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One of the most popular and controversial products Apple has ever released is their voice-activated personal assistant, Siri. It is a feature that helps you with tasks like making appointments, sending texts and checking the weather.

Apple paid more than $200 million for Siri. And even though this may seem so much, it is worth the price since the technology has tons of great features like the improved voice command. Moreover, the purchase was more of a passage towards mobile search.

Who Created Siri for Apple?

Adams Cheyer created Siri for Apple. In 1993 he made the initial model of what was going to be Siri someday. That is an automatic voice assistant on the Apple iPhones.

By then, he was at SRI International research laboratory. For over twenty years, Adam came up with fifty versions of Siri technology. Though it was not until the release of the iPhone in 2007 when his team discovered a looming opportunity.

This was for the others to use the technology in a way they can make cash out of it. Adam together with Tom Gruber and Dag Kittlaus spent the following years creating a commercial model of Siri. And in 2010, Siri Inc, the firm he co-founded, introduced Siri as an application.

This was in the Apple shop. Moreover, it was alongside tons of other Apps. Siri was more notable since some weeks after the launch, Steve Jobs reached out to Adam’s office.

He wanted to acquire Siri, both Siri Inc and the technology. However, Adams and the other Siri team members declined the offer. At the time Jobs reached out again after some months, they had already sold the technology to Apple.

Adams then proceeded to work for more than one year at Apple. He did this to develop the version of the technology which currently exists on the iPhone.

How Actively Is Apple Working on Improving Siri?

Apple is working vigorously to improve Siri. And it is most likely close to the top of Apple’s list of development priorities. The technology is Apple’s invasion of AI and voice assistance.

A lot of firms understand that the future depends on them. And the reason why this is not apparent is due to Siri not being live on the gadgets. This implies it is dealt with while off the site and only connects via the network.

With that said, Apple can improve and update Siri more often. Besides, you can see the updates when you try connecting it the next time. Therefore, there are no devices required and software updates.

Although the continuous network connection may be hard sometimes, this enables a consistent encounter in every device. It is also working towards ensuring all gadgets have portals connecting to a strong cloud. This means it’s so hard to detect improvement since it is constant and gradual.

Though it is certainly there. In case you once used Siri when it was initially launched, it has been very impressive, and even in recent years, it has improved a lot.

How Much Did Apple Pay for Siri?

According to reports, Apple paid over 200 million dollars for Siri. The price may seem too expensive when you glance at the technology only as an iPhone application. And also with roughly two hundred and fifty thousand downloads of the free App.

However, with the unique technology that Apple acquired, this was more of an entrance to mobile search. And if you look at the purchase this way, the paid amount may in turn be a perfect deal. Furthermore, Apple could have been worried about Google.

Apple thought it would dive in and even outbid them as it did to AdMob. Still, Siri may have put in a different voice to facilitate the searching ordeal to Android. This means even though only the iPhone application had been introduced, an Android app was created internally.

For many years, there have been rumors spreading that Apple needed to establish its search engine. Though Apple analysts floated the idea. And these were often characterized as conventional search engines.

And thus, it won’t make any sense for Apple to attempt to defeat Google at something it is best at. It is instead fighting Google from a different side with smart technologies of which it is yet to comprehend. And take note that Siri isn’t a conventional search engine.

It is mostly great at certain kinds of action-acquainted searches. Besides, it links into several services on the net to enable you to achieve whatever you want to undertake. For instance, paying for a ticket to the movie, making a reservation at a convenient restaurant, or booking a cab.

Is Siri Owned by Apple?

Siri is owned by Apple and it was bought back in April 2010. Apple normally acquires a new technology for two main reasons. One is for its users and also for the ideas they execute.

One major thing they are enthusiastic about is intellectual property. The one they can use to improve the value of the prevailing products and the services. Siri has got some great voice recognition and a smart lifestyle application.

For this reason, it enables users to speak to their gadgets and perform stuff in an engaging and personal way.

How Much Does Siri Make a Year?

This depends on the number of iPhones sold out. This means when you purchase an iPhone you pay for Siri as the price is in the total amount you’re charged. Nevertheless, Apple does not always give a breakdown of the amount a single service makes.

And it is even hard to know those bringing in revenue and the status of the businesses. What’s known is the businesses the section is composed of and the amount they do charge. And also whether they are reasonable.

Though for its most current quarter, Apple is taking part in the selling price of all the Macs, iPads, and iPhones. And then convert it to cash for the services it circulates across several quarters. Apple figures the free services and then deems them to be created into the price of its items.

For instance, Siri and Maps among others. This is such a significant transition. And when Apple began factoring in the fees for the free services, its revenue increased. Like three years ago, for the first quarter, the total revenue rose by more than 5 percent.

This was from the initial report of roughly eight billion dollars to more than nine billion dollars. With this, it is obvious Apple’s priority is changing. In the current years, the sale of iPhones has started to plateau.

And its services enterprise is getting positioned as it’s the subsequent huge frontier for the growth of revenue. This comprises everything from factoring in fees for services from Siri to licensing deals to the App store. Moreover, Apple expects to sell to the user’s subscriptions for stuff they can tackle via their phones continuously.

How Much Did the Original Siri App Cost?

The initial Siri application didn’t cost anything as it was free. This is according to Adams Cheyer. Moreover, it was also free from Ads, and revenue relied on the CPA model.

For instance, lead generation. Everything was free to the users. Like if you booked a room, bought tickets to attend a concert, made a reservation in a restaurant, or acquired a movie ticket.

However, Siri got transaction fees from service providers. The technology’s value proposition was to reduce mobile marketing friction. This was to happen by enabling the purchase of stuff to be as simple as possible.


Even though Apple paid lots of cash for Siri, it is worth it because It makes the life of iPhone users easier. The technology has got some great features like time-saving, improved voice command technology, and productivity. And I bet you wouldn’t want to miss any of these.

So if you hadn’t bought an iPhone, then you can consider getting one to enjoy using Siri.