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Sony released the PS5 at the perfect time as there were so many people stuck at home who had more time for gaming. Whether you got your hands on one because of a little luck or a lot of money, you might not have as much fun as you thought you would because it keeps losing its internet connection.

Check out some causes of a PS5 losing its internet connection and the top solutions that will get you back into the game.

What is a Good Internet Speed for the PS5?

No matter what types of games you love playing, you know that speed matters. With some of the top adventure games, you need to quickly move through the level and get by any enemies you pass.

If you take too long to look for clues or defeat an enemy, you might find yourself back at the beginning.

You’ll have nearly as many problems when it comes to battle games because the villains can move faster than you and do more in less time.

The minimum internet speed needed for the PS5 is 30 Mbps. This is fast enough for some of the more basic games on the market. A speed of 50 to 100 Mbps is much better for some of the exclusive titles. You’ll also need a strong internet connection such as broadband.

Though Sony claims that you only need a speed of 3 Mbps, most players found that a faster speed was necessary for some games. Online multiplayer games may require a speed of up to 100 Mbps.

Also, you can use the Ps5 without an internet connection. We have an article about that here.

PS5 Keeps Losing Internet Connections: 4 Common Causes

We found the common reasons why a PS5 keeps losing its internet connection. Take a look at all of these causes and then some of the fixes that might work for you.

1. PSN is Down

Before you check your network settings or call your internet service provider (ISP), see if the problem is with Sony.

The PlayStation Network is a huge network that includes game demos you can download and game trailers you can watch along with games and apps for sale.

Creating a PlayStation account lets you save your game progress and use your ID when you upgrade consoles. Sony will occasionally take the network offline, usually to do some maintenance or a server problem. Unfortunately, for this issue, there is nothing you can do but wait til Sony is done.

2. Slow Wi-Fi

If you use your PS5 on a wireless network, one reason it disconnects is that you have slow Wi-Fi or another problem with your signal. You should always see what bandwidth you use.

While 2.4 GHz is popular with some, other gamers prefer 5 GHz. They find that this cuts down on lag times and improves their response times.

Think about where you use your PS5 compared to the location of your router. The 2.4 GHz band can compensate for a router that is too far away or any obstacles around your home.

Obstacles can include electronics that produce a lot of interference and certain types of building materials such as brick and concrete.

3. Software Problems

Sony doesn’t like to admit that it rushed the PS5 to market, but some players have different opinions. When you search online to find out why your PS5 disconnects from the internet, you’ll find hundreds of people who had the same experience.

They often complain that it happens when they try to download a game or another file.

As soon as they get halfway through the download, the connection drops and they need to start over again. Others had similar problems when playing online multiplayer games.

Make sure that you update your console every time a new one becomes available and that you keep an eye on for patches to fix disconnection issues.

4. Other Causes

While some of the above causes might go along with your connection issues, we found a few other issues that can cause your PS5 to disconnect from your router.

Faulty server

A faulty or improperly working server can cause your PS5 to disconnect. Changing your server or DNS settings may help.

Missing update

When it comes to gaming, you may not have as much free time as you would like. No one would blame you for trying to skip the updates Sony releases, but those updates will help your console function the way it should.

Every time that you use your console, look for any new updates. You should download and install them as quickly as possible.

Internet outages

While it’s easy to blame Sony when the PSN goes down, you may need to look to your ISP.

A simple outage can happen when a line goes down or a storm passes through. Until the ISP fixes the problem, you can’t use the internet in your home or on your PS5.

Can You Leave a PS5 On All Day?

Do you have a habit of falling asleep while watching HBO Max or Disney+ on your PS5? Maybe you like to listen to music as you fall asleep or occasionally pass out in the middle of a game.

This will probably make you wonder if you can run your PS5 all day or night. Sony designed the PS5 to run for hours without a break.

You can stay up all night to beat the latest game without worrying about damaging your console.

If you let the system run for too long though and you have connection issues, it’s a big sign that you need to give the console a break.

There’s also a chance that using the PS5 too much can disrupt its internet connection. Try to give your console a few hours of rest every day.

Letting the console run every hour of the day or for extended hours put wear and tear on some of the interior parts. The disc drive is especially susceptible to damage, which may interfere with your ability to read discs or save data.

AdobeStock_244514531 Man pressing power button on the wifi router

PS5 Keeps Losing Internet Connections: 8 Solutions to Try

There are few things worse than finally making it past the big bad and losing your connection. When you reload that game, don’t be surprised if you have to start over again from an earlier saved point.

Check out all the fixes to keep your PS5 from disconnecting from the internet.

1. Fixing Signal Problems

At the first sign of an outage, try using the internet on another device. If the internet is down, contact your ISP and let them know about the problem.

They can tell you when the internet will be back up. If you only have a problem with your PS5, perform a speed test to see the speed you get.

You can also try moving the PS5 to a different spot where it is closer to your router but there aren’t any obstacles between the devices that cause interference.

You may also need to remove some of your home’s devices from your network. When you have too many devices all using the same connection, they will all slow down.

2. Reboot Router

A good reason your PS5 can’t connect to the internet or loses its connection is that there’s a problem with your router.

Go ahead and unplug the router. Let it sit for a few minutes and then plug it back into the outlet.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find that your router had too much cached data stored on it and that rebooting it cleared up enough space that it can run right again. You can also delete any wireless settings you saved on your PS5 and try connecting it to a new signal from your router.

3. Cycle the Console

When you call tech support for help, the first thing they ask is whether you turned your device off and on again. Now is a good time to try that with your PS5. Remove the power cord from the back of the console and also from the outlet.

You will then press the power button and hold it down for up to 15 seconds. Once you release the power button, plug the cord back into the wall and into your PS5. Turn it back on and see if it can retain its internet connection.

4. Turn Off Dual Bands

The PS5 has a setting that lets it find the strongest bandwidth and use it every time you turn on the console. While this sounds helpful in theory, it doesn’t work as well in practice.

You will usually find that your PS5 jumps back and forth between the bandwidths as one becomes stronger than the other.

That jumping causes you to temporarily lose your connection. Fixing the problem requires that you turn off the dual band setting on your PS5.

  1. Go to Set Up Internet Connection, which you reach through your Settings and Network.
  2. Choose Wi-Fi Network and look for the frequency bands listed.
  3. Pick which band you want to use and restart your PS5.

5. Change Your Server

You can easily change your DNS settings and pick a new server to see if that fixes the problem.

  1. Turn on your PS5 and open your Settings.
  2. Go to the Network then Settings and then Set Up Internet Connection. The console will ask if you want to automatically or manually find a connection.
  3. Choose the manual option and pick Choose Wi-Fi.
  4. When you click on DNS, it will bring up boxes for both your primary and secondary servers.
  5. Change the IP address for each server. Many gamers use for Google and for CloudFlare.

You can then restart the console and see if the solution worked.

6. Use a Different Band

The PS5 runs on both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. If you have problems using one, try switching to the other one.

  1. Go to your Settings then Network then Settings and finally Set up Internet Connection.
  2. Look for your Wi-Fi network in the listed options and select it.

Use your controller to pick the Options menu, which allows you to see the band your console uses. Simply switch from one band to the other. If you use a 2.4 GHz band, change to the 5 GHz band and vice versa. This might fix your problem.

7. Replace Your Router

Does your PS5 lose its connection regularly? Some gamers felt frustrated because they tried to play and lost their connection once every few hours or even once an hour. This might let you know that you need a new router.

When you shop for routers, make sure you check out those that work on a 5 GHz band.

As you set up the router, you have the chance to switch bandwidths and add a new password to your connection. Turn off the PS5, connect it to your router, and then restart it to see if you fixed the issue.

8. Use an Ethernet Cable

As much as you love wireless gaming, you may find that your home just isn’t compatible with using your PS5 on a wireless network. If all else fails, use an ethernet cable. You plug one end into your console and the other into your router.

If you find that you are using an ethernet cable, but still have issues, the problem could lie with the cable. Getting a new one should fix that.

Also, it usually doesn’t require that you enter a password or complete any of the other steps you need to take to set up a wireless connection.

The cable creates a dependable link between the console and router. If you still have problems, you need to contact your ISP.

Ask them to run a speed test and send someone out to check your line. You should see fast speeds with an ethernet cable connected to your router. A poor connection shows you that the problem is with your ISP.


The PS5 lets you play hundreds of games and use apps right on your console. You won’t get as much use out of it when it keeps disconnecting from the internet. Look at all the common causes of PS5 connection issues and try some of these solutions to fix the problem.