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What are the challenges that have prevented you from setting up your own website? Over time, I have read about the issues that stop many people from achieving their dreams of creating a good website for their businesses. I have compiled a comprehensive list of the top ten e-commerce web hosting companies that can best help you achieve your goal, in this case to own a website.

From personal experience, I know how important it is to use only the most reliable service for this purpose to prevent several types of problems that can arise if a website is hosted by an unreliable source.

I am fully aware of the cheaper options that you can get when looking for a web hosting company. However, I will only recommend these options when you are planning to host a website for personal blogging or purposes that will not require any commercial activity.

If you plan to run a website that will be consistently used for commercial purposes, you need to get the best service. It’s not a good idea to compromise quality because of the cheap rates offered to you.

top 10 ecommerce web hosting services

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I have carefully drafted out this list and ensured that it is always updated. The last update was done in the month of May 2015. I was careful to include only those companies with which I have had a personal experience. So my views are strictly from a first-hand experience with the service- one you can trust. In my opinion, I admire good customer service. If I don’t have a good experience with the customer service department, I will have no confidence in the service I want to pay for.

Top 10 eCommerce Web Hosting Companies You Should Know

1. Bluehost

Without any bias, I have had an excellent experience with Bluehost. Like I said earlier, I am always obsessed by efficient customer service. I got a confirmation and follow up call from the customer service barely 24 hours after I signed up and made the necessary payments to this company. They called to find out my experience so far with the service and if they could do anything to make my experience even better- what can be better than a call like this?

Bluehost is located in the United States, I live in the UK, but the distance has not prevented them from reaching out to me regularly. I am satisfied with their services so far, and they also offer special treats to their customer. I will score this company an A for their efficiency and technical support. They have shown a strong dedication to delivering quality service. You should seriously consider this company for your eCommerce and online store web hosting.

2. Siteground

Siteground is a popular web hosting company; you might have heard the name in web hosting circles already. I would recommend this site for those who are new to this business. You will get all the assistance you need to get your online website up and running smoothly. This company offers very useful services and recommendations that will suit any plans you might have already had for your website. With efficient data centers located in USA, Europe, and Asia, you will get the best service from this company.

You will enjoy services like PCI compliant hosting solutions, customer care support available round the clock, and an amazing guarantee of almost 0% downtime during service delivery.

3. UK Web Solutions Direct

I have particularly favored web hosting companies in the UK because this is where I am. I particularly try to take advantage of the improved search rankings when UK companies are used for online businesses in the same region. So far so good, as my sites hosted by this company are running smoothly. UK web solutions direct offers similar services just like the others with a managed server and accessible VPS options.

4. iPage

The iPage has been around for a while. It has served many customers very well; this is obvious from the excellent reviews from satisfied clients. The company has simplified their business operations for easy access. Clients can easily pay their bills with a registered PayPal account, and there are options to choose from the commercial web hosting services available to suit a commercial website or strictly online shopping website.

In addition, you can read a list of the best web hosting services from HostingFacts, which will give you more detailed reviews regarding most of popular web hosting providers and its services.

5. One

This company offers you the option of building your website according to your specifications. It offers a web editor that every client can use to work on their websites with support available when needed. You will enjoy offers like free hosting valid for one year after you have signed up with the company and paid an initial set up fee of ten pounds. You will enjoy these services best if you are the kind of person who works from an office; however, there are limitations when you try to keep up with the service while on the move, either traveling or roaming.

6. Layershift

Many big companies use the services offered by Layershift because the company offers consultancy for many issues related to web hosting and provides solutions as well. With this company’s service, you will easily have access to the magneto open source eCommerce platform which is most suitable for commercial online businesses. Other features like good customer care support system, security and reliability are made available to every client.

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7. Rackspace

If you need to work with a company that has good experience in cloud hosting technology, then this company is your best bet. The platform they use serves all kinds of hosting services so no matter how vast your eCommerce business is, you will be properly taken care of here. Some features the services offer are cloud servers on Windows and Linux operating systems for all kinds of sites with the right amount of storage to cater for the kind of traffic these sites get. You can enjoy storage space running on RAM between 1GB and 120GB. I recommend this company because of the flexibility in service.

8. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is very popular; their client base is massive, I recommend this company because they have successfully supported many commercial websites for so long and the feedback is great.

9. BigCommerce

This is another very popular web hosting company. If your needs for an online business require a real-time shopping cart, then this is your best bet. I am particularly intrigued by the effectiveness of their customer service. You will have access to real-time bargains, and cost quotes for shipping. The care support is available on many platforms- mail support, phone and chat support. There are several plans to choose from but to enjoy all the features with an unlimited tag to it, the $79.95 Gold plan is highly recommended.

10. Shopify

This is a company that caters to a very large customer base; the services offered by Shopify are absolutely fantastic and easy to use by a newcomer. It has developed into a company that provides all the required services for an eCommerce online platform. As a new user, you will get an almost ready made website. All you need to do is include your company logo and make some changes regarding graphics or color schemes and you are ready to go. This company’s services have moved with the trends by developing mobile-friendly applications. This makes it easy for the public to have access on the go from anywhere.

As a new user, you will be able to understand how to use these services personally and easily, and there’s good news too. You will be able to upgrade your eCommerce businesses as different changes are introduced. Upgrades will support business growth.

As for security concerns, Shopify has a PCI certification. A business that caters to many customers should take security seriously, and I am happy with the measures put in place at Shopify. You will be in good hands if you choose to sign up with Shopify.

As earlier stated, these reviews have been written from my personal experience with the providers. I hope you find them useful and I am sure you will definitely make a choice that will best suit your needs.