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If you’re one of the many people who experience discomfort, or even pain, from wearing headphones for long periods of time, it’s not your imagination.

Headphones may hurt the top of your head if the clamping force on them is too low. Loose headphones make the headband rest firmly at the top of one’s head, therefore, causing the hurt. Also, when the padding on the headphones is insufficient, it causes pain on the top of your head.

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Why are Headphones so uncomfortable?

If your pair of headphones is great, then you will get to enjoy so much with them without struggling. A comfortable headphone is something you will not need to adjust anytime you are using it and will not hurt your ears or the top of your head. However, you will most likely encounter the uncomfortable ones that hurt your ears and inflict pain on your head.

The kind of discomfort you will receive will depend on the type of headphones you are using. Some headphones are usually heavy on the head, and others may be applying so much pressure on them, which in turn causes discomfort. In other headphones, even though they may be light, you will still experience discomfort, so it is safe to say that the level of comfort you will get will depend on the type of headphones.

Your headphones may be uncomfortable because they are too tight for you. When the clamping force between your ears and the headphones are too tight, you should expect to feel uncomfortable when wearing them. Usually, this clamping force helps in ensuring that the headphones stay intact when in use.

However, when this force is too much, it increases the tension in your head, which is pretty uncomfortable., Usually, when the pressure that the headphones inflict on your head is too much, they may result in one having external compression headaches. If you want to reduce such, it is important to work with headphones that fit you well, or you can try and stretch out the ones you have.

Usually, headphones will also apply the clamping force on the ears in the name of ensuring that they are intact. So many headphones apply so much pressure against the ears, and you may not realize this until after a few minutes or hours of using the headphones. You will have the squishy feeling around your ears, and this may persist for long, forcing you to remove the headphones.

Some headphones will also be uncomfortable because of the padding in them. Some paddings may be too hard such that they do not give one the comfort they need when wearing the headphones for hours. When the padding is hard, the headphones will rest on your head and ears with little pressure that causes discomfort.

Also, if the headphones are not breathable, they will automatically be uncomfortable. The earpads need to be soft, breathable and need to be sufficient enough. When the padding is thick and well distributed across all the headphones’ parts, it will be stable enough and be in a better position to distribute evenly pressure on your head.

Why do Headphones Hurt the Top of My Head?

When wearing headphones for a long period, some may be so uncomfortable while others may not. Others will even start hurting the top of your head, which is a pretty sensitive spot. There are various reasons why headphones may hurt the top of your head.

Most times, the headphones will hurt the top of your head due to their weight. Most headsets are usually not as heavy, but their weight may be too high for one’s head to bear. Therefore, the head and neck muscles may not hold on to the weight, which makes the top of your head hurt.

Also, headphones hurt at the top of the head because of the low clamping force. Usually, some are tight; when they sit on one’s head or ears, the clamping force becomes too much, therefore getting hurt. Also, when the clamping force is too little, it makes the headband rest firmly on top of the head, which causes pain.

There may be some brands of headphones that have done well with mitigating the clamping pressure. However, some go wrong with the sizing of the headphones, so most of them tend not to fit the head properly. For this reason, most companies make their headphones with great head pads to take care of the pain.

Also, if the headphones are not the right fit for wearing, they will cause pain. Some may be too tight for your size. When they are tight, they add extra pressure at the top of your head, which causes the pain. The best thing to do in such a case is to make the sides of the headphones loose, and you can do this by adjusting the ear cups.

Moreover, when the cushioning of the headphones is not enough, you will still feel hurt. Some headphones cover the band with a good amount of foam that is thick and soft. Others will cover the hard plastic part with some thin fabric.

It is essential to add some extra cushioning around your headphones. You can DIY the headband to use the one you like or purchase a unique and more comfortable cushion. Ensure that the cushion you use is thick and stable and evenly distributes the pressure around your head.

Also, wearing headphones for too long will likely cause pain. Of course, if the headphones cause pain on top of your head means that there must be something wrong with them, but the period you wear them also matters. Wearing them for long may make them block the pores at the top of the head, and this in return inflames the hair follicles here, which becomes painful.

How Do I Stop My Headphones From Hurting the Top of My Head?

While headphones are an important gadget for most people, some tend to be too uncomfortable. Others will hurt the top of your head, which is a delicate part, and maybe cause headaches. Here is how you can stop the headphones from hurting the top of your head!

Avoid Tight Headphones

Tight headphones are great since they ensure that they remain intact when you are using them. However, If your headphones are tight, they exert so much pressure at the top of the head. Usually, most headphones are tight due to the clamping force on your head.

You can adjust the headphones by placing them against a stack of several books. The stack needs to be bigger than the size of your head. Ensure that you leave them there for about 24 hours so that they can slowly become loose.

Add Padding on the Headphones

When using headphones, the pain you are experiencing at the top of your head may be due to insufficient padding. Some pads around the headphones may be made from hard plastic with a touch of leather around them. Wearing such headphones may compress your skull, which can be pretty uncomfortable.

You, therefore, need to add some extra padding on the headphones. Ensure that the padding is soft and thick, and you will most likely find the right head pads from an electronic market.

Add Cushion on Top of Your Head

Even when the headphones have extra padding, it is also great to put some cushion at the top of the head when using it just for extra comfort. You can also add the cushion inside the headphones. You only need to ensure that it is of the right size and shape.

Use Headphones that Fit You Well

Ensure that before you purchase the headphones, you try them out. The headphones you chose should not be too tight or too loose on your head. Some headphones also allow you to adjust the size to alter them to the size that fits you better.


Headphones tend to hurt the top of one’s head when the clamping force is too little. They will also do so when they are too tight or when the padding is not enough. You will want to ensure that you use good quality ones and those that fit you well.