operation much quieter.
  2. Set up the controllers on your PlayStation 4 , select devices, and then controllers from the settings menu. You can then disable controller feedback from there.

As a result, if your controller has problems holding a charge, you can prolong its lifespan by doing so. People may be hesitant to turn off vibration when playing games since it is often used as a gameplay cue.

Control the Time for Shut Off

In addition to gaming on their PlayStation 4, some people also do other tasks. If you are watching Netflix or a Twitch stream, you may not necessitate your DualShock 4 on all the time.

When you aren’t using the controller, make sure it shuts off. You can find the power saving feature in the Settings menu of your PlayStation 4.

The power-saving setting allows you to decide the amount of time both your controller and the console are left on. Then you’ll see a button to shut down the computer automatically, and underneath it, a button to enter rest mode, as you’ve been looking for.

Afterward, you can select how long it will be till the controller turns off. During breaks and while doing passive activities, it is best to minimize battery drain with a timer of 10 minutes. This method does not require you to end your current program or game to use this method.

Minimize the Light Bar

There is a special light bar on the PS4 controller. In some games, color changes are achieved using this feature. PlayStation cameras detect controllers so players can register and compete in PlayStation VR.

You can dim the light through the quick menu; however, it is impossible to turn the light off completely. With the brightness option, you can choose bright, medium, or dim when using the controller.

The default setting for lights is bright, but it is possible to dim them. As long as the camera recognizes the dim light, your controller will run longer, and you will save some power.

Charge When Not in Use

The DualShock controller should be charged from full even though the indicator is still showing a few bars. Overcharging can affect the memory in your device, as you’re probably aware.

Having no concern about battery memory is a good thing. Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries do not have any limitations on memory size. A battery can neither be overcharged nor overdrained.

Consequently, you can charge the controller whenever you desire without causing any harmful side effects to their batteries. You need to test the capacity of your battery often if you’re a gamer today.

Test the battery life indicator’s durability by calibrating it. You can determine the battery life by draining the battery after a few charges. You can prevent issues such as digital memory by consuming the battery to the very end.

The battery capacity report sent by your device is inaccurate when you use digital memory. It may be necessary for you to calibrate your controller. If you leave the charger unchecked for a while, you may not know when to recharge the controller.

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Keep an Extra Controller

Getting immersed in highly detailed games will drain your controller’s battery life. Using a micro USB cable connected to your console, another method of charging the controller, isn’t the best way to enjoy a game.

Rather than that, consider buying a second controller, it can be a good idea. Whenever your second controller is connected to your console, it will charge from your other controller as long as you are still using the first one.

Despite the power-saving settings, you can set certain features to be available when in rest mode if you do not want to turn off your console entirely.

It is possible to recharge the controller by connecting its USB port to a power supply. In addition to cradles, you can store extra controller third-party models, so your PS4 is not always on standby.

The PS4 does not need to be connected to some products for two controllers to be recharged simultaneously. A charger should always be in the cradle. In such a way, you will have a controller all the time.

What Causes a PS4 Controller to Overheat?

Different reasons can cause the overheating of the PS4 controller. Random flukes, high room temperature, improper ventilation are some vital reasons that cause the PS4 controller to overheat.

Also, if the airflow is blocked, you might have to face the overheating of your PS4; for this, you will have to provide proper ventilation and clean the dust in the PS4 vent for better airflow.

Can the PS4 Controller Overheat?

Airflow and high room temperature can make PS4 overheat. Make sure that airflow is appropriately directed and the room temperature is suitable. The system must not recirculate that same hot air.

A small, enclosed space might cause the console to overheat. In addition, it may overheat if there is excessive contact between the vents or other obstructions. It may be necessary to move your PS4 somewhere with complete clearance.

How Can I Stop My PS4 Controller from Overheating?

Here’s how you can stop your PlayStation 4 from overheating.

1. Put your PS4 on standby and wait. Turn off your PlayStation 4 and let it cool down to room temperature before attempting anything else.

2. Switch the device back on and carry on with your work that caused it to overheat. You can use the console normally as long as it does not overheat.

3. Make sure your room is at the right temperature. If your game room’s temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you should refrain from using the PS4. Take the console out of the room if the air temperature is hotter than that, or get a PS4 cooling stand if it is hotter.

4. Make sure the vents on your PS4 are clean. You can also use compressed air or other relevant devices to get rid of the dust.

5. If you want to clean vents with a hose attachment, you can do so. In most cases, a combination of these two methods is most effective. Make sure that the PS4 is not overheating after removing dust from it.


If you do not get any results after following the given steps, you will likely need special tools and professionals to fix a console with overheating. If so, it would be best to leave the remainder of this problem to professionals.

Perhaps there’s something incorrect with the hardware or some issue with the fan. You should eliminate the heat sink in some cases and replace the thermal paste.

An individual can undertake the replacement of these components, but it may waste money if the wrong components are replaced or if your warranty is still valid, it will void.