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An ethernet cable can improve your Xbox One connection by providing faster download speeds and lower latency. Ethernet connections are also less prone to interference than WFi. However, any performance improvement will depend on other factors, like the speed of your internet connection.

Should I Use an Ethernet Cable or WiFi on My Xbox One?

If you are dissatisfied with your WiFi connectivity, you should use an ethernet cable with your Xbox One. If you prefer the convenience of a wireless connection, see if optimizing your current setup will improve your gaming experience before purchasing a new cable.

Finally, if you decide to go down the wired route, remember to purchase a high-quality ethernet cable from a reliable source. This will give you the best results.

If you’re still uncertain about how to proceed, read on. I’ll explain why connectivity is crucial for an enjoyable gaming experience, provide a rough guideline for the speeds you might need, and list the pros and cons of wireless versus wired connectivity.

Why Fast and Reliable Connectivity Is Crucial for Gaming Today

Early console games were graphically simpler and had limited interactivity. They weren’t connected to the internet, didn’t require frequent updates, and had limited multi-player capabilities. For all these reasons, they did not need high bandwidth, or low latency connectivity.

Gamers needed to pay little attention to hardware, apart from deciding what consoles and cartridges they wanted to buy. And updates only involved fixing a damaged cable or controller. When that wasn’t possible, the only option was to upgrade to a newer device.

With the latest gaming consoles, this is no longer the case. Graphics are increasingly detailed with every release. And viewing them at resolutions up to 4K has only increased the demand for higher and faster data throughput.

60 fps playback has become the norm, combined with sophisticated game design that requires quick reflexes. In the most demanding games, when multiple players face off over the same network in real-time, milliseconds of delay can make the difference between staying competitive or not.

Moreover, games are frequently updated, and new releases are available for download online. On a slow connection, downloading data can take forever.

While not every player makes the roughly 300 actions per minute that the fastest pros do, connectivity speed and reliability have become increasingly crucial to gamers today. A handful of connected players operating at a fraction of this intensity can place significant demands on any network.

Internet Speed Recommendations for the Xbox One

Fortunately, the Xbox One is not the most demanding gaming consoles available today. Released almost a decade ago, it has a maximum resolution of only 1080p and 60fps. But, even at these settings, complex gameplay involving multiple players can make heavy demands of your connection.

For fast downloads at the maximum resolution, Microsoft recommends a minimum of 3 Mbps and a ping return of less than 150 milliseconds. However, this is only a minimum requirement. Seasoned gamers may find these speeds insufficient for more advanced needs.

Complex games may require consistent speeds of at least 25 Mbps to ensure uninterrupted gameplay and the smoothest gaming experience. For the most demanding games involving multiple players on the same network, consistent speeds of between 50-100 Mbps are the benchmark.

To summarize, adequate connection speeds and latency for Xbox One users will depend on the following factors:

  • Graphic processing requirements for specific games they play
  • Levels of proficiency, with more proficient players demanding more from networks
  • The number of players playing simultaneously
  • Gameplay settings

A rough guideline of recommended speeds for the highest Xbox One Settings is as follows:

  • Minimum recommended: 3-6 Mbps
  • Intermediate Complexity: 25 Mbps
  • Advanced Multiplayer Gameplay: 50-100 Mbps

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Ethernet Offers the Fastest, Most Reliable Network Connection

Whether you use a wired or a wireless connection for your Xbox One, you will still be connecting to the same internet service. Ultimately, your internet plan provides an upper limit to the performance of your connection, so its speed is of utmost importance.

A cursory glance at broadband availability data shows that global average speeds are now almost 75 Mbps. Many gamers will have access to even faster connections.

So does that mean that only the most demanding users need an ethernet-connected Xbox One? Not quite.

Even if your internet speed is adequate, an ethernet connection may still offer the fastest, most reliable way to hook up to it. In many cases, it will triple download speeds, half latency, and provide a more stable connection.

Reasons an ethernet connection will usually improve connectivity include:

  • Lower latency
  • Less interference and breaks in signal
  • More consistent end-to-end speeds
  • Link is not affected by distance from the router or architectural obstructions

A reliable CAT 6 cable transfers data at up to 1 Gbps. Allowing for headroom, you can get up to 940 Mbps consistently from end to end. Of course, your internet connection will need to be fast enough to maximize this potential.

Finally, even if you have a 1Gbps internet connection, you may only be able to enjoy some of that bandwidth consistently. That’s because bandwidth availability and latency will also depend on the number of users using the same connection.

In other words, if a parent or sibling is streaming HD movies on the same line you are playing games on, it will likely slow your connection down.

There Are Disadvantages To Using a Wired Connection

Besides your internet connection possibly being the more restrictive bottleneck, there are other reasons users may prefer wireless connections. The disadvantages of using a wired connection include the following:

  • Your device will need to be set up close to a modem or ethernet hub
  • Devices further away from access points will need long cables
  • Cables can clutter up your space

An Ethernet Cable Does Not Guarantee Improved Connectivity

Merely replacing a WiFi connection with a wired one does not guarantee that your connectivity issues will vanish. There are a number of reasons your connection may still be poor.

The most common causes of a poor ethernet connection include:

  • Inadequate internet speed. The ethernet cable will need to be hooked up to a fast enough internet connection to transfer data at high speeds. Your connection will still provide an upper limit to the amount of data a cable can deliver.
  • Using the wrong ethernet cable. A CAT 3 cable will only give you up to 10 Mbps. However fast your internet connection is, the cable will limit the amount of data your device can transfer per second in real time.
  • Incorrect network settings. If your modem is not set up correctly, it can contribute to connectivity issues even with excellent hardware in place.
  • Software issues. Your Xbox One, smart television, and internet modem rely on properly functioning, up-to-date firmware to deliver the best results. They may each be susceptible to malware that causes them to break down.
  • Damaged hardware Even the best cables and connectors can get damaged from time to time. A faulty or malfunctioning modem or a damaged ethernet port on either your device or modem will also negate the benefits of a perfectly good cable and modem.

Moreover, some users prefer the convenience of a wireless setup. They may find many other ways to improve their connection without relying on an ethernet cable.

There Are Other Ways To Increase Download Speeds

Ways that you can improve connectivity on your Xbox One without needing an ethernet cable include the following:

  • Getting a faster internet connection
  • Getting a dedicated connection for gaming
  • Upgrading or updating your modem
  • Using WiFi expanders or placing your modem closer to your Xbox One console
  • Setting your modem up correctly (make sure to use the 5 GHz band)


An ethernet cable will usually improve Xbox One Connectivity issues. Get a reliable and appropriately fast cable once you’ve ensured there are no other bottlenecks in your network.