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NordVPN is, arguably, one of the biggest spenders on influencers across the world. The VPN service provider does that because it makes a lot of money in return from influencers’ sponsored content. Today, NordVPN pays YouTubers about $50 to $1000 per video, depending on their number of viewers.

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Why does NordVPN sponsor so many YouTubers?

If you’re the type that uses YouTube a lot, you must have noticed that a lot of YouTubers today recommend NordVPN in most of their videos. This brings us to the burning question of why does NordVPN sponsor so many YouTubers?

Of course, there are tons of reasons NordVPN has shifted most of its focus to influencer marketing in the past few years. Before now, the company mostly promoted positive written views and articles regarding its app and services. Today, however, NordVPN has switched to YouTube, a platform that has around 5 Billion videos viewed every day.

Why else will NordVPN continue to promote YouTubers if not that the company achieves a boost in its ROI?

Unlike in the past, consumers now prefer to see the products they are looking to purchase in action for themselves. They prefer this approach compared to reading about the products’ features. NordVPN understands that and that explains why it has focused most of its campaign on influencer marketing.

NordVPN isn’t the only brand that has shifted to influencer marketing in the past months. Some other top brands that have adopted this marketing approach are Honey, ExpressVPN, Raycon, and Skillshare.

Today, NordVPN has worked with several YouTubers across the world. The company has even started a program, to recruit influencers, especially YouTubers, as ambassadors for its VPN service. NordVPN has worked with top names on YouTube, such as PewDiePie, TopTenz, Mayuko, Steve and Larson’s Going in Raw, and Chrome Unboxed.

Speaking of the sponsored video created by PewDiePie, it gained NordVPN over 75 million total views and a subscription count of about 108 million. As for the sponsored content by TopTenz and Mayuko; they gained a total of 472 thousand and 274 thousand views, respectively. That’s not all; their subscription count was calculated to be 1.8 million and 384 thousand, respectively.

Steve and Larson’s Going in Raw and Chrome Unboxed are also two top YouTubers that have worked with NordVPN. The former achieved a total of 105 thousand total views on sponsored videos for NordVPN while the latter was able to achieve more than 720 thousand total views. All these stats were achieved by NordVPN between July and September of 2020, as reported by Neoreach.

As you can see from the more stats above, it’s safe to say that one of the reasons why NordVPN invests heavily in YouTube is to increase its products reach. YouTube has over 6 billion active users; this explains why the VPN company has decided to shift to YouTube influencer marketing.

Furthermore, with the 2020 stats above, it’s clear that this marketing strategy is paying off for NordVPN. According to SimilarWeb, NordVPN has been able to draw in 13.6 million website visits in the past few months. Of course, the YouTube influencer marketing campaign played a significant role in this achievement.

Why influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing offers tons of amazing benefits for brands that understand how they work.

Influencer marketing improves brand awareness

One of the benefits of influenced marketing is that it helps to improve brand awareness. NordVPN understands that; this explains why the company has shifted its focus to sponsoring YouTube and Twitch influencers.

Ever since the company started adopting the influencer marketing strategy, it has been able to expand its business reach and positioning in the VPN market.

Visibility and reach

Brand awareness aside, YouTube influencer marketing also generally helps to provide companies with the much-needed visibility and reach. As you already know, ad blockers have now become a more common practice today than before.

How else can a company like NordVPN get to reach out to millions of people across the world if not through social media influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing helps to build trust and show authority

Another good thing about using an influencer marketing campaign is that it helps to build trust and show authority.

Yes, by sponsoring top YouTubers, like PewDiePie, NordVPN has been able to show millions of the YouTuber’s subscribers that it’s the best in the VPN industry.

When people see their favorite YouTube influencer advertising about a product, they want to try it out and see how the product really works. This strategy has certainly increased the number of people using NordVPN services today.

The bottom line is that there are tons of reasons why NordVPN sponsors so many YouTubers. The biggest one is that it helps the company to reach out to as many people as possible.

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How much does NordVPN pay YouTubers?

How much NordVPN pays YouTubers varies depending on a couple of factors, such as the number of views to sponsored content and the number of subscribers.

First, you need to know that the exact figure that NordVPN pays YouTubers is still pretty unclear. However, according to a couple of posts online (unofficial), the giant VPN service provider pays at least $50 to $150 per video to YouTubers that can achieve thousands of views per NordVPN sponsored video.

According to AvatarCritic, a Redditor and YouTuber, NordVPN contacted him about having a sponsorship deal and promised to pay up to $15 per 1,000 views. Some people even mentioned that the pay could be negotiated further to about $20.

Assuming that NordVPN eventually agrees to pay about $20 per 1,000 views and the YouTuber can deliver about 50,000 total views on a single sponsored video, the total money will be $1,000. You need to keep in mind that the figures above aren’t officially confirmed by NordVPN.

The bottom line is that NordVPN can pay YouTubers between $50 and $1000 or even more, depending on the total number of views pulled per sponsored video.

Why do YouTubers promote VPN?

Many people will argue that most YouTubers only promote certain VPN products because of the monetary rewards they’ll receive. Well, that’s certainly true, except for the fact that there are a couple of reasons for it.

Yes, YouTubers promote VPN such as NordVPN because they get paid for every sponsored video they advertise on their channels. However, you need to understand that some of them, especially top-rated YouTubers, do so because they’ve already started using the product and found it reliable.

NordVPN is, arguably, the highest promoted VPN service by YouTubers. No doubt, this is possible because the company spends a lot of money on influencer marketing. However, you need to understand that it’ll be very hard to convince a lot of YouTubers to promote the VPN if it’s not reliable.

NordVPN offers tons of amazing features. One good example is the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 encryption key that it offers.

The bottom line is that the primary reason why YouTubers promote VPN is that they get monetary rewards in return. But that’s not the only reason; most YouTubers also agree to promote certain Virtual Private Network services because they find the products reliable and great for their subscribers.