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Are you tired of trying to download games on your PS4 and finding that they take longer than they should? Some gamers even found that their consoles take up to four hours to download a basic game. Find out why your PS4 is so slow and what you can do to speed it up.

Why Do PS4 Games Install So Slow?

The most common reason why PS4 games take so long to download is that you have a slow internet connection. When you download a game to your phone or your computer, you might love how quickly it happens.

Even if you use the same internet for your PS4, the chances are good that it will run a little slower. This is mainly because PS4 games are so much bigger than other games.

A few gamers noticed that they should have a faster download speed than they got.

They have internet speeds that allow them to download games in an hour or less, but their PS4 consoles will claim that it takes 80 minutes or longer to download the game. Some of the other reasons you might have slow install speeds include:

  • Too much traffic on the PlayStation Network
  • Poor DNS
  • You play online games as you download games
  • The console runs other apps during your downloads
  • A bug in the system
  • Not enough space on your PS4

How Do I Improve My PS4 Download Speed? (11 Ways to Speed it up)

When your PS4 takes hours or even days to download games, you may want to toss it against the wall. Before you resign yourself to only playing games on discs, check out some of the ways you can improve your PS4 download speed.

1. Skip the Wireless Connection

Don’t assume that you must use a wireless connection to run your PS4 just because it’s one of the options. When you buy a new or used console, you might get an ethernet cable included in the box.

Even if you don’t have this cable, you can easily buy one from any electronic or video game store.

Plug the cable into one of the ethernet ports on your modem and plug the other end into your PS4.

You don’t need to set up the connection because it will automatically connect to the internet. If you have problems using the console wirelessly, try a wired connection.

2. Opt for One Download at a Time

Do you often try to download multiple games at the same time? Your PS4 will show the queue, which is the list of downloading items that include the estimated time off to the side.

This tells you how long it will take to download each one. While you might expect the console to prioritize titles and download some faster than others, it may attempt to download each one simultaneously. Deleting all but one download can help.

3. Change the Settings

Another reason your PS4 is so slow is that it uses the wrong internet settings.

When you turn on the console, use the main menu to access your “Settings”. You will see the word on your screen and an icon of a storage box above it.

Use the buttons on your controller to move down until you find “Network” and then select “System Software Update”. Click on “Set Up Internet Connection” and then “Use Wi-Fi”. If you want a wired connection via an ethernet cable, select the “Use a LAN Cable” option.

Skip the “Easy” option in favor of the Custom option. When you click on Automatic, the system will update itself automatically and use your current wireless connection.

Select “Do Not Specify” under the “DHCP Host Name” and “Manual” under the “DNS Settings”. Click on the “Primary DNS” and change the numbers you see to, which lets you use Google.

Go to the “Secondary DNS” and change this number to You can also change these numbers to and in both fields to use an open DNS.

Save your changes and back out. These simple changes can significantly increase your download speed.

4. Take a Break

This is one tip that you might ignore, but one that is also helpful. The next time you decide to download a new game, go ahead and turn off your other apps.

You also want to take a break from your games. Playing a game while you download a new game will slow down your speed.

Instead of taking a few hours, your console might take six hours or longer to download it. You want to let the PS4 focus on the download and not anything else.

5. Move Your PS4 and/or Router

If you experience slow download speeds because your router and PS4 are too far apart, move them closer to each other.

You should not expect your PS4 to run as quickly in your bedroom as it did in your living room, just a few feet away from the router. The closer the router is to your PS4, the stronger of a connection you will get.

Getting rid of some hazards in the room is another good idea. Many things can block your connection or interfere with it like a smart TV or other electronics. Try removing anything that might get in the way of the connection.

6. Pause the Download

When your internet network is busy, downloads can take much longer than expected. It’s not just the devices that you have in your home either because traffic in your local network can also affect your speed.

Speeds are often faster earlier during the early mornings, between 4 to 9am when there are fewer people using the internet.

If you can afford to wait, go ahead and pause the download while you do other things. You can come back later and resume the download to see if it is faster. Go into your Downloads and click the Pause button next to each.

7. Change the Bandwidth

The two bandwidths you can choose for your PS4 include 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz . When you set up a new console or one you never used before, you’ll likely use 2.4 because this is the default choice.

Changing to 5 GHz may help because this bandwidth may have less traffic and often has faster speeds. It doesn’t take a lot to change your bandwidth, but you can also do this with the Pro and Slim models.

Use your controller to access your “Settings” and choose “Set Up Internet Connection”. Choose “Use Wi-Fi” and then “Easy”, which lets you change your bandwidth in a few minutes.

Keep going through each menu until you reach the “Options”. Scroll down to “Wi-Fi Frequency Bands” and click on it.

You need to pick the 5 GHz Only option, which tells the PS4 to connect to the internet via this bandwidth.

Before you go through these steps, make sure you have a router that can support the higher bandwidth because older routers cannot.

Depositphotos_71121029_L cool scifi like Internet speed test concept

8. Do a Speed Test

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may claim that you have a fast download speed but not actually give you that speed. Doing a speed test is a good way to see the speed you get. Just search Google and click on the button to perform the test.

Compare the results you get to the guaranteed speed from your ISP. If your speed is lower, contact your ISP. They may need to reboot your connection or send a tech out to replace a line.

If you find that your internet speed itself is consistently slow, consider either upgrading your plan or move to a different service provider.

9. Reboot Your Router

Your router is an important piece of equipment because it’s the device that provides a wireless internet connection for your PS4.

Depending on your ISP, you may have both a router and a modem or a combo device. The modem works with your cable line to ensure you have internet, while a cable connects it to your router.

Reboot your router to see if it improves your speed. You need to unplug the cable and the power cord, wait five seconds, and then plug the cables back in and restart it. Do the same thing with your modem to see if it helps.

10. Upgrade Your Router

An outdated router can bottleneck your high-speed internet plan, resulting in slower download speeds. Upgrading your router allows you to fully utilize your internet plan’s bandwidth capacity that the old router can’t handle.

If you think your router is the problem, we have an article here on the signs you need to check before considering a a new one.

11. Update Playstation

Updating to the latest PS4 system software will not directly increase your download speeds, but keeping your system software up-to-date can help optimize and maintain performance which can indirectly impact download speeds.

For example, software updates often include bug fixes and patches that could fix connectivity issues that may be affecting speed.


While some gamers love the PS5, others prefer the classic design of the PS4 and all of its available games. You don’t need to upgrade to the new console just because your old one runs a little slower than you would like.

Check around your home for all the things that can cause it to slow down and see how you can improve its download speed.