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Despite what the name depicts, an Apple TV is not a smart TV but a streaming device you can plug into your TV with an HDMI cable.

Doing research before purchasing a device like that is important. This article is here to help you decide if an Apple TV is right for you, with the top pros and cons.

8 Pros of Apple TV

1. Integrated iPhone Remote Capabilities

Every Apple TV has a Siri Remote with voice activation features and easy controls. It is also very small, much like other streaming device remotes- thus easy to lose.

If you have an iPhone with the most recent version of iOS downloaded, you’ll have access to the remote automatically in your control center app. Ultimately, you will then have a second remote for your Apple TV.

Using your iPhone as a TV remote also makes searching for your favorite shows and movies much quicker. While having a voice-activated remote with the Siri Remote is nice, you can also easily type out a search with your iPhone screen’s keyboard.

These capabilities are also accessible on iPads.

2. Stunning Screen Savers

Apple’s stunning Aerial screen saver won over many Apple TV users. Apple TV devices load screensavers after a preset time of idle minutes passes.

The screen saver displays stunning slow-motion videos from real places worldwide– and there’s always something new: underwater marvels, dreamy space views, and worldwide landscapes and cityscapes. You can switch through different picturesque images or learn more about the location. It’s like getting to see the world without having to leave your comfortable couch.

You also get to control how often your Apple TV downloads new Aerials. If you need to enhance your screen saver with more gorgeous views, that’s all possible with the touch of a button in Settings.

3. A Great User-Focused Interface

The interface for Apple TV is very clean and organized. It highlights Apple-based apps at the top of the screen and has the app store conveniently located for you to access new applications.

It also keeps applications open until you decide to close them. If you want to check the progress of a game in another tab, you can switch over. Then you can quickly return to whatever else you had been doing. Closing the apps only requires a simple swipe on the remote or your iPhone.

The Apple TV app on the UI keeps a history of things you frequently watch. It compiles this list from different utilized apps so that everything you watch is in the same place.

4. Multiple Users Available

Not only does the Apple TV have a great UI, but it also lets you set up different profiles.

Every member of your household with an Apple ID will have access to a unique profile on the Apple TV.

Switching up users lets you personalize the experience with a specially-tailored “watch next” list, music, game data, and more.

5. Processing Speed

One complaint many streamers have these days is application processing times. The suspense of waiting for Disney+ to load so you can watch the newest episodes of The Mandalorian is frustrating.

Apple TV’s system moves super quickly , opening up applications in seconds at the longest. Sometimes an app will open immediately after clicking it, allowing you to spend more time watching your favorite show and less time waiting to watch it.

6. Three Free Months of Apple TV+

Whenever you purchase an Apple device, such as an Apple TV, you’ll get three free months of Apple TV+ streaming.

You can stream all of Ted Lasso or other hit shows before deciding whether to subscribe to the streaming service.

7. Setting It Up Is Easy

Setting up an Apple TV requires very little time and effort. All you have to do is plug the device into a power source and attach it to your TV with an HDMI cable. After that, you follow simple prompts on the screen to choose your language and sign in.

The quick processing speeds help the process go by faster too.

8. It’s Portable

The Apple TV is conveniently smaller than an Amazon Fire TV Cube. It’s smaller than most Roku devices as well.

You can take your Apple TV with you anywhere you go. If you plan to take a trip and want to have it in the hotel, you will need a power cord, an HDMI cable, and WiFi.

4 Cons of Apple TV

1. The Price Tag

The price tag is one of the main things that deter people from purchasing an Apple TV device. A new Apple TV 4K 2022 costs $149.99 at most retailers. Still cheaper than traditional cable, however this sticker shock is greater when you see a Roku Express streaming device for $24.99.

It boils down to the mode of excellence most users expect from Apple. The processing speeds and high-quality images make up for the cost for many people.

Apple TVs are also known to last a very long time, making the initial price tag level out over the years of use you’ll get out of it.

2. Netflix Is Not Integrated Well

Apple TV keeps track of things you watch via your watch lists on other apps like HBO, Amazon Prime, and Hulu for easy access. However, Netflix does not appear on these lists.

Netflix does not share account data with Apple. Things you search for or watch on the app will not appear when using the Apple TV app because of this fact.

You may also search for a movie on your Apple TV that you know Netflix has, but it won’t show up listed on Netflix in the results.

3. It Does Not Come with an HDMI Cable

You may think everything you need is inside the Apple TV box, but it doesn’t. While the company supplies the necessary power cord for the device, they do not give users an HDMI cable for connecting it to the TV. 

Many people already have HDMI cables, but if you plan to use 4K viewing with your Apple TV, you might need a new one. The Apple TV 4K requires an HDMI 2.0 cable.

You can purchase a new HDMI cable, but it is inconvenient.

4. It Does Not Come with a Charging Cable for the Siri Remote

While charging a remote will help you save money on batteries- you still need a charging cord to supply power.

The most recent version, Apple TV 4K 2022, comes with a new Siri Remote that is the same as all previous Siri Remotes, except that you need a USB-C charging cord. Apple does not supply the necessary cable to charge it.

The only cord that comes with the Apple TV is the power cable for the actual device. This issue would be easier to work around if the remote used the same charging cord as iPhones.

If you want to charge your Siri Remote to use it, you will need to locate a USB-C charging cord around your home. Macbooks and iPads use these cords for charging. You can also purchase one online.


Apple TVs are powerful little streaming devices. They’re great for watching movies, shows and playing games.

Ultimately, whether to purchase one usually comes down to cost. If you can afford to buy one and any necessary cables along with it, it is a great device.