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A pattern lock is a screen-lock that you can unlock by drawing a predetermined pattern, like a shape or an arrow, on the screen.

You can put a pattern lock on an iPhone using a tweaked app extracted from a package manager. The tweaked apps are third-party apps that you can download, which are not available on iPhone.


Can You Put A Pattern Lock On An iPhone?

You can put a pattern lock on an iPhone using a lock system app. However, it’s not easy because of the phone’s high security. To add a third-party app on your iPhone, you need to bypass the phone’s system.

The tech world calls the process of bypassing the iPhone’s operating system jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking won’t put you in jail for tweaking the iOS. However, if something’s wrong with your phone, Apple voids the warranty.

Many users jailbreak the phone because they want the iPhone to be more like an Android. They also jailbreak the phone because they want to install apps that are not supported by iPhone.

If you’re willing to create a pattern lock for your phone through jailbreaking, it’s better to know the pros and cons of jailbreaking before you go to the next step.

Jailbreaking allows you to use apps not supported by iPhone. You can also use free tethering if you jailbreak your phone. Other pros include customization options, accessing the iOS file system, and changing wireless providers.

On the other hand, the downside of jailbreaking includes the danger of malware attacks, full access to the third-party app on the phone, less anti-virus protection, a problem during a system update, and system instability.

If the risk doesn’t matter to you, go ahead and jailbreak your iPhone.

You can jailbreak an iPhone using Hexxa Plus, Trimgo Jailbreak, iBsparkes, and Chimera Jailbreak for iOS13. These are jailbreak repo extractors that you can download so you can install a package manager such as Cydia, Sileo, and Installer 5.

The package managers contain apps available on Android including the pattern lock app.

So, if you want to have a pattern lock app on your phone, you must install a jailbreak repo extractor then install a package manager through the extractor.

Once you installed the package manager, that’s the only time that you can install a pattern lock app. It’s a long process and it’s risky. But if you want the other benefits of jailbreaking, don’t skip the first step.

Cydia is one of the best package managers that provides a pattern lock. However, it only works through jailbreak. It can’t stand alone.

Cydia can improve the performance of the phone and its appearance through themes and extensions. It also allows you to customize the stock iOS features. Yet, the best feature of Cydia is the large number of apps that you can install on your phone.

The recent jailbreak for iOS 14-14.3 is unc0ver. It released a new version in 2021, which works for all devices.

How To Get The Pattern Lock On iPhone?

You can get the pattern lock on your iPhone through jailbreaking. But because of its risk, app creators develop ways to skip jailbreaking.

You can now access third-party apps through iOSEmus. To access iOSEmus, you must go to the iOSEmus website to install the app.

After you install it, go to the apps section to choose your favorite app. You click the Get button beside the app of your choice.

iOSEmus is easy to install and it takes less space on your device. The apps and games are regularly updated. It also recovers quickly from errors. It doesn’t require you to jailbreak and an Apple ID upon installation.

However, the downside of this app is the limited number of options compared to the available options in Cydia.

Other package managers don’t require jailbreak including TweakBox, Zestia Step, iNoJB, Emus4u, AppEven, and Asterix Installer.

Here are some package managers you may consider:

TweakBox is available for free. Through the TweakBox, you can download movies, music, and emulators. It features a tweaked App Store where you can access apps available on Android. It also has free hacked games, which is not advisable because you may get banned. The package manager is fast and secure. It works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Zestia Step works on different iOS phones including the iOS 12. It’s the most updated package manager and it’s simple to use. You don’t need to connect your phone to your laptop before you can operate it.

Even though it’s easy to use, Cydia still wins in terms of functionality. Zestia Step has a limited number of functionalities.

iNoJB is a web-based app. It’s a better alternative than Cydia because of its easy installation. It doesn’t require you to install it on your device, which is another advantage of using this app. If your phone runs between iOS 7.1.2 and iOS 10, it’s the best app for you. However, if you want more tweaked applications, Cydia is still the better option.

Emus4u has a quite good number of tweaked apps that are not available on the app store. It also comes with a junk cleaner and screen recorder. The package manager has a single installation package allowing the device to adjust to the type of OS used on the phone.

AppEven supports iOS 9, iOS 10,iOs 11 and iOS 12. Similar to the other apps mentioned, it’s also easy to install but with a limited selection of tweaked apps.

Lastly, the Asterix Installer. It has several tweaked apps not available on the App Store. Through this package manager, you can also download paid apps for free and customize your iOS device.

How To Change The Pattern On iPhone?

Changing the pattern on the iPhone varies as it depends on the tweaked app you’re using. In this topic, I’ll give two tweaked apps and how to use them. The tweaked apps include the LockDroid and the AmongLock.

For the LockDroid, after opening the app, you start the process by drawing a new password two times. Then you enable the attempted error and the limit of attempts. You can choose among the three matrix sizes like 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5. If you want a more secured phone, choose the biggest matrix. You can customize it by changing the theme and the color.

Another interesting tweak app for iPhone is the AmongLock. This tweaked app requires you to tap the combination instead of swiping it. Unlike on LockDroid that you create your pattern, the AmongLock is dependent on the passcode screen you’re already using.

This app only changes the lock screen to a reactor keypad. And another interesting part is that the phone reacts when someone entered the wrong pattern.

Yes, the phone reacts saying, “You were not the owner of this phone.” If you’re an AmongUs fan, this tweaked app is for you.


What Happens If You Forgot Your Pattern Lock?

When you forget your pattern lock, you’re compromising your data. Because you won’t recover it after you reset the pattern lock. So, you must create a backup for all the data you saved on your phone.

You have four options for recovering a password. You can recover it through iTunes. But it only works if you synced your phone to iTunes. Another option is resetting the Apple ID password on the Apple website.

You can also recover it using iCloud. However, you need to make sure that you enable Find My iPhone and you’re signed in to iCloud.

If you don’t use iCloud to save your files, you can opt for the recovery mode. You can access your phone but you’ll lose all the data.


The iPhone software is the most secure app among smartphones. Even though you don’t use a third-party pattern lock app, it’s a guarantee that your data is safe.

Yet, if you still want to install a third-party app, you must consider the consequence of changing the environment of your iPhone software.