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Power Over Ethernet (POE) is a term that refers to the use of an ethernet cable to power a device rather than simply transmit data.

You can use a normal ethernet cable for POE, as the process does not require anything that standard ethernet cables cannot provide. The devices must be POE compatible to use an ethernet cable for power properly.

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Using POE (Factors To Consider)

Before choosing Power Over Ethernet for your home or office, there are a few things to consider. Let’s go over some essential things you should know before deciding whether to use an ethernet cable to change the power source for your device rather than relying on traditional power sources.

Poe Allows You To Connect Devices Over Long Distances

A standard ethernet cable is not known for being very long , but there are longer options if you need one. Consider a POE extender if you need something longer than 328 feet (100 meters).

Extenders give you another 328 feet (100 meters) to connect your devices. This extra length makes spreading your devices in your home or office easier.

Poe Connections Are Safe

Even for devices that do not work with POE, you will not harm the device by connecting them via an ethernet cable.

POE works uniquely in that it reads how much power the device requires before sending any power. This reading helps prevent an overload of power. So your devices are not in danger when connecting them to POE.

If the POE connector cannot read how much power the device requires, it will not send any power. So, there is no risk when plugging it in and getting started.

People Use Poe Cable Wiring To Avoid Short Power Cables

There are a few different reasons to consider using POE. Still, it may seem like something you don’t need, especially if you don’t run a business that could benefit from having every device connected.

One of the biggest reasons people use POE in their homes is the freedom it provides. When setting up devices like cameras in your home, plugging them into an outlet can seriously limit where you can place them.

With POE, you don’t need a power source nearby. You need an ethernet cable long enough to reach the device. This feature is beneficial when you want to place cameras high up or away from your home on your property.

There is a reason that POE is as popular as it is. Businesses and homeowners alike can figure out how POE can make their devices easier to use and place them just about anywhere you want them.

4 Benefits of Using POE

If you are considering power over ethernet for devices in your home or office, there are some benefits you should know.

1. Sharing Information Between Devices

One of the biggest benefits of using POE is that the ethernet cable carries power and data to the device. This capacity of POE means that devices connected with ethernet to power it can also share information between the devices.

This data sharing can help keep your devices connected and communicating, making it easier for you to control multiple devices simultaneously. It also helps businesses run more efficiently with every device connected.

This kind of POE is widespread with businesses that use VoIP to place phone calls to customers or clients who need phone assistance. A POE connection allows businesses to monitor phone activity and record customer communications.

If you want more information on the VoIP process, check out this article here for more information about it.

POE software can collect data from each device, helping you better manage your devices and how you use them. This management can help optimize your use of personal devices or allow a business to ensure that employees use their devices to their full potential.

2. Reduces Power Costs

Using POE over traditional powering methods can help reduce power costs. Many devices that have POE capabilities also have low-power mode options. The low-power mode is the ability for devices to use less power when you are not actively using them.

So many of our devices have a low-power mode option now. For example, we can use it on our smartphones to conserve battery when it gets low to keep our phones active for longer. POE can do the same for our other devices.

Low power mode uses less energy than our devices that use consistent power. Using less power lowers your electric bill. While you may not notice a significant change with just one device set to low power mode, connecting more devices will further help with the cost.

3. Increases Safety and Reduces Risk of Malfunctions

One thing that we often don’t consider about ordinary networks and power setups is that they can be dangerous. Leaving our computer on overnight and allowing it to run continuously increases your risk of a fire.

Using POE allows your devices to enter a low-power mode when you are not using them. This mode can help them not constantly run and potentially get hot when left overnight.

POE also simplifies the power and data connection process by allowing it all to connect with just one cable. Having one cable lowers the risk of a malfunction due to multiple cables connecting to your computer. So, POE can lower the risk of something going wrong if the device gets too hot.

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4. Simplicity and Increased Convenience

The simplicity of POE seems to be the driving force for most people who decide to use it. It simplifies the installation process through one ethernet cable and connects everything to the same network without additional hardware or software.

One prominent example of the simplicity of POE is a call center. POE allows business to connect their wired phones to other devices. This connection can allow workers to control the phone through their computer by clicking a button.

It also allows data to move from the phone to your computer. This data movement makes recording phone calls easier for training and quality assurance purposes. And with a hardwire connection, internet and network issues won’t stop the devices from sharing data.

So, how can this help you at home? Assuming you aren’t running a call center in your living room, you can still benefit from the simplicity of using POE.

If you have cameras inside or outside your home, you can use POE connections to simplify the monitoring process. You won’t need a bunch of cords passing through the wall or doorway to keep your camera running. Instead, you can use one ethernet cable to connect the camera to your PC.

This connection allows the camera to remain plugged in and gives you full access to the data the camera can provide. And all this can happen with one cord rather than multiple.

The Bottom Line

You can use any ethernet cable for POE — keep in mind that it can provide power to devices that may not be close to an outlet, as it is completely safe. If you plan to use POE to power your devices, consider investing in a longer ethernet cable to give yourself more room to work.