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For many gamers, the PS Plus paid subscription truly is a gold mine. With the service, you can enjoy access to many games and other services to boost your gaming experience. In fact, with the PS Plus service, you can engage other online players in games. But, you need to pay for the subscription.

So, you must be asking yourself, can you still play games online without the PS Plus service ?

Can You Get PlayStation Plus Games Without PS Plus?

Without PS Plus, you can still play several games on your PlayStation. However, you will have several drawbacks. You will have access to downloaded games. But, you will not be able to enjoy the multiplayer feature. Without the multiplayer feature, you can’t play with your friends or other gamers online.

The good news is that you can still find games from other platforms that allow you to play online – even without a PS Plus subscription. Most of these games are available for free with no subscription necessary.

After months of in-depth testing, we’ve compiled our recommended list for the best games you can play online without the PS Plus. The list also answers questions and concerns you may have about these games.

Do they offer a multiplayer feature? Can I play the games offline? Are there any costs associated with the games?

What Can I Do With PS Plus Subscription?

You can access your PS Plus subscription through your PSN account. PlayStation owners have a PSN account they can use to access features they get from the gaming console.

The PS Plus subscription allows you to play any game you want online as long as it has a multiplayer feature.

Plus, PS Plus offers members up to 2 free PS4 games monthly and online multiplayer gaming. Members also have access to 100GB cloud storage, and numerous discounts.

Subscribing for the PS Plus membership will cost you at least $9.99 per month and up to $59.99 annually.

What Can I Do Without PS Plus Subscription?

Without a PS Plus subscription, you will still have access to the PSN account. This means that you can still buy games from the PS Store and download them to play offline.

But, without the PS Plus Subscription, you cannot play games online. You have to look for online games you can play on your PlayStation elsewhere.

Best Games To Play Online Without PS Plus Subscription

There’s no doubt that the PS console offers an exhilarating experience for gamers. However, to access different games online, you will incur additional costs.

Whilst this is easy for some players. It is not the most affordable arrangement for everyone. This is why we’ve decided to share the current top-rated gaming alternatives to the PS Plus online games.

Try Free PlayStation Games

Generally, most Triple A games require a PS Plus subscription. But, you can still find online multiplayer games that don’t need PS Plus to access. Below are our top-rated tested multiplayer online games you can play with no PS Plus.


Amongst classic games, the Hawken game is one of the top-rated ones. In fact, the Hawken game has long been removed from the PC platform version.

However, it continues to thrive as the PS4 and PS5 versions. The multi-player game features a first-person shooter video game. It follows a plot with players involved in an intense battle.

To thrive in the game, you have to adapt to the fast-paced, strategic, and action-packed scene. As the game continues to evolve, players don’t have to worry about paying to unlock better features. All you need to excel is player skills.


Smite is a free-to-download game available for PS, Nintendo, Xbox One, and Steam. With the game, you will enjoy access to an online arena where you can play with other games

. All you need to do is pick your God from over 100 available options.

Each God option comes with its special powers and weapons. It is a perfect strategy game that allows you the chance to compete with fellow gamers.

Genshin Impact

Even without the PS Plus plan, you can still enjoy the authentic PS experience on your screen and console. This is thanks to games such as the Genshin Impact.

The online role-playing game allows you to play with friends and other gamers thanks to the multiplayer feature.

Set in a fantasy world, the game offers a vast range of characters and features. You can control the features for an out-of-this-world gaming experience. It’s a perfect gaming option with friends as you can explore the fantasy world together.


Fortnite is a versatile game available on multiple platforms. These include PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, and even, on android and iOS.

The game integrates several modes to suit different types of players. So, even without paying, you can still enjoy the features of a paid-for game.

If you want to engage in a strategic, yet, therapeutic game, Fortnite is ideal. You can explore many different modes of the game, whether you want to watch a concert, fight, or build an island.


If you are all about online fighting games, the Warframe is an excellent choice. The action-packed game allows you to engage in battle in a third-person view.

To make your experience even more exciting, it allows you to customize your abilities. Furthermore, you can choose the settings you want.

With every successful level, you can also continue to unleash features as you advance. Popular features of multiplayer online games include collecting weapons. In fact, you can opt for Player-Versus-Environment and Player-Versus-Player modes.

Apex Legend

To experience an adrenaline-packed virtual world, you can’t go wrong with the Apex Legend game. The battle-based game allows you to team up with your friends or gamers you meet online.

The game is set up in an extensive mapped-out battle area.

In the battle area, you can collaborate with up to two teammates and pick the character you want. As you continue to play, you will enjoy the fun features across the journey. You can find yourself in scenarios where you have to loot weapons or engage in one-on-one combat.

All in the effort to give you and fun-packed gaming experience! To cater to your competitive edge, the game has a player ranking system too. The ranking system lets you track your performance against other top players online.

Call Of Duty: War Zone

If you want to enjoy a more realistic, non-cartoony game CGI, this Call of Duty: War Zone game is what you need. The best part about the game is that it is free for download. The award-winning game allows you to play it on PS4 or PS5 without needing the PS Plus subscription.

Additionally, you can also enjoy the multiplayer feature if you want to. In fact, the game supports up to 150 to 200 players per game.

Plus, just like a paid game, you can choose to customize the arena based on your preferences. The game allows you to choose the character and weaponry you want.

As your character continues to move up the game levels, you are challenged at the end of every level. The challenge typically involves a last-man-standing battle.

Only if you succeed in these battles can you move to the next level. A win in each level also unleashes extra useful features.


If you enjoy cartoon-style gaming CGI, you will enjoy the fantasy world Paladins game. Set in the fantasy world, the game’s interface comes with colorful graphics to enhance the gaming visuals. However, the free-to-play online game is team-based.

You can even choose to pair up with your friends online. Almost like Overwatch, the Paladins game offers you the chance to put your strategic abilities to play. The game involves working with other teammates to protect your world.

Fallout Shelter

The Fallout Shelter game was primarily launched as a free-to-download mobile game. But, it has eventually evolved to allow PS4 and Nintendo players to access it. In fact, the game’s interface has even gone through a redesign to match the PS controller use.

The game even allows you to customize several features and parameters. However, as expected from most free-to-download games, it has its drawbacks. Playing the game, you will have to be patient with issues such as long waiting and loading times.

DC Universe Online

Whether you enjoy watching this dream team on TV or reading the comics, you can now enjoy it on your PlayStation. The best part about it is that it has no cost associated with it. Although it has been running for some time now, it has only now been recently extended to the PS4.

Besides the existing content, the game has frequent updates for an even better user experience.

H1Z1 Battle Royale

For a more competitive experience, H1Z1 Battle Royale features a high-paced battle-based gaming design. The game facilitates a multiplayer feature so you can play with friends. Typically, characters use weapons and vehicles to fight off. The main purpose of the game is for the character to remain as the last one standing.

After you fight off the opponent, you can, then, proceed to the next level. In the next level, you will have access to more unleashed features so you can perform even better. The free-to-play online game is available on platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, and MS Windows for your PC.


Designed to resemble the Dungeons & Dragons game, Neverwinter is a free-to-download game. But, the game allows you to play your way up; unlocking extra features on the way. Thus, at higher levels, you will enjoy better gaming quality and features just like in a paid subscription game.

The game features user-generated content to give you more control as well. Plus, it has a multiplayer feature; allowing you to play with other gamers online.

Rocket League

For car lovers, the Rocket League allows you to extend your passion to the virtual world. The Rocket League game features a mix of car racing and soccer-playing scenarios for a more interesting game.

Launched as a PS Plus online game, Rocket League has evolved into a free-to-play game. The game features a multi-platform design. So, you can choose to play it on your PC or transfer it to your PlayStation.

To make the hybrid game even more engaging, you can pair up with your friends to enjoy the 2-in-1 vehicle combat and soccer game. Plus, you can choose to play in whatever setting you want – be it a Beo Tokyo or the Salty Domes.


With the digital world filled with royale games, Dauntless offers a change of scenery. Designed like the Monster Hunter game, Dauntless centers around fighting dangerous and powerful monsters.

The game integrates sumptuous features such as unusually large weapons. You also have access to a selection of different gear you can use to fight off the evil monsters. The game gives you the option of both single and multiplayer features based on your needs.

It also offers a multi-device option. Gamers can choose to play on platforms such as a PS console, Xbox, PC, or Nintendo.


Built with a 2D format, Brawlhalla is a fighting game designed for different platforms. You can play the game on your PS4, Xbox One, Android device, or Nintendo Switch. The goal of the game is for the character to simply knock out their opponent. The fight integrates a series of assault methods.

You can choose to play the game as a single player in local mode. Alternatively, you can join the multiplayer mode online. So far, the game offers over 50 different characters you can choose from.

You can even test out all the characters to find one that works for you. If you manage to choose your dedicated character, you can customize them. This includes adding your own stats and customized abilities.

Star Trek Online

For the Star Trek enterprise fans, there’s a gift online for you too. You can now play the Star Trek Online game free of charge with no need for the PS Plus subscription. The Star Trek Online game is set after the Star Trek: Nemesis. The plot involves protecting the United Federation Planets against attacks from Borg.

Hardcore Star Trek fans will understand this plot! The game is, of course, set in the fantasy outer space world. Thus, as a player, you will experience different virtual mythical elements. As the player continues to move to higher levels, they can choose to play in different locations and storylines.

But, compared to the Star Wars Online games, Star Trek isn’t as comprehensive. The PS version of the game doesn’t really have many features available on the PlayStation. Nonetheless, for the fans, it is still worth exploring the game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Of course, Star Trek fans are not the only ones covered with the free-to-play option. Star Wars fans can also enjoy free-to-play options. The Star Wars game features a massively multiplayer online role-playing design.

The game plot centers around the actual Star Wars universe. The game comes with 8 different republic classes to choose from. You can choose to pursue any of these narrative expansions whether you want the Light or Dark Side of the Force.

As you play the game, you will still enjoy the full features of the actual Star Wars Republic. Yet, a player will still be able to enjoy an own story-driven experience. You can play the game on your PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, and even, your android device.

Opt For Paid Games

Whilst this is a less popular and favored option, you can still opt for paid games. Even without a PS Plus subscription, you can still opt to purchase online games. You only pay for the games, but you don’t have to worry about any underlying subscription.

After all, in the long run, subscription fees can become more costly than one-time payments. Nonetheless, this still remains to be a costly option for some people. However, if you can afford it, why not?!

This option also works best for people who want certain games and are not looking for a library full of games. Below, we’ve shared the popular recommended paid game options.

Final Fantasy XIV

This paid gaming option will cost you a one-time purchase payment of about $59.99. Yet, it gives you full access to its online content. The role-playing game allows you to play with your friends and other online games too.

Set in a fantasy Japanese trilogy world, the video game focuses on a group of characters that battle out evil. It allows you to choose the characters you want and unleash more features as you move further up levels.

But, the Final Fantasy XIV game also comes with its drawbacks. To access all the features it offers, you have to opt for the game’s subscription service.

Take Advantage of the Free Trial

Nevertheless, you can still enjoy authentic PS Plus online games if you still want to. All you have to do is sign up for the free trial. However, the free trial only works for those who have never tried the subscription.

The PS Plus free trial lasts for 14 days before you have to pay for the subscription. All you have to do is share your payment details. However, you will not be charged a single cent.

Stick To Offline Play

If you can’t get the free trial, you can still access PS Plus games. You can do so without having the PS Plus subscription, either. After all, you can enjoy the games without really having to go online.

Even without PS Plus, you can access your favorite games as long as you don’t mind the single-player feature. This option allows you to play most PS games such as Mortal Kombat, NBA2K, and Ratchet.

If you have family and friends around at home, some games allow you to play with your friend. For example, Mortal Kombat allows you to engage in real-time combat with an opponent using the same PS console.

Just make sure you are in the same room and each player has their own console!


Just because you don’t have the PS Plus subscription, it doesn’t mean you can’t take full use of your PlayStation. The best part about these free online games is that they offer a wide range of choices based on your needs.

You can find anything you want – whether you want to immerse yourself in a fantasy world or a more realistic battle game CGI. Our recommendation list above simply offers an introduction to this alternative.

Nonetheless, there is a myriad of other free online gaming options available. You just have to look at the right place!