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Aside from the iPadOS, all the other iPad devices do not offer desktop mode automatically for Spotify or any other website. To get about this, you have to “request a desktop website” on your Safari browser. From there, you will be able to access the Spotify desktop on your iPad.

Does The iPad Have Desktop Mode?

Thanks to iOS 13, iPad now has desktop-level browsing capabilities. Safari on the iPad supports the most current web criteria and automatically adapts desktop sites and web applications to touch, delivering a good browsing ordeal with a relatively fast operation, high level of security, and contemporary desktop components.

Many websites on other iPad devices however send terrible “mobile” pages to Safari, offering the iPad the same minimum web pages shown on the iPhone but stretched to suit the big screen. These mobile websites frequently lack components and functionality that are available on a website’s desktop versions.

You have a way out of this. Safari features a “Request Desktop Site” action, but you must manually select it.

The steps for viewing Spotify’s desktop version in Safari on an iPad are listed below:

• Using the Safari browser, go to the website in question.

• Wait for the website to load then click the “aA” icon just before the address bar in the upper right corner. It displays the view menu of the website.

• Choose “Request Desktop Website” from the list of options.

The steps outlined above will allow you to view the desktop version of the website.

You don’t have to “request a desktop site” with iPadOS. Safari acts as a desktop browser, showing the entire desktop site that macOS allows you to view. It is likely that Apple is updating Safari for iPad’s user agent to make it behave more like a desktop browser than a mobile browser.

Because you can now access the desktop site rather than the continually hindered mobile web, the iPad becomes more effective.

A download manager will also be added to Safari. Safari’s toolbar includes a Downloads button. Downloaded files will be displayed in the Downloads folder in Files.

In addition, Apple contends that when utilizing an external keyboard for desktop-style navigation, the modern Safari supports more than 30 recent keyboard shortcuts.

Can You Get Spotify Desktop On iPad?

Safari is well-suited for mobile web browsing. However, there are still a few websites that do not provide an optimal browsing experience on iPad devices. As a result, on a mobile browser, the user may be unable to access critical functionalities of that web page.

In this case, users must switch from their mobile browsers to the desktop version of a website. This allows them to see the entire web page at once.

There isn’t a desktop version of the app on the iPad at the moment. You can however request to view the website’s desktop version. Here are the procedures for requesting the desktop webpage on an iPad:

  1. On your iPad, open the Safari browser app.
  2. Navigate to the Spotify URL from which you want to get a desktop website.
  3. Within the URL bar, tap the aA icon.
  4. Select the Request Desktop Website option from the drop-down menu.
  5. On the iPad you can now request a desktop site from Safari.

This will refresh the website page and bring up the desktop version of the site. On the iPad, you may not notice some significant modifications.

The mobile version is useful because you can listen to your music whenever and wherever you want as long as you have the Spotify app installed. The desktop version, on the other hand, includes a number of features not available in the mobile version, such as a song history view. The desktop version is however preferred due to the greater variety and awesome features that the mobile version lacks.

How Can You Get The Canvas On Spotify On iPad?

Canvas art can only be seen on Spotify if the option is enabled. To save data, it is disabled by default. The following are the steps to enable canvas in Spotify for iOS:

  1. Start the Spotify app
  2. Select your Profile
  3. Navigate to Playback
  4. Finally, turn on Canvas

That’s all there is to it. Canvas is now available on your iOS device. Now, sit back and enjoy the incredible music art.

Canvas is more akin to digital music art. The canvas art will appear when you play a song on Spotify. Instead of the album art, you will see a video or gif. If you’re a musician, you can use a different canvas for your songs. This will distinguish your tracks from one another. And nowadays, artists release a plethora of singles. To pique the audience’s interest, you can share your canvas on various social media platforms. You can also use songs to convey a specific message.

And for the listeners, there are now more things to treasure. You can have one-of-a-kind GIFs and videos created by artists. And, if the artist so desires, they can incorporate different canvas art into each song. That way, you can keep a song in your memory for a long time.

While Canvas is another cool feature of Spotify, users occasionally encounter issues such as “Spotify Canvas not working” and other technical issues. You can look at the reasons for this and how to solve it below:

It Isn’t Your iPad, Nor Is It Your Account

If you live in a region where the new feature has not yet been introduced, this could be the cause of “Spotify Canvas not working.”

Canvas is only available in certain regions for the time being, and it will not appear in your Spotify features if your region is not included in the lists of regions where Canvas is available.

As a result, the “Spotify Canvas not working” issue is not in your Spotify app or on your iPad.

You Have Not Yet Enabled The Feature

Spotify requires users to enable any features through their app settings, and the Canvas feature must also be enabled through the settings. Otherwise, Spotify will not load the tool on its own.

Spotify Itself Could Be The Cause

Many tests and improvements are frequently launched in Spotify in order to provide its users with greater satisfaction while using their app.

As a result, some users may temporarily gain access to a new feature that others do not. Another reason you may have received “Spotify Canvas not working” is that it was only available in your account for a limited time.

Your Data Saver Is Activated

Have you enabled the data saver because you’ve noticed that you’ve been exceeding your daily limits at an alarming rate? Check to see if you have the data saver turned on, as this could be the cause of “Spotify canvas not working.”

Canvas not working may not be a serious problem and you could easily resolve them. Below are the possible ways to do that:

Simply try logging in again to resolve the issue. The simplest method is to log out and then log back into your Spotify account. This may appear to be a straightforward solution, but it is highly effective! With that, you can also try clearing cache.

You may also have forgotten to enable it; if so, go to Settings in the Spotify app, select Playback from your profile, then Canvas, and you can enable it from there. This is yet another method for resolving the “Spotify Canvas not working” problem on your iPad.

If you are still unable to find canvas art, you should check your region because canvas art is not available in all regions.

Finally, if none of the preceding methods have resolved the “Spotify Canvas not working” issue, you can try creating a new account. If you choose this option, transfer previous Spotify collections to your new account.