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The hinges on my laptop is broken or damaged. Is it covered under warranty?

Standard warranties do not cover hinges on laptops. Many manufacturers consider it accidental damage instead of an inherent one. That’s why they do not offer any warranty in this regard. But, you can buy an extended or accidental warranty to get coverage for these hinges once a year.

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How Long Do Laptop Hinges Last?

The laptop hinges are not the parts that should break quite often. It all depends on the care and proper handling of users that decide the durability of these hinges. Things were different in the past when you broke hinges after a year or two. Technology and innovation continue to advance, which means laptop hinge design is improving every day.

That being said, you can expect your laptop hinges to last for roughly five to six years if you take proper care of them. It is not uncommon to find laptop users who have been utilizing the hinges for more than a decade. Reason? Well, people who take care of their things get such rewards frequently.

What Happens When a Laptop Hinge Breaks?

Hinge breaking is not a trivial issue. It can cause numerous problems defending on the intensity of the damage. The most common type of damage is associated with the display of the screen. You will notice problems with your laptop screen as soon as your hinge breaks.

The screen may not display colors correctly or may flicker continuously. Therefore, get your hinges appropriately rectified by visiting a tech shop or do it yourself, as it can lead to the failure of color display. Taking action on time will reduce the chance of having to purchase a new one.

There is also a greater risk of display panels failing, which will render your screen useless. That is why it is essential to mention how you can avoid this hinge breaking on your laptop devices.

What Can You Do to Enhance the Life of Laptop Hinges?

There are many things you can do in this regard to prevent any possible damage to laptop hinges.

Avoid Frequent Opening and Closing

Do not repeatedly open or close the screen of your device. This abuse can damage the hinges without even letting you know.

The best thing that I usually practice protecting laptop hinges is that I don’t close the screen altogether whenever used indoors. Keep the screen in the position where you usually work to avoid any possible damage.

In this regard, a rule of thumb is to minimize the movements of laptop hinges if you want them to last the distance. Fewer the movements, the longer the lifespan of these hinges.

Beware of Children

However, you may avoid replicating the same technique if there are children in the house. There are many instances of toddlers breaking screens when they are opened. If this applies to you, closing the screen after work would make more sense.

Additionally, you can take care of the following things to prevent damage and breaking of the laptop hinges:

Invest in a Standard Laptop

You can avoid these frequent hinge failures if you buy a quality product in the first place. It is common for many substandard, inexpensive laptops to have breaking hinges issues due to the use of substandard material in the manufacturing process. As a result, customers waste their time by frequently visiting multiple tech shops for repairs.

Appropriate Handling

Once you have spent some extra dollars on buying a standard laptop, it’s time to take care of things appropriately. You need to take care of everything from plugging the charger to carefully closing or opening the screen to avoid any possible damage.

One of the most critical things in this regard is the proper closing of the screen. When teens close their laptop screens, I frequently notice them hurrying. They do not close the screen properly and leave some space between the laptop’s screen and its keyboard.

As a result, they have a high chance of broken or damaged hinges on the screen. That is why try to be patent while closing the screen. The keyboard should never sit too far away from the screen, as this will cause multiple screws to fall out while you travel with the laptop bag.

Try to be as careful as possible when closing the laptop screen to avoid any such problems which could lead to the hinge breaking.

Use a Proper Carrying Bag

People prefer laptops to traditional desktops because of their portability and ease of use. However, there are many things you can take care of while you move your device from one place to the other.

Never rush when you are holding a laptop with open lids. If you have a laptop device and wish to move, close the screen properly. Make sure the lids are sealed properly to avoid any possible damage to the hinges.

You can also unconsciously damage the laptop hinges when you use public transport. When many people bump into your laptop, you are more likely to damage important components of your device, including its hinges.

One thing you need in both of these situations is a high-end carrying bag that protects your device from many potential damages. Consequently, it is worth investing a few dollars in a high-quality backpack that can protect your device when closed.

Can the Hinge On a Laptop Be Fixed?

The breaking of the laptop hinge is not irreversible. In other words, you can quickly fix the broken laptop hinges in many ways. The most appropriate solution is to visit a nearby tech shop to get the things done for you. The reason behind the suggestion of these hardware shops is that laptop hinges are delicate items that need professionals for maintenance.

A professional who is experienced in handling these kinds of problems will be better at repairing your broken laptop hinges.

However, that does not mean individuals cannot repair broken hinges of laptops. There are many methods that you can try to solve the problem for you. Each laptop model may need a different approach based upon its design and build quality. You can consult many online sources, especially YouTube guide videos, to know how things work appropriately.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Hinges On Laptop?

You may have to bear fewer expenses if you are trying to fix the broken hinge yourself. If that is the case, you won’t have to pay labor charges and commissions to hardware mechanics. However, the chances of success are low compared to professional repairs. That is why the choice is yours.

When it comes to getting things done by professionals, laptop hinge repair can cost anywhere between $100 to $250+, depending upon the type of device and the replacement costs of its components. Incredibly high costs are caused by labor costs and commissions you wouldn’t pay if you handled everything yourself.

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Are Laptop Hinges Covered Under Warranty?

Many laptop manufacturers do not cover laptop hinges under warranty across the globe. The standard warranty does not cover things that users damage. In rare cases, if you prove to the company that it was a built-in fault of the manufacturer, you may get the replacement for your laptop hinge.

These companies claim that accidental damage is the reason behind their refusal to cover laptop hinges under warranty. They claim that the hinges get damaged because the equipment is handled carelessly. Users are the ones responsible for damaging the hinge, not the manufacturers, according to them.


Laptop hinges are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. For that reason, you should follow the guidelines above to avoid damaging these hinges, which can cost up to $250 or more to replace.