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Ever wonder why your Apple alarm never goes off? It’s not just you.

If your Apple alarm doesn’t go off, it could be that your iPhone’s ringer volume is too low. No doubt, the Apple alarm doesn’t work with “Do Not Disturb” and the “Ring/Silent switch,” you need to understand that it often matches the volume you set for your ringer.

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Do apple alarms go off in silent mode?

The Ring/Silent switch is usually located on the left side of your iPhone. According to Apple, flipping the switch to the Silent mode will help to control how sound is played through your iPhone speaker. The primary function of the Silent mode feature is to help you mute all alerts, game audio, notifications, and sound effects on your smartphone.

Normally, when someone calls your iPhone, the phone will ring out, alerting you that you have a call. However, once you flip the Ring/Silent switch to the Silent mode, you won’t get any ringing alert on your phone.

You need to understand that putting your iPhone on Silent mode won’t stop your smartphone from vibrating. Yes, “vibration” has its settings, and if you’re not interested in having your iPhone vibrate, you can change the settings for that – all you need is to go to your Settings App and tap on Sounds. From there, locate Vibrate on Silent and toggle it off.

Apart from the fact that the “Silent Mode” option won’t keep your phone from vibrating, another thing about it is that it won’t also stop the alarm set through the iPhone Clock app from going off.

So, the bottom line is that putting your iPhone to Silent mode has nothing to do with whether or not your Apple Alarm Clock will go off. So, you need to understand that your Apple alarms will certainly go off even if your iPhone is on Silent Mode.

Here’s how you can put your iPhone on Silent

For those who don’t know, using the silent mode is one of the easiest ways to save yourself from embarrassment when in public areas, where phones aren’t allowed. There are a couple of ways to keep your iPhone on Silent; you can have a quick look at them below:

  • The first thing you need to keep your iPhone on Silent is to flip the Ring/Silent switch off. This way, your iPhone will only vibrate instead of ringing when you receive a call or a message. The switch is located on the upper left side of the smartphone
  • Next, you need to keep your iPhone from vibrating. You’ll be able to do that in the settings app, as earlier mentioned. Go to your Settings App and tap on Sounds; after that, locate Vibrate on Silent and toggle it off.
  • Next, you need to turn off Lock Sounds. You can do this by going to your Settings App and tapping on Sounds. There, you need to locate Lock Sounds (located at the bottom of the page) and toggle it off.
  • Last, you need to lower your alarm sound. You can do that by reducing the sound of your ringer to your desired level. In case you don’t know, the Apple alarm clock app often works by matching the volume you set for your ringer. The lower the volume, the lower the sound you’ll get from your alarm clock.

Why do Apple alarms never go off?

Your Apple alarms aren’t going off? Well, you need to understand that you’re not alone in this. Going through some social media platforms and forums, I noticed that many people have also complained about this issue in the past.

For instance, according to Janafromstolberg on Apple Community, the user complained about experiencing a similar issue. Well, you need to understand that a couple of factors could contribute to why your Apple alarms aren’t going off as expected. One of them, as pointed out by the Apple Community moderator who answered Janafromstolberg, is that the issue could be from the ringer volume of your iPhone.

Ringer volume is too low

“Do NOT Disturb” and Ring/Silent switch are two different features that you can employ to keep your phone in the Silent Mode. No doubt, if your iPhone is set to “Do NOT Disturb” and “Silent Mode”, it’ll stop your smartphone from ringing out. However, you need to understand that none of these features is effective to keep your Apple alarms from going off.

Even if you keep your iPhone on Sent and the ringer is off, your phone alarms will still go off. The only way the alarm won’t go off is if the ringer volume was already reduced to the lowest level before keeping your smartphone in the Silent mode.

Here’s what Apple said regarding the issue below:

“Check the ringer volume on your iPhone. Alarms match the volume you set for your ringer.”

The best way to address this issue is by pressing the volume button up to adjust the alarm/ringer volume. Alternatively, you can adjust the volume through your iPhone’s settings app. To do that, all you need is to navigate to Settings > Sounds.

So, the bottom line is that if the ringer volume is too low, it could keep your alarm from going off. In this case, you’ll only see a light signal on your iPhone screen telling you that the alarm is working, no sound at all.

The alarm sound is set to None

Is your alarm vibrating but not going off with sound? In this case, it could be that the alarm sound is set to None. To keep this in order, here are a few steps that you need to follow below:

  • First, you need to open the Apple Clock App.
  • Next, tap Alarm and then hit Edit.
  • From there, tap the already set alarm. After that, tap on “Sounds” and choose a Sound.

Depositphotos_271488334_L wired headphones

Is your iPhone connected to a wired headphone?

If your smartphone is connected to a wired headphone, this could also restrict your Apple alarm from going off. Instead, the alarm sound will play from inside the headset, keeping you away from hearing the sound when you’re fast asleep.

Here’s a brief of what Apple said regarding this issue below:

“If you connect wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones, or speakers to your iPhone, the alarm sound will play through the connected device.”

Do Apple alarms eventually go off?

Your iPhone’s alarms will eventually go off if everything is in order. If you’re not connected to a wired headset, have your alarm sound set to none, or your iPhone’s ringer volume adjusted to the lowest level, your Apple alas will eventually go off at the right time.

If after going off, you fail to stop the alarm or snooze it, it’ll continue to ring for 15 minutes. After that, the alarm will stop for 1 minute and 30 seconds before starting to ring back (for another 15 minutes). The cycle will continue like this until you stop the alarm.

How do I make my alarm go off?

The first important step that you need to perform to be able to make your alarm go off is by setting the alarm itself.

  • This requires you to open your Apple Clock App.
  • After that, tap the alarm and use the rotor to set up the time you want the alarm to go off.
  • Next, proceed and tap on Edit. From there, tap on sound and make sure to use your preferred music. Avoid setting the alarm sound as None.
  • Furthermore, check your ringer volume and be sure it’s set to the appropriate level.
  • Lastly, avoid connecting your iPhone to a wired headset when the alarm goes off.