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A blinking Powerbeats Pro case is no reason to worry, but it may point to a few happenings within your device. Here are 5 reasons your Powerbeats Pro case is blinking and 7 solutions to turn off those pesky lights.

5 Reasons Your Powerbeats Case Is Blinking

There are a few reasons why your Powerbeats Pro case may be blinking red and white on the indicator lights. Some of the most common include low battery, battery or charging issues.

1. Low Battery

Each of your Powerbeats Pro earbuds has around 9 hours of battery life for playback. The charging case gives you more than a full day (24 hours) of playback. Fast Fuel, the marketing name of the speed charging feature on some Beats products, will let you get one and a half hours of playback after you charge your earbuds for just five minutes.

Even with all this power, it’s easy to forget about recharging your Powerbeats Pro case. When the case is at 40% charge or less, the front will turn red. This is the optimal time to charge your case.

Once this light starts blinking red, you may need to reset your earphones.

2. It’s Pairing

Pairing mode is when a Bluetooth device like your Powerbeats connects with another device. When your Powerbeats are in pairing mode, they will search for a Bluetooth device that’s available for connection, like your phone or computer.

You’ll usually confirm the pair on the second device. If you’ve connected your earbuds to a device before, it will automatically find and connect with this device.

The flashing white lights on the case usually indicate that your Powerbeats are in pairing mode. You’ll need to complete a few more steps, outlined below, to finish pairing your device.

3. It’s Updating

Firmware is the software that’s embedded in technology like your earbuds. Updates to firmware improve performance, fix bugs, and add new features.

Powerbeats Pro will automatically update its firmware whenever a new update is available, but only under a few conditions.

It should be connected to an iOS device like your phone or computer, that device should have the Beats app installed, and the Automatic Updates feature should be turned on.

If your case happens to be updating, it may blink red and white during the process and will stop once the update is complete. Do not unplug your device during this time. If you do, the case may continue blinking and need to be taken to a repair shop to be fixed.

4. Overheating

Overheating in technology happens when a device is used beyond its normal operating temperature. This could be caused by the outdoor climate, leaving your device in the sun, poor ventilation, or a malfunctioning part of the device.

Overheating could reduce the performance of your earbuds and charging case or even cause permanent damage to your device.

If you feel that your case is hot or warm to the touch, move it to a cool area and do not use it until it cools down to a safe temperature. If the overheating persists, contact the manufacturer or an authorized tech repair center.

5. A Charging Issue

On rare occasions, the Powerbeats Pro case may blink red and white if there is a problem with the charging cable or the charging port.

Make sure your charging cable is in good working condition with an intact charging end. Inspect your case’s charging port and use a can of air spray to dislodge any dirt or debris that may be causing an obstruction.

Troubleshooting: To check the battery level of your Powerbeats Pro, open the charging case and look at the LED lights on the front. If they’re green, your earbuds are fully charged. If they’re red, your earbuds are low on battery and need to be charged.

If you’re experiencing battery issues, make sure that your earbuds are properly seated in the charging case and that the case is fully charged.

You can also try resetting your earbuds by holding down the button on each earbud for 10 seconds.

7 Potential Fixes

If you think you’ve run into one of the issues above, here are seven solutions to turn those pesky lights off.

1. Charge Your Case

Your Powerbeats Pro will automatically charge in your case, but you’ll have to manually connect your case to a charging source every now and again. Use the lightning cable that was included in your purchase.

Check for frayed or damaged wires and make sure the port on the case is clean and clear. The case will be fully charged in about two and a half hours.

2. Reset Your Earbuds

To reset your Powerbeats, place both earbuds in the case. Leave the top open.

Then, hold down the system button on the case for at least 15 seconds. The light will flash red and white. Let go of the system button.

The lights will continue to flash to indicate that the device is now in pairing mode. To stop pairing, close the case.

3. Reset the Bluetooth Module (Mac Computer Only)

If you use your Powerbeats Pro with your Mac computer, you may be able to de-bug your earbuds by resetting the Bluetooth module.

Open System Preferences and Bluetooth. Check the box that says “Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar.”

Press the Shift and Options keys and click on the Bluetooth symbol on your computer. Select “Reset the Bluetooth Module” and “Debug.”

Finally, restart your Mac and test out your earbuds once again. If Bluetooth on your Mac isn’t working, checkout this helpful video below by Setapp.

4. Pair Your Powerbeats Pro

To pair your Powerbeats Pro with a device, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device under Settings.

You can then hold your earphones close to your unlocked iPhone or hold the button on the left earbud to turn on pairing mode. Android devices will need to have the Beats app downloaded for pairing.

The LED lights on the front of the case will start blinking white. Select “Powerbeats Pro” from the list of available Bluetooth devices under your device’s settings. Your device should list “paired” or “connected” once this is complete.

To unpair your earbuds, go to the Bluetooth settings on your device, select “Powerbeats Pro,” and then select “Forget this Device.” To stop pairing your earbuds, simply close the lid of the charging case.

If your device automatically connects to a device that you don’t have access to, you may need to reset your Powerbeats Pro.

5. Inspect Your Charging Cables and Ports

Start by examining the charging cable that came with your earbuds. Look for any signs of damage, such as frayed wires or cracks in the insulation.

If you notice any damage, stop using the cable immediately and replace it with a new one.

6. Check for Updates

If re-pairing and resetting your Powerbeats Pro didn’t work, it’s time to make sure everything is up to date. You check your device’s firmware version on your phone and update it, if necessary, with your computer.

On an iPhone, go to your Settings, General, and About. Choose your Powerbeats Pro device and check the Firmware Version number that is listed.

If you need to update your device, use your computer and download the Beats Updater app from the official Beats Updater website. Download and install the package and open it.

Then, plug in your case with the lightning charger to your computer. Your web browser should open a new webpage allowing you to register your headphone, check the battery level, change the name, and view the latest software version.

7. Contact Apple

If none of the above seems to work, take your Powerbeats Pro device to Apple support or contact support online or via phone. You could also reach out to a certified Apple repair shop for a consultation.

Final Thoughts

If your Powerbeats Pro case blinking red, white, or both, it may be an issue with the battery, pairing mode, updates, charging issue, or temperature. Ensure your case is charged, your earbuds are paired, and your device is updated.

You may also reset your Powerbeats, reset your MacBook’s Bluetooth module, inspect your hardware, and contact Apple support to fix the issue.