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While tablet computers are not a new invention, Apple’s introduction of their iPad tablet made the device hip and cool. Before long, everybody wants to have a piece of this ‘new’ device. And other computer companies were scrambling to create their version of the tablet. Yet, the iPad remains on top of this device category.

The iPad’s popularity comes from the convenience it brings. You can perform several tasks on it, such as creating presentations and editing your photos. And with the introduction of more sophisticated apps and accessories, you can conduct webinars, hold meetings, type your documents, create spreadsheets, and read books. All these with a swipe of your finger. Indeed, it is much more convenient than a laptop.  

But just like any other electronic device, the iPad has issues and problems also. One of the most common concerns is slow charging. While the charging aspect of any iPad is not usually an issue, some iPad users complain about their device charging much slower than usual. 

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Why Is My iPad Charging So Slowly? 5 Reasons

If you own an iPad with charging issues, we will try to list some of the most common causes. It might not list everything, but it will cover the important ones. 

1. Charger

The first and easiest place to check is the iPad’s charger. That includes the cable, the adapter, the outlet, and the connectors. The issue might lie in any of these items. 

Check for any signs of physical damage. Then, try using another charger to see if there’s a difference. If the alternative charger gives a faster charge, yours has an issue.  

Do the same thing with the cable. The points at either end might have some damage, so it affects the connection.  If either the charger or the charging cable are the culprits, getting a new one will solve the slow charging issue. 

2. Ports

Another cause of this charging issue might be in your iPad’s port. Ipad ports don’t have any sealexposing them to dust and other debris. If they build up too much, they will prevent the end of the charging cord from making a good connection. 

Solve this issue by cleaning the ports. To do this, blow air into or use a can of compressed air. Either of these methods should be enough to clear the port of minor debris. Don’t use water or any other moisture into it; never use solid objects.

3. A Glitch or Bug

If you still have trouble, try powering the device off and back on again. Sometimes, a simple restart is all it takes to relieve a device of a bug or glitch that might interfere with its normal operations.

If you think this might be the case, wait until the iPad reaches 50% charge. Perform the restart, then try to charge it againTime the process to check if things improve.

4. Software Updates

Software updates can also be the culprit of your charging issue. Apple rolls out such updates regularly to fix common errors. They can also address problems with how the iPad functions, including the settings for how it charges.

5. Battery

If the above solutions haven’t solved the problem, your battery might be old or faulty. To check your battery, bring your tablet to an Apple Store. The local technicians should be able to determine if the battery is at fault. 

If your device is still under warranty, Apple will replace the battery. Unfortunately, you might have to pay some amount for a replacement. 

While at it, have your device checked by the technician for any other issues. They are pretty knowledgeable about how iPads work. So they can perform a thorough check to see where the problem lies.

How Do I Make My iPad Charge Faster? 4 Tips

Now that we finished identifying the charging issues and how to fix them, we will share some troubleshooting tips to charge your iPad faster. 

1. Set your iPad in Airplane Mode

Any device charges faster if it’s not in use, and putting your iPad in Airplane Mode can make it happen. This mode disables Wi-Fi or cellular data; thus, your tablet won’t be busy performing other tasks. As a result, your device can charge faster.

2. Remove your iPad from its casing

iPads, like most electronic devices, charge and perform better when they are within ideal temperature ranges. Therefore, your iPad can charge faster if you remove it from any external casing. 

Cases are useful for adding a layer of protection to your iPad, but they also trap heat from your iPad. A buildup of excess heat could contribute to slower charging.

Similarly, ensure your tablet is not too hot or cold for a long time. Extreme temperatures can cause issues with the battery life. Store your iPad in a room with a temperature between 62℉ and 72℉.  

3. Use a compatible charger

A dedicated charger that’s compatible with your iPad’s energy requirement will give you a faster charge. Although there are other ways to charge the device, this method provides the best result.

Can You Leave Your iPad Plugged for a Long Time?

Generally, it’s OK IF you use the iPad’s own power adapter. This charger has a rating that matches the iPad’s power requirement. 

When you plug the device, it draws power from the battery and adapter. If the charger has sufficient wattage, the tablet charges up the battery and only uses the energy from the adapter until you unplug it.

It’s also a good idea to let the battery drain completely from time to time. Let the battery use up all its power every once in a while, so you can charge it from a starting point to keep its capacitors working well.

Is It OK To Use Your iPad While It’s Charging?

Yes. It’s fine BUT do it sparingly. The battery could drain faster if you aren’t using a suitable charger. Further, the battery and other components become hot when charging the iPad. So if you use the tablet while charging, you’re causing it to build up excessive heat. Doing so shortens its battery life and damages the components. 


Apple designed iPads to charge faster. It constitutes their goal of providing a smooth user experience for their customers. However, certain situations slow down how the iPad charges. There are many reasons why it happens. If you are experiencing one of them, check the tips and fixes we gave to help you solve it.