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No matter how hard they try, some people cannot press three keyboard keys at the same time.

If you were using the right keyboard, you should find it easy to press more keys on it simultaneously. The standard office keyboard sells at the lowest costs, and thus, to limit the expenses, the keyboard keys use the same wire through which they convey their signals.

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How Many Keys Can You Press on A Keyboard at Once?

It all depends on how flexible your fingers are. In normal circumstances, you can press three keys on your keyboard for certain shortcuts. Apart from that, the PC and keyboard will only identify 1 or 2 instantly. Hence, if you try to press five keys simultaneously and successfully open a document, you will likely notice 3, 4, or more characters showing up in your document while the system reads them.

However, if this question is to help you enhance your current typing speed, then the best way is to press only one key as you type. Sometimes it may seem that an individual is pressing too many buttons, but because they are extremely fast, we fail to realize the time-lapse and notice many buttons getting pressed.

The most amazing thing is that the typist (and this applies to only the speedy ones) may also get confused if they are looking at the keys on the keyboard in an attempt to make out how many keys they are hitting. So, what is in charge of everything you are doing on your keyboard is the supercomputer.

When talking about increasing your typing speed, we are looking at how you can reduce the time-lapse. If you asked the question for the sake of it, you may start hitting buttons on your keyboard, and you will find that you are hitting quite a good number of keys, yet your PC will only display certain input.

The keys in the results are those initially hit. It also illustrates the unbelievable speed at which the PC identifies the information without showing any errors. More so, it implies that regardless of your typing speed, the keyboard will always be supportive of you.

Another point to note is finding if the “return and enter” keys on your keyboard are the same. If they aren’t the same, then what could be the variation between them? You may also want to find out their location on your keyboard. As for the first question, the answer is “Yes” & “NO!”

For the current English-labeled USB keyboards, the buttons tasked with the scancode return 0x28 (40) are tagged as either “Enter” or “Return” based on the manufacturer. This applies to the current Apple II tagging for the “Return” and “Enter” courtesy of the IBM computers.

On an ordinary keyboard – whether from ISO or ANSI, the “Return or Enter” key is found on the right-hand edge of the central typing space – three rows above and three rows below. It can also extend depending on the standard category it falls in.

So, why is it that you can only hit a few keys on your keyboard automatically? Well, there are various reasons why this happens:

  • Damaged keyboard – They are short-lived. Dirt or dust in the keys – This is common, particularly if you tend to eat over the keyboard. Dust and crumbs infiltrate into the keyboard, making your typing a big challenge.
  • Virus – Though unlikely, it might be using SENDKEYS.
  • Software – Programmable buttons – You might be having other active software relaying key press signals to your computer. For instance, Microsoft Word incorporates the AutoText feature to program a specific key combination and convert them into a pre-set text.
  • Drivers – When this happens, likely, you have not installed the correct software for your keyboard, or the latest update isn’t compatible with your keyboard.
  • Imagination – As human beings, we all believe that we are accurate and cannot be liable for errors. So, the question is, are you certain that you aren’t to blame for whatever happens?
  • Touchpad – Do you ensure that your palms remain fixed on your PC’s touchpad when typing? It is essentially important.

Well, to avoid such issues, you may need to restart your PC or laptop so that you can continue typing while in safe mode. Turning your machine into safe mode enables only key drivers to load and prevents software preloading. You can try at least one typing program – Notepad, Word, and WordPad.

If it succeeds in all these programs while in safe mode, you will be using a defective keyboard or dirt or dust in your keys. But if it fails while in safe mode, the problem can be software-related – program, virus, or drivers.

Below the keys, there is a network of wires, and pressing any key leads to electrical interference on the HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL wire. Thus, by understanding each key coordinate within the grid, your keyboard control chip may identify which keys should have been hit in case Vertical wire no. 5 and Horizontal wires no. Three have been tempered with. It happens the same way a spider decides the direction to take by feeling the vibrating thread of its cobweb.

However, this leads to an effect popularly referred to as shadowing. The “S” key may be shadowed if you simultaneously press the A and W keys. The A button will interfere with wires H3 and V2, and W will interfere with wires H2 and V3; hence the “S” key, tempering with H3 and V3, may not be identified by the controller.

We have gaming keyboards capable of listing “shadowing security of up to 10 keys” – or similar. The gaming keyboards are cheaper than the standard keyboards on the market. Therefore, it implies that each of their keys has a specific wire, which the controller identifies.

Using a Cheap Keyboard

You can use more than three keys simultaneously. Some can hit to the tune of 19 keys ago. This is referred to as “Anti-ghosting, commonly found in gaming keyboards. However, since you cannot utilize three keys at most, you are working on either an office or cheap keyboard that is not meant for gaming. So, you need to obtain a gaming keyboard that incorporates anti-ghosting .

The cheap or office keyboard applies shortcuts by transmitting key signals across a parallel bus, meaning that they ghost each other. To successfully press multiple keys at a go, you require an n-key rollover keyboard, which falls in the gaming keyboard category. Ensure to buy a keyboard with a “nkro” label.

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How to Press More Than 3 Keys on the Keyboard ?

When you talk about pressing three keys at most on your keyboard to deliver certain results, you refer to a key combination technique. In this case, you may choose to either hit the keys simultaneously or one at a time while keeping each key down until you press the last button.

For instance, pressing down keys CTRL (Control) +ALT +C (Letter) =the symbol (©). Another good example of shortcuts you may utilize along with the Windows button, include:

• ⊞ (Windows) + Ctrl + F= Find= Computer.

• ⊞ (Windows) + F1= Help.

• ⊞ (Windows) + break= System dialog box.

You can also start your favorite program using three combination keys, as in CTRL +ALT + Your designated character (place the icon on your desktop, right-click, and select Properties). Once you see the properties dialog box, click on the shortcut button, and then using the mouse pointer within the shortcut buttons tab, insert any character (number, letter, etc.) you feel like.

To close your dialog textbox, click OK and hit CTRL + ALT + “Your Character” to see what happens. The results will be the appearance of CTRL + ALT + “at the forefront of your character. This shortcut is faster than trying to work out things using the Start Menu.


All said and done; you can now see that everything is possible, providing you follow the right instructions. Thus, if combining keys on your keyboard is what you have been longing for, then finding a genuine keyboard is key.