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Xbox Live is a feature designed by Microsoft that lets you play games online and chat with other players as you unlock achievements in your game. Any type of misconduct that another player reports can lead to your suspension or a full ban. Find out more about the suspensions and what to do if you get banned.


How Many Xbox Reports Can Get You Banned?

Microsoft knows that people can report other gamers for any reason. You might play against someone you frequently beat and find that they reported you for things you did not do.

That is why the Microsoft team investigates each report for accuracy. You don’t need to worry if you get one report because the team usually won’t take any action against you. In most cases, you need to receive three reports before the team will ban or suspend you.

Most bans last for a few days or longer, which gives you time to think about your actions and what you did wrong. Once you get three bans, Microsoft can permanently suspend your account.

Keep in mind that a permanent ban means that you cannot use the network or your account. This is different from a suspension in which you cannot use the network for a set amount of time.

What Can Get You Reported? (8 Things)

When you buy an Xbox console, you agree to follow the terms of agreement set by Microsoft. Going against those terms may lead to your suspension. If you believe this was in error or you aren’t sure what happened, you can go online and check for enforcement violations.

Microsoft asks that you log into your Xbox Live account this also allows you to view any past suspensions you had and see any bans or suspensions attached to your household account.

1. Cheating

One of the biggest things that will lead to your suspension is cheating. This includes using glitches in a game to advance further. Let’s say that you find a glitch that gives you unlimited money in a building game.

Exploiting that glitch gives you more cash than other players have, which you can use to build more structures. If Microsoft catches you cheating, the enforcement team can suspend you for a few days. Cheating can also include the use of codes within games.

2. Impersonation

Some actions that lead to bans and suspensions come from things you do that cause others to report you. Impersonation is one example. A good example is when you use a gamer tag that is similar to one that another player uses.

While you can have a similar tag, you cannot represent yourself as that individual. Microsoft claims that impersonation often goes along with phishing attempts and that banning impersonators will protect its players.

3. Account Tampering

All modern Xbox consoles allow you to set up a gamer ID, also called a gamer tag. You can use that ID to log into the Xbox website and use the Xbox Live network. Microsoft will take serious action if the team believes you tampered with your account.

Selling your account to another person is one example of tampering. You cannot give or sell your account to another person. You face a suspension if the enforcement team determines that you shared games with other accounts or allowed someone else to use your progress.

4. Harassment

Any form of harassment will get you banned by Microsoft. Harassment often includes using profane words and talking about sexual topics. If you would not say the words or phrases at work, you should not say them online.

A player can report you for harassment because you kept talking to them when they asked you to stop or you sent them lurid messages. Harassment can also include political and religious topics that make other players feel uncomfortable. Microsoft does not require that players ask you to stop before they file a report.

5. Achievement Tampering

Xbox is one of the only consoles with achievements you can unlock. Each achievement is worth a certain number of points. You unlock each one and get your points when you do different things in your games.

Most achievements are worth 10 to 100 points, but some games have achievements that do not include any points. Tampering with your gamer score or achievement score can result in a suspension. Microsoft wants gamers to unlock their achievements and earn points honestly.

6. Offensive Names

During the early days of Xbox, you probably heard about players who got banned because they chose offensive names. Microsoft now bans certain words and terms. If you try to create a gamer tag that uses one of those words, you’ll get an error message that asks you to choose a new one.

You can get around the issue when you add characters or symbols to your tag, but that doesn’t mean that the name will pass muster. Any player who finds your name offensive can file a report. Microsoft also allows players to file reports for club names they deem as offensive.

7. Theft

There are two types of theft that result in bans and suspensions. One is account theft, which is when Microsoft believes that you stole an account that belonged to someone else. Though it may seem hard to believe, there is a huge network overseas of people who buy and sell stolen Xbox Live accounts.

Simply logging into your account on a new console in a different area can trigger this type of ban. Marketplace theft is the other type. This is when you illegally obtain games and accessories that are available on the Xbox Marketplace.

8. Offensive Content

One of the nice things about Xbox Live is that it lets you upload content. Not only can you upload a photo to use as your gamer icon, but you can upload videos and photos that you share with others.

Any offensive content uploaded under your account can result in a ban or suspension. This includes videos that contain sexual images and photos of minors in compromising positions.

What are the Different Xbox Suspensions and Bans? (5 Types)

Not all of the bans and suspensions handed down to Xbox users are the same. The enforcement team usually takes temporary measures first before they choose permanent solutions.

1. Temporary User Bans

Temporary user bans are one of the more common punishments handed down by the enforcement team. When a user reports you, the team will usually ban you for 24 hours, which gives them time to investigate the claim.

You can still play games and use apps, but you cannot save your progress or unlock new achievements. If the team finds that you are a repeat offender, they will extend the length of your ban. Some bans can last for up to two full weeks.

2. Tag Bans

It’s easy to pick a tag that you did not realize would offend others. Microsoft knows that mistakes can happen, which is why it gives you a chance to set things right. When someone reports your tag and Microsoft deems it offensive, you have a chance to change your tag.

You should get an email that shows you how to do this, but you will also see a notice when you start your console. If you pick another tag that is still offensive, Microsoft can outright ban your account.

3. Permanent Bans

Permanent bans are less common but still possible. Getting a permanent ban lets you know that you did something seriously wrong. Many players received bans because Microsoft found that they modded their console to let it do things the company didn’t intend.

When you get a permanent ban, you lose all of your achievements and progress. This also means that you can no longer play any of your games. You cannot log into your account on another console either.

Microsoft also reserves the right to permanently ban your device/console. Online fraud is a serious offense that often results in a permanent ban. If you attempt to use your online identity to threaten, scam, or harass other players, don’t be surprised if you get a device ban.

A device ban essentially prevents you from using your console on Xbox Live. While you can still play any games you have on discs, you cannot play online games or use most of the online services.

4. Communication Bans

While a communication ban may not seem as serious as some of the other types of bans, it can affect the way you play. When Microsoft issues this type of ban, you can no longer communicate with other players online. If one or more players reported you for things you said online, you can still play online but cannot chat with others. These punishments usually start at 24 hours and can increase up to several days or longer for multiple offenses.

5. Game Bans

If you have one or more games that you frequently play, make sure you don’t do anything that might result in a game ban. A game ban essentially bans you from playing that game . Modding, exploiting glitches, or cheating are some of the common offenses associated with a game ban. Not only can Microsoft ban you from playing the game online, but it can delete an online copy you bought from the marketplace.

What Happens When You Get Banned or Suspended on Xbox?

The things that happen to you when Microsoft bans or suspends you will depend on the action they take. In most cases, you cannot use Xbox Live until they lift the punishment. Game and communication bans block you from playing games and talking to others.

Temporary bans only last for a limited time of no more than two weeks. As long as you follow the instructions and learn what not to do, you don’t need to worry about losing your account. A permanent suspension means that you cannot use any Xbox Live features. You also risk Microsoft deactivating your entire console.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Xbox often links other accounts to your Live account. If you love streaming and downloading apps like HBO Max and Hulu, you need an internet connection and an Xbox Live account to use them.

Once you get an account or device ban, you can no longer access the internet on your console. You’ll need to spend money on a streaming device to use those apps again.

Xbox bans and suspensions also cause you to lose any online content you own. Did you spend $100 or more on a special edition game or new weapons in a game? Those upgrades are only available through your gamer tag, which you can no longer use.

Not only do you lose all of the online games you bought, but even if you start a new account, you need to start over again. You lose all of the hours of gameplay you completed.

How Do You Check if You’re Banned or Suspended on Xbox?

Starting your console is the easiest way to see if you received a ban or suspension from Xbox. As soon as you start your console, you’ll see a notice on the main menu. This notice will tell you why you got the suspension or ban and how long it lasts.

You cannot create an Xbox Live account without adding an email address to it. Microsoft will also send an email with details about your account.

If you had an old gamer tag with a ban or suspension and aren’t sure if it’s still valid, go to the Microsoft website. Check the enforcement section, which will ask for both your tag and password. The site will tell you if the account is still valid. For accounts permanently banned, Microsoft will tell you the reason for the ban.

Is There a Way to Get Unbanned on Xbox?

Though you can get your Xbox account back, it isn’t always possible. Make sure that you hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Microsoft will tell you the reason for your suspension but not the name or gamer tag of the person who reported you.

Connect with the enforcement team and let them know that you received a ban/suspension as well as the reason you believe you did not deserve it. You can argue that you didn’t mean any harm with a comment you made or that you learned from your mistake and will not do it again.

Do not fall for claims from people online who say they can restore your account. These are scammers who ask for payment and then disappear with your money.

The only way to possibly get your account restored is with help from the Microsoft team. Look for the email from Microsoft with details about your account. Find the link to connect with the enforcement team at the bottom of the email. Click on the link to start the process.

You need to apply for an appeal and answer a few questions. The team will investigate your claim and get back to you with their final decision. It’s often easier to appeal a suspension or ban if this was your first or second offense.

You also have a better chance of a positive result if any other bans you received occurred 12 months ago or longer. It can take weeks before you hear back from the enforcement team, but most gamers get a response within a few days or less.


Xbox can ban or suspend your account when you offend others or make unauthorized changes to your console. While some bans are temporary and last for two weeks or less, others are permanent and restrict you from your account and device. Use this guide to make sure you know about the types of bans and how you can appeal the one you get.