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I hope that you will never need a data recovery solution but if you do, it is a good thing to know they are out there to recover your data. Of course, you should have a solid backup solution in place, but if you did not have one and your computer crashes there is still hope for your data. It doesn’t matter if you have had a physical drive failure or a logical failure, data can be recovered.

If you have had a logical hard drive failure that usually means that your operating system has crashed and your gigabytes of data that you may have accumulated is still intact on your hard drive it just happens to be inaccessible without some third party data recovery software. The same is true if you have accidentally deleted some files. They are also still recoverable.

If you have had a physical hard drive failure, your data can still be recovered but you may have to send the drive out to a recovery facility. It is truly amazing how these data recovery process can find every byte of data on a crashed hard drive .

If you have a computer crash of any sort, do not try to do anything without the help of a data recovery specialist or at least data recovery software because the data can be overwritten. Recovery software works on a low level, read only mode to protect you from losing any more data. If you are not sure if you have had a physical or logical hard drive crash, find out what a hard drive crash is here.

Your data is important so trust the experts to recover it.

Here are some recommended data recovery solutions.

Even if you did not have a good backup solution in place and you have a system crash, you can still recover your data. Stellar Phoenix offers a wide range of data recovery solutions that can help you recover your files. Stellar Phoenix offers data recovery solutions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and Unix. They also offer file, and email repair software so all of your data recovery needs are covered. Stellar has the tools to recover lost data due to accidental format, virus problems, software malfunction and file/directory deletion. Check out the Stellar data recovery products here. Save 50% on Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Home Bundle for Windows with Stellar Phoenix Instabackup Gold and Windows Password Recovery, Save Now!

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Kernel Data Recovery offers data recovery software that recovers every aspect of data that can possibly become corrupted or deleted. They also offer email recovery and email migration software. Other services include; deleted file recovery, digital media recovery and recovery of iPod files. Nucleus offers a demo version of their software so you can test it to see if it will recover the data that you need before you buy the software. Read more about the Kernal Data Recovery Solution. Save 30% on Kernel for Windows Data Recovery with Coupon Code: ncs30win

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Hard drive failures happen more often than you might think. It could be caused by a physical or hardware failure or a logical or software failure in the drive. Either way, the Disk Doctors have a solution to recover all for your data in case of a hard drive crash. If, for some reason, your hard drive has crashed and you did not have an image or a solid backup of your data, there is still hope. Disk Doctors has all the tools you need to recover from a physical or logical hard drive failure. See the Disk Doctor recovery solutions here. 

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Stellar Data Recovery announces the release of world’s first Zarafa Recovery Software to recover mailboxes from troubled Zarafa Server Files. Stellar Phoenix Zarafa Recovery is an immensely useful utility to recover all your mailboxes as well as the data in them from corrupt Zarafa Server database files. This power packed software has been designed with highly advanced algorithms that can repair the damaged Zarafa database and thus helps in restoring the data in them. Get more info about the Zarafa Recovery System

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Search and Recover is a data recovery utility that can recover files from your computer or any other storage device connected to your PC. This utility allows you to recover accidentally deleted files or files that have been lost due to a hard drive crash or accidental format. If you accidentally deleted an email, no problem Search and Recover can retrieve the email from just all of the popular email programs. Search and Recover’s data recovery is instinctive and easy to use. Systematic wizards guide you though most of the recovery tasks. Recovery features combined with bonus tools for system backup and secure file destruction make Search and Recover a comprehensive program for managing your vital data. Read More about the Search and Recover Data recovery Solution.

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