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You noticed that a device on your Wifi is casting, but this confuses you. What does casting mean and what does it to your device?

Casting means broadcasting some content from one device to the other on the same WiFi network with the help of Google Chromecast and any other digital product. Broadcasting content from your mobile or laptop to other entertainment devices such as TV, speakers, or projectors is not a new thing now.

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What Does It Mean To Cast To Device?

Casting helps users enjoy their content with added convenience and comfort.

A recent Android update by Google notifies every user on the same WiFi network whenever you broadcast something from one connected device to another device on the network.

For instance, it will tell everyone on the network if you start casting a video or audio from your mobile to a TV or speakers.

The problem does not end here. In addition to notifying every member of a WiFi network frequently, this feature allows others to control your casting activity.

It means they can stop or pause the video you just started playing on the TV and other simple stuff. This blog aims to help you get rid of this annoying notification.

What Justifies This Notification Then?

The extensive growth of Google Chromecast products over the last decade means many homeowners now have multiple Chromecast setups in their homes.

This thing created a need to have something that could streamline the activities of all the Chromecast devices in a single house.

Google places customers’ convenience on its top priority list as it is not unusual for a modern home to have various Chromecast devices under a single roof.

That is why this notification is meant to facilitate users who want to integrate all Chromecast devices in the home for added convenience and seamless user experience.

Casting notification helps users control and access all the devices that are casting on the same WiFi network.

For instance, it certainly helps parents manage the streaming activity of their school-giving and vice versa. However, a continuous pop-up notification becomes annoying and useless many times for average users.

Why Is Casting Notification Is Irritating And Undesirable?

Unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good aspects of this casting notification from Google. Many arguments support the justification of removing or disabling the message altogether.

The problem increases many folds if you are a member of a big family that has multiple TV sets in the house. For every Chromecast connection, you will receive a separate notification on your mobile.

So, if you have 5 Chromecast connections, you will receive a set of 5 messages displaying information regarding every connection.

This thing can literally bombard the notification panel of any mobile user, leaving no to very little space for other important notifications.

In this way, other significant notifications such as WhatsApp chat, reminders, appointment lists, Facebook texts, and other important things get ignored by users with maximum casting notifications because of multiple TV connections.

However, a significant drawback of these notifications revolves around the unintended stopping of the streams. You can accidentally pause or stop the video while canceling the notification from the notification panel.

In this way, you can spoil one’s mood by stopping the video while someone in the family is enjoying the most favorite movie released recently.

Similarly, it somehow compromises the privacy of different family members by showing casting notifications to everyone on a connection. You can’t really stand everyone’s monitoring of personal casting experiences.

The casting notification does more harm than good. That is why I will help you get rid of this problem by adjusting some settings on your Google Homepage and Android settings interface.

How Do You Stop A Device On Your WiFi Is Casting?

The following sections of the blog will discuss some easy-to-follow, interesting instructions to help you get rid of receiving “A Device On Your WiFi Is Casting” notifications frequently.

The Best Method For Preventing Access to Chromecast Device

This method is probably the simplest of all as it involves minimum steps. You can use this method to prevent others from controlling the Chromecast broadcasting.

All you have to do is open the Google Home app and switch off the ability of other devices on the network to control the Chromecast device.

In this way, none of the users on a particular connection will get to know or control the casting activity of the device. It is like nipping the evil in the bud as it prevents Chromecast from sending casting notifications to external devices.

It only takes a few seconds to adjust accessibility settings this way. But what if you have multiple Chromecast connections in a single house?

I have an easy solution for multiple Chromecast connections too.

The Best Method For Multiple Chromecast Devices In A House

The process for adjusting settings of multiple Chromecast devices under a single roof is fairly simple too.

It involves preventing notifications access for particular Chromecast devices that bother you the most. You only have to follow 5 simple steps to get the job done for you.

Step 1

You only have to open the Google Home App on your device in the first step.

This step does not involve any complications as anyone who knows how to operate digital devices can open the Home App of Google. You can ask Google Assistant to open it for you.

Step 2

As soon as you open the Home App, you will see the Chromecast devices that are being used in the house. The second step involves the selection of those devices that annoys you the most in terms of notifications. You only have to click the desired device to proceed to the next step.

Step 3

You will click the settings logo in the top-right corner of the screen in this step after you have selected the device in the previous step.

Step 4

This step involves scrolling down the settings menu until something like “Let Others Control Your Cast Media” appears on the screen. This option is what you are looking for to get things done for you.

Step 5

The last step of the method involves toggling off the “Let Others Control Your Cast Media” settings.

This thing will automatically silence the casting notifications for the selected Chromecast device. You can turn off this toggle setting for any Chromecast device you have in the home by following the same procedure.

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The Best Method For Manipulation Of Settings On The Android Device

You have now learned the two most exciting methods to sort out casting notifications on Chromecast. You can do it by preventing access from the device itself or restricting the notification access of any particular device.

However, the last method focuses on some Android settings that will ban the casting notification from Chromecast devices.

There is no difficulty involved in this method either. However, you will have to manipulate these settings on all Android devices to prevent casting notifications on all of them. The following are the steps involved in it;

Step 1

The first step in this method involves opening the setting menu on your Android devices.

Step 2

In the following step, you will tap Google under the category of “personal.”

Step 3

This step involves scrolling down to “Cast media controls” after you have selected Google in the Personal menu of the settings.

Step 4

You will have to toggle off the “Media Controls for Cast Devices” that appears after you tap the “cast media controls” menu from the settings.

In this way, you can customize the settings of Android devices to restrict receiving of casting notifications on them.


Google intends to enhance users’ convenience by adding the casting notification feature. It helps users integrate multiple Chromecast devices under a single roof. However, it creates a lot of panic for users as it floods their notification panel with unnecessary notification messages.

You can change some settings in either the Google Home app or the Android device’s settings menu to get rid of these unwanted notifications.