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Microsoft didn’t design its Xbox controller to be used with one hand. However, the controller can certainly be redesigned to be used with a single hand. Benjamin Heckendorn is one of the first console modders to create a single-handed Xbox One. The product is available in both right and left models.

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What is a one-handed controller?

One-handed controllers are designed specifically to be used with only one hand. Although one-handed controllers have been around for a while, people recently started to use them.

One of the primary functions of one-handed controllers is that they are specifically designed for accessible gamers, especially those that only have limited mobility.

One-handed controllers aren’t officially developed and sold by game manufacturers, such as Microsoft and Sony. Instead, these products are usually redesigned by expert modders, such as Benjamin Heckendorn. To produce a single-handed Xbox One controller, Benjamin often gets Xbox One controllers and relocates the buttons, which aren’t usable, to the other side (accessible). of the controller.

Here’s a good example of how one-handed controllers are redesigned below:

For this example, the assumption is that the person looking to purchase this product can only hold the controller on the right hand and play with it. To create a single-handed right controller, buttons on a regular controller are shifted from the left side to the right end. With that, the person looking to use the controller will gain access to all the buttons without stress.

The same process also goes into making a single-handed left controller. Instead of relocating the buttons to the right side of the controller, all of them are moved to the left end. This makes it pretty easy for anyone who can only use a single left hand to continue playing their favorite games.

The bottom line is that one-handed gaming controllers are specifically designed for gamers, who can only use a single hand. The products are designed by moving some buttons from the less accessible parts of a controller to a more accessible end.

Can you use an Xbox controller with one hand?

Xbox controllers are specifically designed by Microsoft to enable Xbox owners to have better control of their video games. The Original Xbox was the first-ever gaming console designed by this company to lack controllers.

Today, however, all Xbox consoles have Xbox controllers, which are usually designed with right-handed players in mind. That’s not all; these controllers are designed in a way that makes them only good to be handled with two hands. That said, Microsoft only manufactures and sells controllers that can be played with two hands.

Regarding the question of whether Xbox controllers can be used with one hand, the simple and direct answer is no. Officially, the gaming controllers have buttons on both sides, which will make it pretty difficult for anybody to use a single hand to control any of the controllers.

But does that mean you can’t use an Xbox controller with one hand?

Of course, no! There’s a workaround that can be used to redesign the Xbox controller to a single-handed device. Yes, this is very possible and has already been in existence for a while.

Benjamin Heckendorn, an American console modder & Computer engineer, is one of the first persons to ever convert an Xbox controller to a single-handed device. Today, he has been able to sell tons of Xbox One single-handed controllers, both right and left models.

Single-Handed Xbox One Controllers

The Single Handed Xbox One Controllers by Ben Heck is the product I’m talking about. Since this controller is made by redesigning the Xbox One, it’s safe to say that it packs almost the same features as the original controller.

What makes the difference between Ben Heck’s controllers and the original Xbox One controllers is that some of their buttons have been relocated, making them pretty accessible to anybody, who can only use a single hand. You can check here to see the video of how this unique gaming console can be redesigned.

According to Ben Heck, one of the amazing features of the Single-handed Xbox One controller is that it packs an improved lower analog stick, which doubles as an extra handle grip. Apart from that, the controller also features an ergonomic secondary analog trigger.

Furthermore, the Xbox One single-handed controller doesn’t have any visible mod wires and hot glue. As such, it’s pretty hard to understand that the controller is modified.

The product is designed with the latest Xbox One S controller. Since that’s the case, it’s Bluetooth compatible and can be used with PC and smartphones. You can check here for more information regarding this product, including how you can order it.

Here’s how the single-handed Xbox One controller works

The Single Handed Xbox One controller is created on the same principle, which I earlier mentioned. All the controls are moved to one side of the controller, which is much more convenient for the person buying it.

  • The secondary analog trigger on the Xbox One S controller was repositioned to the lower rear of the controller. This makes it easy for you to actuate the trigger with your middle finger.
  • As for the secondary analog on the regular Xbox One S controller; it was relocated to the bottom of Ben Heck’s single-handed controller. In addition to that, the analog is protected by a 3D printer shaft. The left analog is moved for the right-handed controller while the right analog is relocated for the left-handed controller.

Bottom line: an Xbox controller can be used with a single hand. While Microsoft doesn’t sell such products, you can always try getting them from Ben Heck.

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What games can you play on Xbox with one hand?

Currently, there are many game titles that you can play on Xbox with a single-handed controller. Let’s have a look at some of them below:

Super Mario Run Puzzle Game

One of them is the Super Mario Run Puzzle Game. This product is playable on Xbox Series X/S, HoloLens, smartphones, and Xbox One. As such, you can always make use of Ben Heck’s single-handed Xbox One to play this game. You can check here to learn more about this game, including its price and how to buy it.

Turn-based strategy and RPG Xbox games

Most Turn-based strategy and RPG Xbox games can also be played with a single-handed controller. For instance, the deluxe version of the Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is one of the games that you can consider playing with one hand. You need not worry, as Ben Heck has made it easy for you to do that through his single-handed Xbox One controller.

Apart from that, another Turn-based strategy game that you can consider playing with one hand is the Jagged Alliance: Rage. Other Turn-based Strategy Xbox One games that you want to try out with one hand are Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Standard Edition, Gears Tactics, and Space Hulk: Tactics.

King of Seas

You can also play this action role video game with one hand on your Xbox One console. You can do that by using a single-handed controller.

Other games

You can check below to see the list of some other Xbox video games that you can play with one hand:

  • Fae Tactics
  • Dodgeball Academia
  • Scarlet Nexus
  • Star Renegades
  • Valkyria Chronicles 4