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Getting more out of your PS4 is easy when you use the online features. Why should you keep playing the same games by yourself when you can open the world of online games and find some new apps to try? Find out more about using your PS4 on a hotspot.

Can You Run a PS4 on a Hotspot?

A hotspot is essentially a different type of internet connection. Instead of cable or DSL, you use a small device connecting to your console without wires. Mobile hotspots are the most common because modern cell phones usually include a built-in feature that turns them into hotspots.

You can absolutely run a PS4 on a mobile hotspot if you don’t have an internet connection. This also comes in handy when you want to use the console in a hotel that doesn’t let you connect consoles or if you want to use it in other places.

Using your hotspot is great for playing on business trips and vacations. If you’re on vacation, hotels offer internet access. however, they usually require that you go through several steps to use your laptop. You need to pick the connection and then visit a website where you enter the hotel’s password. Many sites will not work on phones and other devices like game consoles.

When you use your phone as a hotspot, you’ll have no problem setting up your PS4 to run on it in your hotel room.

How Do I Connect My PS4 to a Phone Hotspot?

A common reason to use a PS4 on a phone hotspot is that you have poor Wi-Fi at home. While you might have a strong connection to check your email and watch short videos, it may not be strong enough to handle your online games.

You need to bring up the “Settings” on your phone and check your internet connection. Most phones require that you turn on the mobile hotspot feature through this section .

Using Your PS4

After you set up your mobile hotspot, turn on your PS4. Open the “Network” from your “Settings” and choose “Set Up Internet Connection.” The console will ask if you want to use a wired or wireless connection. Pick ” Use Wi-Fi” and select “Easy”. This tells the console to search for any connections it can use. It should find your phone as long as it’s within range.

If you have an iPhone, pick “Mobile Data” from your “Settings.” Slide the bar below to turn on your “Personal Hotspot.” Add a password to the hotspot to keep anyone else from using it. This can also save your data usage. Your PS4 will list the hotspot as your phone’s name.

Once you turn on your hotspot, turn on your PS4 and head to your “Settings.” Choose “Set Up Internet Connection” and “Use Wi-Fi”. You also need to pick “Easy.” After your PS4 finds the mobile hotspot, pick that as the connection you want to use. You will also need to enter your password to show that you are an authorized user.

Snag the PlayStation App

If you have a PS4 Pro or one of the newer models, you can also use the PlayStation app to set up a connection via a mobile hotspot. It works on both iOS and Android phones, but you need to download it from the store first.

Once you open the app, enter your PSN username and password to load your account. Click on Connect to PS4, which tells the app to find your console. The app will ask for a numeric code when it detects the console.

From the “Settings” on your PS4, go to “PlayStation App Connection” and “Add a Device.” Your console will scan the room and find any devices it can connect to, such as your phone. You then get a numeric code.

Enter the code in the box in the app. Wait a few seconds for the app to register the code. You will then have full access to your PSN account and can use your phone to go online on your console.

Why Won’t My PS4 Connect to My Hotspot?

While using your PS4 on a hotspot is a convenient way to go online and access online features, it doesn’t always work. We found a handful of reasons why a PS4 won’t connect to a hotspot.

1. Poor Signal Strength

Your signal strength depends on many factors such as the company you use and the age of your device. While some people find that their phones work great in their homes, others find they have better signal strength when outside.

Your PS4 won’t connect to your hotspot because your signal is too weak. The console may even have a hard time picking up on the signal. Even if it can find the signal, it might run much slower than expected.

2. Distance

The PS4 has a limited range in which it will pick up network connections. If you ever tried to use your console in a room far from your router, you probably kept losing your connection or had a hard time setting it up. The same thing can happen with a mobile hotspot.

Unless your phone is close to the PS4, it will not work. The optimal range for the PS4 is 30 feet. Remember that any large objects or obstacles between the devices can also limit the connection.

3. Failed Connection

Even if you establish a connection between your hotspot and PS4, it can lose this connection. It’s especially common if you set up a connection and then use your phone to take a call or respond to some text messages.

Try to restart both devices. Restart your phone and shut down the PS4. Once the devices are working again, try using your hotspot. Sometimes, you may need to set up the connection again after restarting the devices.

4. Data Cap

No matter what phone company you choose, you likely have a data cap. The data cap is the total amount of data you can use during a billing cycle. Always read the fine print before signing up because many have unlimited plans with a data cap.

For example, they may allow you to use up to 10 GB of data or more in a billing cycle. Once you reach the limit, you can still use data but will have a much lower connection. If your hotspot works great but starts slowing down, the chances are good that you hit your data cap.

5. Obstacles

While we briefly mentioned that obstacles can disrupt your connection, you might overlook this issue. Obstacles can include thick walls between rooms as well as heavy pieces of furniture and even appliances.

Sometimes, you might find that there are too many obstacles in the way of establishing a strong connection between your hotspot and PS4. Using a wired connection can help. You can pick up a cable that lets you plug your phone into your console. This tells your PS4 to use the internet on your phone.

6. No Internet Connection

Another reason your PS4 won’t connect is that you don’t have an internet connection on your phone. Always check your connection settings and make sure you turned off “Airplane Mode”.

Airplane Mode is a handy feature that shuts off the internet and keeps calls and texts from coming in until you turn the feature off. There’s also a risk that your phone company’s internet is down. When this happens, you cannot use your phone as a hotspot until the network is up and running again.

Can I Use a PS4 as a Hotspot?

Though Sony doesn’t make a big deal out of this feature, the company allows you to use your PS4 as a hotspot. When you use this feature, you must have Wi-Fi. It only allows you to play and stream games with a Wi-Fi connection.

Pick “Wi-Fi Hotspot” from the “Settings” on your PS4. The console will bring up two windows and require that you pick yes on both to establish a hotspot. Any compatible devices will then find that hotspot.

You cannot use the PS4 hotspot to surf the web or do other things online. It simply gives you a way to connect devices and use them together. For example, you might establish a connection between two consoles to play a game with your roommate. With remote play, you can play your favorite games on compatible devices and save your progress on your console.

AdobeStock_526425924 Two persons sharing internet between their phones by using personal hotspot feature

What are the Cons of Using a Hotspot for PS4?

While using your PS4 on a hotspot is a great alternative to using a standard internet connection, it has some potential cons you need to know about before you follow the steps above.

Data Usage: One con is that your PS4 can use a lot of your data and even take you over your limit. Some gamers found that they went through 50 GB of data or more monthly.

Newer Phone Required: You usually need a newer phone to use this feature. Many older phones do not work as mobile hotspots.

Expensive Plan: Always talk with your phone provider before you turn on your mobile hotspot. Some of these companies require that you have a data plan or a hotspot plan, which can cost a lot.

Network Outages: In the same way your ISP can suffer a network outage, your phone provider can also suffer. An outage can leave you unable to play online games.

Lack of Support: Keep in mind that some providers do not offer support for online games either. For example, you may have software limits because you cannot change a mobile hotspot as you can to a router.


You can use your PS4 on a hotspot set up on an Android phone or an iPhone. It uses the same data plan that your phone does and gives you full access to online features. As long as you have a phone that can function as a hotspot, you can use it with your PS4.