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You cannot install the original Apple App Store on your Android phone. The systems and programming languages for both Android and Apple are different, so it is impossible to run apps tailored to one on the other.

How Do I Browse the Apple App Store on Android?

You can use iTunes App Store Explorer to browse the App Store on your android device. For the Android user who is curious about the apps on the Apple App Store, this app helps you check out existing and new releases on the App Store.

You cannot download any app from the iTunes App Store Explorer; you can only view them. Attempting to download an app off the Explorer will direct you to the iTunes Store. From the iTunes App Store, you can search for apps by name or developer and view apps by category. Gaming apps are placed in a group, health apps, and so it goes.

The app was developed and launched by shishashi, and it is a small (less than 200KB), easy-to-use software. On opening the app, the home screen shows a list of the App Store’s top paid apps. Each app icon has the name, price, and developer.

After selecting an app, the iTunes Store Explorer takes you to a page that contains all the details of the software. There are images, sizes, the developer’s website, screenshots, a link to view the app in the App Store, and the latest version of the app.

You can streamline your search by selecting options from the top menu. For example, if you want to peruse free programs, you can set that software on the menu. The iTunes App Store Explore also separates apps based on user demands and new features added. Choose a list and click on update to see the available features.

Although it shows you the apps from the App Store, it has a different interface. From the advanced settings of the iTunes App Store Explorer, you can select your country of residence to view apps compatible with your location.


  • The search field is easy to use
  • It is Free
  • You can select your country of residence
  • It helps you search for apps available in the Market
  • You can filter apps to see the specific apps you want


  • The interface differs from Apple’s
  • You cannot download apps directly from the App Store

In summary, the iTunes App Store Explorer is suitable for Android users who want to stay abreast of iOS news without carting another iPhone around.

Can You Get the Apple App Store on Android?

You cannot download the Apple App Store from your Android because they are two different devices, down to their programming languages. AndroidOS and iOS are so different that they are almost incompatible. Android uses Java, Kotlin, etc., whereas iOS software uses Swift.

It makes things difficult when you would like to run an iOS application, but you have an android device. However, technology is constantly advancing, and new hacks are available daily.

There are currently ways to bypass the security on your android device to run Apple apps, and you can also install a version of the Apple App Store.

The problem with this is, many Apple apps you run on your Android will not work correctly, and most of the tools used to bypass and install are not actively supported by Android. Outlined below are three primary reasons the two devices cannot share apps:

  1. Hardware features—consider the Touch ID fingerprint scanner of the iPhone. If an app requires you to set up security or log in using your fingerprint, but your device has no fingerprint scanner, there is no way the app will function.
  2. Software features—some apps use software features only available on the devices they were made for. For example, if an app tries to use a software feature like iCloud and doesn’t find it on Android, the app won’t work.
  3. Hardware architecture—software developers, design their apps to work on specific smartphone hardware. Some apps must run on a particular processor type, and if either device lacks the processor, the application will not run.

To overcome these limitations, many app developers create different versions of their apps to suit Android and iPhones, respectively. Besides this, emulation makes a virtual version of one device that can run on another—for example, a virtual version of Windows that can run on Macs.

An emulated app will be slower than the same app on its native device, but you can use it when you need it, and maybe that’s all that matters to you.

How Can I Install the Apple App Store on My Android?

To download a modified version of the App Store on your Android, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings app on your phone
  • Tap on Battery
  • Turn off the Battery saver
  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Search applob.com to get the download link for the APK
  • Type app in the search button
  • Scroll to App Store++
  • Click on the icon and tap Start Installation
  • After the installation, the following interface will ask you to download two to four apps
  • Please choose any of the suggested apps and install them
  • Once the apps are on your phone, open them.
  • After using the apps a little, you can now use the App Store++

The App Store++ features a lot of apps from the standard Apple App Store. A distinctive feature is that paid apps on the regular App Store are free on the App Store++. Applob.com is an application that provides injections for coins and resources used in games.

How Can I Run Apple Apps on My Android?

There are some reasons people want to run Apple Apps on an android device. Some games and apps launch on iOS before Android, and you might want to try them. Everyone cannot afford an iPhone, so emulators are a cost-effective way to enjoy both devices.

App developers also like to test their apps on both devices before releasing them, and it’s convenient to try for both devices while using one. Thankfully, many iOS emulators in the market allow you to run iOS on your Android.

These emulators have restrictions, and the apps may not function at total capacity as they do on Apple devices. Before using these emulators on your device, you need:

  • Android version 2.3 or later
  • Available space on your device – The emulators themselves are sizable, and the iOS apps also need space.
  • At least 512MB of Ram available

If you can overlook the limits and your device has what it takes, you can use the apps smoothly on your android. The popular emulators in the market include:

  1. Appetize.io

This online emulator allows you to run iOS apps on your device. It is a simple way to use an Apple app on your Android device, and there is no concern about its compatibility with your Android version. It opens in a web browser.

You can also download apps from the App Store. The downside is that it is only accessible for the first 100 minutes, and after that, you have to pay.

  1. iEMU Emulator

Also called Padiod, it is a good emulator to run iOS apps on Android. It is easy to download and install on your device, and using it comes naturally to you. If your Android has less than 1GB of RAM, it will not work. It also works with .zip and .ipas files.

  1. Cider

It works well, allowing you to use almost all functions of Apple devices, not only apps. This means you need at least 2GB of storage space on your Android. It does not support Bluetooth or GPS services, unlike iEMU. This app may not work if you have one of the latest android versions.