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If your computer freezes or you’re having trouble installing or uninstalling software, you may fix the problem by starting your Acer laptop in safe mode. Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode that allows you to run your Acer laptop with minimum RAM and no unnecessary programs.

Why is this important? Because if you can get your Acer laptop to run in safe mode, you may uninstall problematic software or update the BIOS to get your Acer laptop running properly again.

A way to start most Acer laptops is to interrupt the boot process by pressing the power button three consecutive times. After the third interruption, the laptop will automatically boot in repair mode. From the repair screen, select the advanced option followed by startup settings, then restart.

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How To Start Acer In Safe Mode?

There are different ways to start Acer in a safe mode. It depends on the windows your Acer is operating on.

For Windows 7

1. Restart the laptop by pressing the power button or pressing CTRL, ALT, and DEL keys simultaneously.

2. Once you see the Windows symbol and the setup option showing on the screen during the startup, immediately hold down the F8 function key.

3. Continue pressing the F8 function key until you see the menu for Advanced Boot Options.

4. If the laptop shows you a keyboard error, restart the process again.

5. From the advanced boot options, select safe mode.

6. The window operating system of the laptop will automatically start in safe mode.

For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

Using shift + restart

It is a method you can use when you cannot log in to your laptop but can access the sign-in screen.

1. Press and hold the shift key of your keyboard when the Windows 10 sign-in screen appears on your laptop.

2. While still holding the key, click the power button.

3. A menu will open; select restart.

4. When the restart occurs, you’ll be asked to select an option. Select troubleshoot.

5. Select advanced options from the troubleshoot screen.

6. From the advanced options screen, select startup settings.

7. Restart your device to change advanced boot options.

8. Select safe mode by pressing the 4 or F4 keys for your restart boot option.

9. If you press the 5 or F5 key, you’ll be enabling safe mode with networking.

10. The 6 or F6 will enable the safe mode with a command prompt.

Using System Configuration- msconfig.exe

This procedure works if you can log in to Windows 10.

1. Type in system configuration in the taskbar and click on the shortcut.

2. On the system configuration screen, click the boot tab and select the Safe boot option.

3. To proceed, you have to click OK and press the restart option that pops up on your screen.

4. Your laptop will automatically start in safe mode.

Using Setting App

It also only works if you can log into your laptop.

1. Open settings (you can use Windows + I).

2. Select the Update & security option.

3. Press the recovery option that appears on the left-hand side of the screen.

4. Go to the advanced startup section and click the reset now option.

5. After the restart, choose the Troubleshoot option.

6. Select advanced options, then startup repairs, and click restart.

7. Once the system has restarted, select the safe mode option.

Using Installation Media And Command Prompt

It is a method used to start your broken laptop in safe mode.

1. Get windows 10 setup DVD or USB memory stick.

2. Use the DVD or USB memory stick to boot your laptop and wait for the installation environment to show.

3. Select your language and keyboard layout and click the next button.

4. Click the text that says “Repair your computer” on the bottom left corner of your screen.

5. Select the troubleshoot option.

6. You will be directed to another page that shows advanced options.

7. Select the command prompt on this page.

8. Type “bcdedit /set {default} safe boot minimal” on the command prompt window.

9. Press enter, your laptop will show you “the operation completed successfully.”

10. Close the command prompt and on the next screen, choose to continue.

11. Your laptop will reboot and start in safe mode.

The challenge with this method is that your laptop will automatically always start in safe mode.

You can get your laptop to boot normally after you’ve made the changes you wanted to do; go through all the procedures, but when you get to the command prompt window, type “bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safe boot.

Using System Recovery USB drive

This procedure is also for broken laptops.

1. Create a USB drive with Windows 10 on another computer.

2. Use it to boot your laptop and load its content on your laptop.

3. Select your keyboard layout.

4. You’ll be directed to “choose an option screen,” where you will select troubleshoot.

5. You’ll go to the advanced setting followed by startup settings and restart.

6. After the restart, select the safe mode option.

Why Acer Safe Mode F8 Doesn’t Work?

It is most likely because your laptop runs on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 operating software. The F8 key for safe mode only works for Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

It does not work for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 because the start procedure of these Windows is faster than other Windows operating systems.

Having the F8 boot menu slows the booting time of your laptop. You can use any of the other methods to start your Acer in a safe mode.

If your Acer laptop uses a Windows 7 and the F8 key is not functioning, it might be due to a damaged BCD file. To fix the issue, you will have to use the Windows 7 installation DVD or USB and command prompt.

You can also use the system configuration option if F8 is not working for your Windows 7. The process is quite different; boot your laptop, after which you will press the windows and R keys to open Run.

You then type “MSConfig” and press enter. The process will lead you to a boot tab, and you can continue from there.

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Why Does My Acer Laptop Always Start in Safe Mode?

It shows a variety of potential problems on your laptop.

If you notice that your Acer laptop starts in safe mode more times than usual, it is a clear sign that you’re doing something wrong, and it should stop.

If not, you’d be at the risk of losing your laptop. Some of the reasons are as follows:

Repeatedly shutting down your laptop in the wrong way

If you frequently don’t shut down your laptop correctly, after a while, Windows will automatically start in safe mode when your laptop tries to boot. To avoid this, rather than just closing your laptop, take your time to shut it down properly.

It is natural to get carried away and force your laptop to shut down after a long day of work, but that doesn’t make it right.

Forcing your laptop to shut down is like forcing someone to sleep and expecting them to sleep immediately after. This analogy might be far-fetched, but I’m sure you get the point.

To extend your laptop’s life and preserve its functionality, avoid shutting your laptop down the wrong way.

Crash of normal booting mode

It could be due to a recent software installation or the addition of hardware to your laptop.

Once the normal booting process experiences a crash, your laptop will automatically boot in safe mode. It is advisable to uninstall recently added software. If it is hardware, install the driver in safe mode.

Third-party security program

It is necessary to check if you installed any third-party security programs like Norton and McAfee. If you did so or someone else did on your laptop, you need to uninstall it and restart your laptop.

Antivirus software is essential to combat potential viruses or security threats on your laptop, but external hardware drivers should not install it.

One thing most people don’t know about third-party security programs is, if it is not from an authorized source, you stand the risk of making your laptop vulnerable to all forms of malware.

If you need an antivirus for your Acer laptop, follow all necessary steps in getting the right one. (From an authorized dealer, of course).

MSconfig settings

If your laptop was newly procured and you’ve not adjusted any settings, your Windows may be configured to always start in safe mode.

To remove the safe mode, go to your start menu and click Run or press Windows and R keys together. After you’ve done that, type “MSConfig” and press enter, then select normal startup and click the OK option.

Your laptop should have a proper boot on the next restart.

Corrupted windows

Your Windows installation might be damaged and won’t boot normally. If you’ve tried fixing the corrupt Windows and it is still starting in safe mode, then you need to reinstall your operating system.

Before you reinstall, backup all your essential files on your drive.


Now that you understand the habits that can cause your laptop to start in safe mode, do everything you can to learn new practices.

It is crucial that you read the information we’ve provided to be sure you avoid these problems. You won’t regret it.