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Bluetooth first appeared in 1999 and has steadily increased functionality by allowing drivers to enjoy hands-free calls, texts, and music on their phones.

But when your car’s Bluetooth connection keeps disrupting, your morning commute becomes a dispute waiting to happen.

This article is here to help you solve your Bluetooth disconnection issues and give you top tips on how to keep it working properly.

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5 Fixes to Bluetooth Disconnection Between Your Phone and Car

1. Check if Bluetooth is On

Your Bluetooth may have turned off on either your car or phone. All it takes is a simple accidental slip of a finger or a bump inside your bag to turn off Bluetooth.

If you are struggling to figure out why your car is not connecting, check with your phone to see if Bluetooth capabilities are active.

To turn on Bluetooth on either iPhone or Android phones:

  1. Head to your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Scroll until you find Bluetooth. On some smartphones, the Bluetooth application will be under a tab titled “Connections.”
  3. Toggle the Bluetooth switch on.

With some devices, you can also turn on your phone and drag downward across the screen from top to bottom to open a quick start menu. On this menu, you’ll find a Bluetooth icon. Tap the icon to activate Bluetooth connectivity.

2. Check Your Battery Level

If you utilize Bluetooth regularly, you probably notice the significant battery drain it causes. This drain happens because of the power required to keep the signal connected.

Some smartphones will turn on a power-saving function if the battery life drains below a certain amount- for example, 15% power. Most power-saving features will turn off Bluetooth.

Always check your phone’s battery life before driving to ensure that this does not happen to you on the road. Charge it before getting in the car.

You can also plug your charger in to charge your phone with the car . However, you cannot use Bluetooth while your phone is connected to a charging cable inside your vehicle. The car will recognize the cord instead. It will operate media connection through it and not Bluetooth.

A power bank is another alternative to charging with a cable connected to your car. Keeping a power bank handy in your vehicle is a great way to ensure your phone always has some extra battery life nearby and that you can still use Bluetooth.

3. Wipe Bluetooth Devices Memory Clean

Some devices need a clean slate to work again. If your car and phone are not cooperating, try restarting the connection. Clearing out the devices’ memory from your phone and car and restarting the connection process can increase the function of Bluetooth.

Here’s how to clear your phone’s previous Bluetooth devices’ memory:

  1. Locate and open the settings app on your phone.
  2. Choose “Connected devices.”
  3. Select “Previously connected devices,” but if this is not an option for you, open up the tab that says “Bluetooth.”
  4. Scroll through the list of previously connected devices. Remove any device you no longer utilize by tapping the settings icon and clicking “Forget device.”
  5. Lastly, locate your car on the list of previously connected devices.

While every car will have a slightly different layout of its infotainment center, here are the general steps you will need to follow to wipe its Bluetooth device memory clean:

  1. Locate the Bluetooth settings. Use your manual if you are unsure where to find this feature.
  2. Delete the memory of every other phone connected to your car.
  3. Find your phone and remove it from the list as well.

Now that the devices no longer remember each other, you will need to pair the devices together again.

To do this with your phone, follow these instructions:

  1. Turn on your vehicle and get inside. Keep the car in park.
  2. Check to see if your vehicle is discoverable and has Bluetooth turned on.
  3. Turn on your phone and open Bluetooth settings to pair a new device.
  4. Find your car in the list of nearby devices and select it to pair.

After completing all of these steps, you should be good to go!

4. WiFi Interference

Bluetooth utilizes the same radio frequency as the internet. Any signal around 2.4 GHz will affect your connection. 

Hotspots and other wireless connections near your phone and vehicle will interfere with Bluetooth . While you cannot control other people’s WiFi, your car’s hotspot is likely a bigger problem for Bluetooth connectivity. If your vehicle has its WiFi hotspot, turn it off. 

If this does not automatically solve the issue, try reconnecting the devices.

5. Physical Interferences

WiFi signals are not the only thing that can cause interference. Any object between your phone and the car’s infotainment center on the dash could disrupt the signal. 

If you are having trouble with your Bluetooth, remove your phone from your pocket, purse, or backpack and hold it near the dash until it connects.

Generally, returning your phone to where it was after the signal connects is fine, but keeping it without a physical barrier will strengthen the Bluetooth connection.

Reasons Why Bluetooth Disconnects from Your Car

After pairing the two devices initially, your phone and car should never disconnect. However, your vehicle and phone sometimes have other ideas in mind when connecting and working together.

Aside from the common reasons listed above, such as battery drainage and interference, there are other reasons why your Bluetooth disconnected from your car. These alternative issues are:

  1. Your phone’s Bluetooth software is not congruent with the car’s software.
  2. You used a different device with Bluetooth in your car recently.

Software Issues

Most people believe that Bluetooth is universal. If you have Bluetooth, you may think it can operate any Bluetooth-capable device, but that’s not true. While most versions are compatible, a version called Smart Bluetooth only works with other Smart Bluetooth versions.

You cannot upgrade your Bluetooth software on your phone. You must buy a new smartphone if you want updated Bluetooth capabilities that coincide with your car’s software.

You can check your car’s Bluetooth compatibility in the vehicle’s manual. You can download a Bluetooth checker app from your phone’s play store to see what version your phone features.

Changing Devices

Your car can only recognize one Bluetooth connection at a time. If you have connected a different device to your car’s Bluetooth capabilities, it has forgotten the other.

You will need to turn that other device’s Bluetooth off to connect yours.

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3 Tips to Keep Your Car’s Bluetooth Working Well

1. Keep Your Phone Near the Dashboard

If you regularly have issues with your Bluetooth disconnecting, keep your phone out of your pocket or purse. Instead, place your smartphone close to the car’s dashboard. The closer placement will improve the connection.

You can purchase a phone holder for your car that connects to the air vents.

2. Close All Apps on Your Phone

While having multiple apps open at a time is fine for operating reasons, it will drain your battery. When using Bluetooth, you want to ensure that your phone’s battery life is optimized as much as possible, which means closing all non-essential apps.

3. Never Try to Solve the Issue While Driving

If your Bluetooth suddenly cuts out while you’re in the middle of a drive, don’t try to fix it. It’s unsafe. Even if you’re in traffic at a red light, trying to solve a Bluetooth connection could result in you getting rear-ended.

Instead, keep driving until you safely pull over to a shoulder or in a parking lot to address the issue.

Final Thoughts

It’s frustrating when you get to the good part of your favorite podcast while driving, only for the Bluetooth to cut out. Always keep your phone free from interferences such as hotspots and physical barriers. A good clean restart for both devices might do the trick if all else fails.








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