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Beats headphones have a reputable brand name because of their high-quality audio output and Bluetooth connectivity. A bad audio connection can be very irritating, especially in public settings, where listening over the speaker is not an option.

Your beats keep disconnecting because of an unhealthy battery, out-of-range connectivity, or factory defect. Bluetooth uses ultra-high frequency radio waves. These radio waves should be accessed easily, either with a well-functioning device or a good electromagnetic environment for discovery.

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Let’s go through the common causes of a failed connection with Beats headphones, offer solutions to get them to work again, and discuss how you can care for your Beats properly.

6 Reasons why Your Beats Headphones Keeps Disconnecting

1. You’re Out of the Connectivity Range

Bluetooth has come a long way with its advances over the years, with Bluetooth 5.0 being the new craze, enabling audio systems to do the unthinkable.

However, some things are still the same, including needing to be close to your audio source.

You cannot connect your beats to a phone more than 800 feet (240 meters) away and experience seamless sound output. Remember that this range applies to Bluetooth 5.0 and above, and older versions of Bluetooth will need to be closer.

So if you are moving up and about, carry your device around. If it’s something that isn’t mobile such as a PC, then find another solution like plugging or connecting the PC to a speaker.

2. The Signal is Jammed

A jammed signal seems like an obvious reason, but it goes overlooked often. Your beats headphones are like any other electronic device and could get a signal jam now and again.

Simply turning the Beats on and off should stop it from disconnecting frequently. If this doesn’t work, try unpairing it from the device.

  1. Go to the device’s settings, whether a mobile phone or PC and go to the Bluetooth section.
  2. Click on the forget this device option.
  3. Pair the Beats with the device afresh.

This hack usually gets headphones to reconnect with clarity. If the unpairing option fails to work, try resetting the Beats. Depending on your model, hold down the power and minus volume buttons simultaneously, and the Beats will restore to factory settings.

Device resets are often advisable for clearing caches and fixing any software issues devices might have accumulated during the time of use.

3. Interference With Other Bluetooth Devices

Usually, when you connect your Bluetooth device to one audio source, it stays paired and connected, especially if the device is on. Then, when you try to connect the same Bluetooth to another device, it will refuse or keep switching between channels.

It’s also important to note that different Bluetooth devices with different signals can interfere with one another, especially with devices using the older Bluetooth system. If your Beats keep disconnecting, turn off the Bluetooth devices around to stabilize the signal.

Another interference can come from other electronic waves, like from a microwave. Being around devices like this could cause the audio output to be chipped or disconnected altogether.

Newer versions of Beats should be able to deal with electronic wave interferences, so this could be a rarity. Nevertheless, it’s important to mention it as a possible cause for the devices using the older Bluetooth system.

4. Low or Damaged Battery

Beats use batteries, and if you haven’t been taking care of your Beats the right way, this will damage the battery life substantially. A good cycle for charging should include limiting charging to 80% and not letting the battery go below the 30%-40% range.

Good battery hygiene is not a practice most users adhere to, and therefore over time, the consequence is experienced through bad connectivity.

If you find that the battery is the culprit, take it to the manufacturer or retailer if it still has a warranty for service. A damaged battery may be fixable, but often, the simplest solution is to replace the battery altogether.

5. Outdated Operating System

Beats headphones have upgrades in systems very often, and if you find that you are using an older model Beats device, you need to keep it updated. The updates are especially important if you plan to use these headphones on a device that has recently had system updates.

6. Faulty or Damaged Headphones

If something recent has changed, for instance, you dropped your headphones or crushed them; this could be the main reason they keep disconnecting.

The crash might have damaged important device pieces that enabled it to maintain steady connections. If this is the case, take the headphones to a trusted manufacturer’s repair outlet or look into investing in a new pair.

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How To Keep Your Beats Headphones in Good Shape

Wireless headphones don’t come cheap. Therefore to keep them working for you over a long time, you need to take good care of them. When your Beats are properly cared for, issues like disconnecting will drop tremendously.

1. Always Use a Case

We can’t stress enough how important a case is; it’s perhaps the easiest and first step in protecting your Beats.

We have discussed a scenario where crashing your Beats may lead to a bad connection. All this hassle can be settled with a viable casing for your Beats. The sturdier, the better. These cases will carry even more than just your headphones and charger cables.

2. Learn Battery Hygiene

Wired headphones are no longer popular with the invention of Bluetooth, and its many wonders, but one thing they have over wireless headphones is no battery issues.

Your Beats rely heavily on your battery to operate efficiently, so you must learn and practice good battery hygiene.

As we mentioned, endeavor not to charge past 80% and don’t let the battery drop to less than 30-40% before recharge. Also, avoid using the Beats while charging, turn them off when they are not in use, and listen to the power supply you plug into to charge.

3. Clean Your Headphones

This may be an obvious suggestion, but sadly, only a few people take the time to clean their headphones regularly and intentionally. Try to clean your headphones at least once every two weeks or every month.

Regular cleaning will help remove accumulated sweat, ear wax, and dirt that could affect the sound quality of the Beats and also be a potential ear infection hazard. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and use cotton swabs for areas hardest to reach with alcohol or warm soapy water on the swab.

When cleaning your headphones, avoid using products with bleach or hydrogen peroxide, household cleaners, or abrasive materials like towels or paper. These materials and products can be harsh on the fabric of the pads of the headsets, which would destroy their longevity.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, Beats headphones should function with good audio quality unless you have damaged them along the way, away from the recommended signal range, or haven’t taken care of them as required.

Like any device, good maintenance habits recommended by manufacturers will keep your Beats in good shape and provide good audio. Small habits like those listed above will prove helpful when you have owned your headsets for over three years before replacement.