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Our online megabit per second to kilobytes per second conversion calculator is simple, available, and convenient. This converter is one of several data transfer unit conversion calculators we have made available for users online.

The unit conversion calculators will help you make nearly any kind of conversion between digital data measurement units. 

This tool will enable you to perform all kinds of megabit per second to kilobytes per second conversions. To kick start your conversion operation, please, enter the value in megabit per second (Mbps) in the textbox provided and then click the ‘Convert’ button. 

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The calculator will automatically convert the value to kilobytes per second (kB/s).  

The application uses a conversion factor explained below.

1 Kilobyte/sec is equal to (8 x Megabit/sec)/1000
1 Megabit/sec = 125 Kilobytes/sec.

Mbps : Megabit per second (Mbit/s or Mb/s)
kB/s : Kilobyte per second
1 byte = 8 bits
1 bit = (1/8) bytes
1 bit = 0.125 bytes
1 kilobyte = 10001 bytes
1 megabit = 10002 bits
1 megabit = (1000 / 8) kilobytes
1 megabit = 125 kilobytes
1 megabit/second = 125 kilobytes/second
1 Mbps = 125 kB/s

Megabit Per Second (Mbps)

If you have looked for an internet provider at some point, you must have seen the term Mbps. In the process, you must have also noticed that the higher the Mbps, the higher the price. 

Megabit per second often denoted as Mbps is used to refer to download and upload speeds. It is a way that is used to calculate the throughput or speed of a network. The more Mbps you have, the faster your internet will be. 

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Kilobytes Per Second (KBps)

Kilobyte per second is usually denoted as KBps or KB/s. This is a unit used to measure the rate of data transfer based on Decimal multiples of bits.

Data rate conversions for KBps are based on Decimal multiples as opposed to binary. In computing terms, the ‘K’ in KB stands for 1024, which is computed from 210. Other abbreviations, for example, Giga, mega, and terra, are based on 1024. 

The speed at which data is transferred over a network is measured in terms of bits per second. The more the bits transferred per second, the faster the network/connection. 

Megabit per secondKilobyte per second
1 Mbps125 kB/s
2 Mbps250 kB/s
3 Mbps375 kB/s
4 Mbps500 kB/s
5 Mbps625 kB/s
6 Mbps750 kB/s
7 Mbps875 kB/s
8 Mbps1000 kB/s
9 Mbps1125 kB/s
10 Mbps1250 kB/s
11 Mbps1375 kB/s
12 Mbps1500 kB/s
13 Mbps1625 kB/s
14 Mbps1750 kB/s
15 Mbps1875 kB/s
16 Mbps2000 kB/s
17 Mbps2125 kB/s
18 Mbps2250 kB/s
19 Mbps2375 kB/s
20 Mbps2500 kB/s
21 Mbps2625 kB/s
22 Mbps2750 kB/s
23 Mbps2875 kB/s
24 Mbps3000 kB/s
25 Mbps3125 kB/s
26 Mbps3250 kB/s
27 Mbps3375 kB/s
28 Mbps3500 kB/s
29 Mbps3625 kB/s
30 Mbps3750 kB/s
31 Mbps3875 kB/s
32 Mbps4000 kB/s
33 Mbps4125 kB/s
34 Mbps4250 kB/s
35 Mbps4375 kB/s
36 Mbps4500 kB/s
37 Mbps4625 kB/s
38 Mbps4750 kB/s
39 Mbps4875 kB/s
40 Mbps5000 kB/s
41 Mbps5125 kB/s
42 Mbps5250 kB/s
43 Mbps5375 kB/s
44 Mbps5500 kB/s
45 Mbps5625 kB/s
46 Mbps5750 kB/s
47 Mbps5875 kB/s
48 Mbps6000 kB/s
49 Mbps6125 kB/s
50 Mbps6250 kB/s
Megabit per secondKilobyte per second
51 Mbps6375 kB/s
52 Mbps6500 kB/s
53 Mbps6625 kB/s
54 Mbps6750 kB/s
55 Mbps6875 kB/s
56 Mbps7000 kB/s
57 Mbps7125 kB/s
58 Mbps7250 kB/s
59 Mbps7375 kB/s
60 Mbps7500 kB/s
61 Mbps7625 kB/s
62 Mbps7750 kB/s
63 Mbps7875 kB/s
64 Mbps8000 kB/s
65 Mbps8125 kB/s
66 Mbps8250 kB/s
67 Mbps8375 kB/s
68 Mbps8500 kB/s
69 Mbps8625 kB/s
70 Mbps8750 kB/s
71 Mbps8875 kB/s
72 Mbps9000 kB/s
73 Mbps9125 kB/s
74 Mbps9250 kB/s
75 Mbps9375 kB/s
76 Mbps9500 kB/s
77 Mbps9625 kB/s
78 Mbps9750 kB/s
79 Mbps9875 kB/s
80 Mbps10000 kB/s
81 Mbps10125 kB/s
82 Mbps10250 kB/s
83 Mbps10375 kB/s
84 Mbps10500 kB/s
85 Mbps10625 kB/s
86 Mbps10750 kB/s
87 Mbps10875 kB/s
88 Mbps11000 kB/s
89 Mbps11125 kB/s
90 Mbps11250 kB/s
91 Mbps11375 kB/s
92 Mbps11500 kB/s
93 Mbps11625 kB/s
94 Mbps11750 kB/s
95 Mbps11875 kB/s
96 Mbps12000 kB/s
97 Mbps12125 kB/s
98 Mbps12250 kB/s
99 Mbps12375 kB/s
100 Mbps12500 kB/s