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Your iPad is your connection to the world outside. Not only does it let you send emails and play video games, but you can draw on it and keep track of documents as well as download tons of useful apps. When your iPad keeps disconnecting from the internet, check out why this happens and the top fixes.

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3 Causes for an iPad Disconnecting Internet

1. iOS Problems

Many people have an iPad disconnecting from the internet because of iOS problems and issues. Though Apple has a reputation for making some great tech gear and gadgets, not all work as well as they should.

You might have a problem because you didn’t update your iOS when Apple released a new one. There’s also a slight chance that you might have your iPad on Airplane Mode, which will prevent you from going online.

2. Internet Connection

If you have a problem using your iPad at home or in certain places, think about your wireless connection. You might have problems because there is too much network traffic.

When your iPad only disconnects from the internet when you’re at home, check your router. For problems that you experience on the go, check the Wi-Fi hotspot that you use.

3. Connection Distance

Apple fans love their devices and hate admitting that they have any problems. Some of those users though found that the connection distance caused their iPad to disconnect.

This often happens when you are a significant distance away from your router such as using your iPad on the second floor with your router on the first floor. It can also happen if you use a public hotspot and cannot stay close to the device.

9 Fixes for an iPad Disconnecting from the Internet

Not everyone who has a disconnecting iPad problem has the same cause. You should try to get an idea of why you keep losing your connection before you check out some of the top fixes for an iPad disconnecting from the internet.

1. Follow Apple’s Recommendation

The problem is so common that Apple has a section on its official website dedicated to it. They recommend that you move closer to your router and make sure that you’re in range of its signal. You will then open your Settings and go to Wi-Fi to select your connection. Look under this section to see if the iPad found a problem. It will say No Internet Connection here. Clicking on the phrase will bring up a solution if one is available.

Apple also suggests that you reset your connection. You will go to Settings, General, Transfer or Reset, Reset, and Reset Network Settings. Doing this will delete the connection you used before. You can then reopen your Wi-Fi Settings and select your network, adding a password if you have one. This same solution may help if you use a public hotspot, too.

2. Turn Off Airplane Mode

It’s easy to make some changes to your settings when you’re in a hurry. You might have an iPad that can’t connect to the internet because you have it set to Airplane Mode. Either swipe from the bottom to the top of your screen or go to your settings and access the Command Center.

Look for Airplane Mode. If you are in this mode, you will see the slider bar pushed to the “On” side. Simply swipe the bar back in the opposite direction to turn it off.

3. Update Your iPad

We know that you have a lot going on in your life and that you don’t always have time to update your devices. Apple releases updates fairly often that fix any glitches or bugs that other users had and lets your iPad run better. You may not even know that new updates are available.

If you can connect to the internet, go ahead and open your Settings and look for updates. It’s helpful to choose the setting that lets the device automatically update itself in the future. If you cannot connect to the web, you need to access iTunes from your computer and check for updates.

4. Change Your Position

One of the more common reasons your iPad keeps disconnecting is that you’re a little too far away from your router or hotspot. Think about the range of your cell phone. The odds are good that there are a few dark spots in your area that lack coverage and make it impossible for you to use your phone.

You can encounter the same problem with your iPad. When you’re home, try using the iPad in the same room as your router. If you’re in public or using a shared connection, move as close to the hotspot as possible.

5. Check Your Security

Your iPad uses a certain type of security to keep your online habits safe. Depending on the model, it will use either WPA2, WPA, or WEP. Apple found that some models do not work as well when they use WEP security and that they often disconnect from the web.

You might use your iPad for a few hours without having any problems and then find that it loses its connection for no clear reason. Go to your Settings and Security. Click on either WPA or WPA2 to change your security and then restart your iPad.

6. Reboot It

Rebooting your iPad can also fix some of the disconnecting problems you had. Locate the power button and push down on it. Keep holding the button until you see a slider button on your screen. Let go of the button and slide the bar to the Power Off side.

Once the iPad fully shuts down, hold the power button down again until it comes back to life. If you have a frozen iPad, press the volume up button followed by the volume down button, and then hold the power button. You should see the Apple logo appear on the screen before the iPad reboots itself.

7. Check for Interference

Checking for interference can also help. Though you already checked the distance between your connection and iPad, you also need to look for anything that can interfere with that connection.

If you’re using a restaurant hotspot, the other diners and workers who step in front of the hotspot can cause the iPad to keep losing its connection. When you’re at home, you might have thick walls or big pieces of furniture that interfere with the connection between the devices.

8. Restart Your Router

You can also try restarting your router as it’s one of the more important parts of your home’s internet system. This is especially important if you have an old router or you haven’t unplugged it in a while. Try unplugging all the cords and leaving it off for around five minutes.

You can then add the cords and turn it back on to see if it works. To restart the router, look for the reset button, which you should see on the back. Use a pin of another sharp object to push this button. The router will restart itself within a few minutes.

9. Go Back to Your Default Settings

If you tried these solutions and didn’t have any success, restore the default settings on your iPad. Make sure that you back up any data you want to save in the cloud or on another device. Going back to the factory settings will remove anything that wasn’t there where you bought the iPad such as games you play and photos you took.

Go to Settings, General, and Transfer or Reset iPad. Using the Transfer option lets you move your date. After moving your info, choose the Reset iPad option. You will then select Erase All Content and Settings. Wait for the iPad to restart and then check your connection.

Unfortunately, sometimes even restoring the factory settings may not fix your connection problem. If this happens, contacting Apple is your next step.


Keeping your iPad connected to the internet is easy, even if you find that it keeps disconnecting. Make sure that you consider your internet connection and the device itself and whether you updated it recently. Try these remedies for a disconnecting iPad to make it find and maintain a solid connection.