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The IT niche is growing fast, so you can access thousands of new programs each day. Some programs work on Windows 10, while others don’t. Therefore, when you install any of the programs on your window PC but realize that it is not working, the next best thing you should do is to remove and install it again. But sometimes, this is easier said than done. So, how can one uninstall Spotify on windows?

You can uninstall the Spotify app by going to the control panel/program and clicking uninstall. You may also uninstall it by accessing and deleting the app folder on your computer. If these options don’t work, download the uninstaller program and use it to uninstall the Spotify app.

uninstall spotify

But you may not successfully delete the file from your computer on your first attempt. In most cases, the Spotify files get attached to your computers like a virus, and nothing will make them disappear. So, you may need to go the extra mile. Read on to see how you can wriggle yourself out of such a situation.

Why Can’t I Uninstall Spotify On Windows 10?

One reason you may find it difficult to uninstall Spotify on Windows 10 is when the program’s entry AppData folder file in the control panel is missing.

Also, if you do not have the uninstaller program on your Windows 10, it may be difficult for you to uninstall the Spotify app unless you use other advanced methods.

How To Permanently Uninstall Spotify On Windows 10

If you are trying to uninstall Spotify on Windows 10 via the control panel, but all you get is a message that Spotify is open and needs to be closed even when the program is not running, you will need to go the extra mile.

Spotify is a popular program that allows people to stream music free of charge. It is one of the software that millions of youths adore and use to stream music.

The passion for music is common in young people. So, when millions of them log into Spotify, it makes the software crampy and it may return an error code.

This may make it difficult for you to use the software. When it happens, the first thing that will come to your mind is to uninstall it.

Unfortunately, the first attempt to uninstall the program may leave traces on your computer, making it almost difficult to uninstall the software via the control panel.

Here, you may need to perform a clean uninstall to help remove all traces, including registry entries and folders. Here is the procedure.

First, if you have never uninstalled an app on Windows 10 before, you may need to read through Windows 10 program and apps uninstall instructions.

You will then need to navigate to your start menu and click on Apps & features. It is a window build-in program that you can use to remove Spotify on Windows 10.

If you are lucky, you may remove the program successfully on your first attempt. However, sometimes, the procedure may not remove the program. Besides, it may leave some entries in the windows 10 registry or files in the hard disk drive.

As you try to uninstall the program, you will likely encounter a range of errors. This may make the uninstall process unsuccessful. You are likely to receive a message saying that Spotify encountered a problem or cannot uninstall because the file is open and running.

Alternatively, you may get a message saying it cannot clear the associated files from your computer.

Whatever message or error code you get, you can still uninstall Spotify from windows 10 by using any of the following methods:

Method 1

Go to the start menu, click ALL apps, and right-click on Spotify. You must go to the drop-down menu and uninstall the program.

Method 2

If the Spotify program is available in the Start Menu, you may want to remove it by:

Clicking on the start menu, and navigating to settings

Go to the system and click on Apps and Features

It will display a full list of programs or apps on your computer. If Spotify is not featured, search the app in the search box.

Also, you may sort the list by date or name.

Select Spotify and hit the uninstall button. It will notify you that it will uninstall the app or any related info. Click on uninstall and confirm your action.

Method 3

This option suits people who prefer to add or remove a program via the Control Panel.

Unfortunately, you must remember that this option may not work on Windows 10. If you use the latest Windows 10 version, you may only uninstall desktop programs, not the apps. Here is what you should do:

Right-click on your Windows 10 logo button on the left corner of your desktop and click and open the control panel. Go to the programs and features or navigate to the uninstall program.

Right-click on Spotify and click on uninstall. It will ask you if you want to uninstall the program. Click on yes to confirm that you want to uninstall.

If the uninstall wizard presents itself, click on it to uninstall the program. If the uninstallation is successful, it will remove the program.

Note that If you use the above three methods, you will easily get rid of Spotify. However, you may not remove and clear the app completely from the system. So, you will need to delete any leftovers from the registry or system.

But ensure to back up important documents and files to avoid losses in case the uninstallation process makes unnecessary changes to the registry.

Common leftovers you will need to delete include:

  • Task schedules
  • Dull files,
  • Empty folders
  • Registration files

Such files should be deleted from the computer regularly. If the user does not delete them, they may take up some space and slow down your computer.

We have attempted to remove the Spotify app from windows 10 using three common approaches. But there is no guarantee that they may remove Spotify from your computer.

So, if you are unsuccessful, you must use some special tools. Using an uninstaller can help remove stubborn programs. Besides, the premium version may escalate the problem to experts or support teams to help clean your PC.

Method 4

Using a removal tool

If the built-in windows installer cannot help you uninstall the Shopify program, you may need to download and use the uninstaller. Here is the procedure that can get you started:

Download the tool

The first thing you will need to do is to download the uninstaller on your computer. After downloading it, create a shortcut to your desktop.

Launch The Uninstaller

Select the program to be uninstalled. In our case, it is Spotify. Click on the analyze button. The tool will scan the program and remove the leftover files. Ensure to restart the machine once the removal is complete.

Notice that installing the Shopify app to your windows 10 is easy, but removing it is difficult and may require that you go through some tedious processes.

Typically, there are two methods to use to uninstall the software from your computer. You can choose to remove it manually or use the automatic option. Removing it manually leaves traces of files behind.

Also, the manual option is tedious and tiresome. Besides, you may not get the desired results. So, most people chose to go the automatic way. Here is one tool you may use.

Total Uninstaller

It is one tool you can use to remove the software. But you must download and install it on your computer before you prompt it to remove the program. Here how:

Once installed, choose Spotify as the file to remove. Click on run analysis or uninstall Spotify with TU. Complete the process by clicking on complete uninstall. Once you are done, you can exit the uninstaller and restart the computer.

Sometimes, you may successfully go through the uninstallation process. But Spotify files may refuse to clear from your computer.

As a result, you may need to check and clear them using the Total Uninstaller tool. You can do this by clicking and opening the regedit or registry file.

Once it opens, you can delete any entry file associated with Spotify. If you do no know where to get a regedit, type regedit in the search menu and open it. Check and delete any files belonging to Spotify.

not a complete uninstall

What to do in case of incomplete removal

Manual removal of the Spotify software may be unsuccessful. This may happen when the window installer cannot fully remove the Spotify program.

You will always end up with many related files on the computer. This may make it difficult for you to install fresh Spotify software and continue to enjoy unlimited music streaming.

In such a case, ensuring that you clean your computer may be necessary.


Although Spotify provides unrivaled audio streaming services, it may be not easy to enjoy if your app stops working. The cause of this could be the failure of an already installed program.

Therefore, when you discover Spotify is not responding, it may be necessary to uninstall it.

So, to get rid of it, you may need to try the traditional way of uninstalling a program on windows 10 through the control panel and uninstall the program. But this may not give you the desired results.

Therefore, if you cannot uninstall it, you may use third-party programs to help you rid yourself of the software. Use the uninstaller or any other tool to scan and remove unwanted programs from your Windows 10.