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The light on your tablet is flashing green. What does this mean?

Huion tablets may flash green light because of several reasons. Firstly, it may do so when the drivers are outdated or when it is running on an old window version. To solve the problem, you may need to either update the windows or have the drivers installed.

Why Is My Huion Tablet Not Working?

The Huion tablet may stop working when the buttons on the sides go to the wrong action. Similarly, it may refuse to work if the drivers are outdated and need to be updated. Also, the pen may refuse to respond and instead, it prompts the tablet’s green light to blink.

The blinking is most likely to happen if it is using an older operating system that needs an upgrade. On the other hand, the Huion pen may refuse to work if the drivers are corrupt or outdated. So, updating the tablet’s driver is likely to solve the problem.

Further, if the tablet does not recognize the pen USB, it may refuse to work. In such a case, it may require that you reinstall the USB controllers. Particularly, this may need to be worked on if the tablet indicates that it does not recognize the USB.

Of course, many other reasons may make your Huion tablet not function properly. They range from the insufficient power supply to windows missing an important driver. Also, a broken USB port may make the Huion tablet not work and will show an error.

Why Is My Huion Tablet Flashing Green Light?

Huion will flush green light that blinks when the drivers are corrupt. Typically, when the tablet axe file gets damaged, it becomes difficult for the tablet to function as it should. This may happen when the hard disk gets damaged or can result from malware and virus activity. Also, the huion may not work well if the buttons get damaged. As a result, your Huion tablet may flash some green light.

To solve this problem, the first thing you may need to do is to try to locate the previous restore points to revert the tablet to any of the saved states. Also, you may need to reinstall the damaged software to try to solve the problem.

But you may find yourself in more problems if you download the file from untrusted sources. This can easily happen if you download it from the fun page. These pages are not genuine. They have a high amount of malware that may expose your tablet to insurmountable risks . So, downloading the files from such a page could expose your tablets to plenty of risks.

But you may also seek a solution from the IT service providers. They can help you restore the damaged files. Also, you may need to check if the Huion tablet is under malware attack that may be making it difficult for the device to operate.

Also, if you are using the tablet while connected to your computer, you may encounter challenges, especially if the tablet runs on a Linux operating system. Besides, if the huion driver is unstable, you are likely to experience problems, including the flashing of the green light.

How To Get Huion Tablet To Work?

If the Huion tablet does not work because of damaged drivers, the only way you can fix the problem is to install new drivers. You can do this by downloading the file from an official company website or using the tablet’s card. Of course, you’ll just need to search for the specific drivers and download them.

Once you download the drivers, you will need to unzip them, extract the file and install it. But in some cases, you will encounter challenges in installing new drivers if you have not removed the old drivers from your tablet. So, the first thing you will need to do is to uninstall the old drivers.

If you don’t do this, there will be a conflict that may hinder smooth downloading and subsequent installation of the new drivers. And even after uninstalling the old drivers, it may be necessary that you restart the tablet before installing the latest drivers.

You may experience insurmountable challenges to install the drivers when the antivirus is on. Also, if you have already installed the drawing software, it may not be easy to install the new drivers. Also, if you have connected the tablet to your computer, you may need to remove such connections before installing the drivers. If you don’t do this, you will likely encounter error issues that will hinder the smooth installation of the drivers.

The other important thing you will need to do is to change the default path file. Thus, when downloading the drivers, you must take note of your tablet details. In most cases, it may require that you type the name of the tablet model for the website to feature the right drivers for your device.

How Do I Reset My Huion Tablet?

Sometimes, you may only need to reset your Huion tablet to enable it to start working again. However, before trying the procedure, check out the following.

Firstly, you must follow the instructions in the manual before you install the drivers. Also, you may need to check if your graphic tablet is working as it should.

What’s more is that you may need to check the digital pen batteries and ensure that they are in the right position. Besides, check if the pen is compatible with the tablet.

If the Huion pen is not working, you may need to check the cause and try to fix the problem. But before you do anything else, you must restart your computer. In some cases, you may need to disable the sleep mode.

Restarting the tablet may quickly fix the problem. This may happen if your driver is running out of glitches that make the pen stop working. So, a solution may lie in just restarting the tablet.

But if the problem came after reawakening the tablet, you may solve future recurrence by restarting the computer.

In some cases, the drivers may stop working when your computer switches from sleep mode to normal working mode. So, it would be best if you disabled the sleep mode. Here is how you can disable the sleep mode.

Press the window key and letter I at the same time. The setting will show up on the screen. Go to the power & sleep tab and click the additional power setting.

Go to change plan settings and choose your preferred settings. Go to put the computer in sleep mode and click on never. Finally, ensure to save changes.

Once you disable your sleep mode, you may restart your computer and check if the flashing light reappears. But if even after restarting the computer you still experience the same problem, you may need to try this approach to see if it can fix the problem. Check the support PC box to try and enable the pressure sensitivity in your drawing program. To do this, follow the following steps:

Go to the system tray and double-click on the driver tablet icon. It will open the pen tablet interface. Go to the support Tablet box and check whether the pen is working as it should. If it is not, look for an appropriate solution, including checking if the tablet driver is outdated.


Any of these options should help you to fix your tablet problem. It does not matter whether the problem was with the pen, corrupt drivers, or outdated window. If you follow the procedures correctly, you are likely to fix the issue of your tablet flashing green light or not working correctly. But even after trying so hard, the tablet may not work correctly. If the problem persists, you may need to contact a specialist to diagnose the problem and fix it.