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Connecting a Bluetooth Headphone to PS3 may seem like an intimidating task at first, but it’s actually easy

To connect your Bluetooth headphone, go to the “Manage Bluetooth Device” from the Accessory settings of your PS3. Then select “Register New Device” to start the scanning. Turn on your headphone’s Bluetooth mode and register it by entering the passkey into the PS3.


Can I Connect a Bluetooth Headphone to My PS3?

Yes, you can very easily connect Bluetooth headphones to your PS3. The PlayStation 3 offers many appealing features to gamers, one of which is its ability to pair with Bluetooth devices. This way you can connect your wireless headsets to the PS3 and enjoy a much more dynamic gaming experience.

No more do you have to stay within a certain distance of the device because of the cable. You also do not have to worry about a faulty audio jack ruining your fun.

You can be in another room and still hear what your friends are saying in the chat. You can move around, perform other tasks, and still hear all the audio.

Apart from just gaming, you can also stream Netflix on the PS3 in regions where Netflix is allowed. So, you will be able to hear your favorite shows through the headphones as well. Of course, you will likely need suitable headphones for listening to gaming audio and video simultaneously.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Headphone to PS3?

Connecting the Bluetooth headset to the PS3 is a simple process. So, let’s take a step-by-step look at it. Of course, there are two things you need for this – a switched-on PS3 and a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

  1. Turn on your PS3 and go to the settings menu. Here, you will get access to all of the different settings of your PlayStation.
  2. Select the “Accessory Settings” menu. This is the menu where you can adjust any accessory device connected to the PS.
  3. From here, select the “Manage Bluetooth Device” option. Any Bluetooth device connected to the PS3 will show up here, not just headphones.
  4. If the PS3 is not connected to any other wireless device, it will show a message saying no device has been registered. It will also ask the question “Do you want to register it?”. Select Yes and the PS3 will show a screen saying “start scanning”.
  5. Now, grab your headphones. Turn on their Bluetooth mode, which will allow the PS3 to recognize the device.
  6. Different headsets have different ways of activating this function. Refer to the instruction manual to see the necessary steps for your particular device.
  7. Now, go back to the PS3 and press the “start scanning” dialogue box.
  8. Give it some time, usually a few seconds. Any Bluetooth device within range will start showing up on the screen. From this list, select your headphone by pressing enter.
  9. Then it will ask you to give a passkey for the headphone. The passkey is “0000” or “1234” by default for most headphones. But if that does not work, enter the key specified on the user manual for the headphone.
  10. If the pairing is successful, the designated LED light on the headphone will start to glow. This indicates that the headset has recognized the PS.
  11. Finally, press “OK” and wait for a confirmation message saying “Register Complete”.

And there you have it. Your headphone and PS3 are now securely connected. You are free to move around and play games in whatever position you like.

How to Set the Default Audio Device

So, the headphone has successfully paired with the PlayStation. Now, you need to set it as the default audio device for the sound to come out of the headset. Otherwise, the audio may still be playing on the speakers. So, here is how you do it:

  1. Return to the main menu and again go to the “Accessory Settings”.
  2. Now, enter the “Audio Device Settings” menu.
  3. Select the “Input Device” option by clicking the X button on your controller. Set the headphone you have just connected as the audio input device.
  4. Do the same with the “Output Device” option. Now you will have both the audio output and input from the same device, which is the headphone you are currently using.
  5. Adjust the microphone level to your preference. You can speak into the microphone to test the audio levels.
  6. When you are satisfied with the configuration, go down and click on “OK”.

Now, all of the audio will be streaming through your headphones. You will be able to hear chat voice, game sound, or any Netflix show.

Can You Connect PlayStation Wireless with PS3?

This might be news to some. But Sony has made dedicated wireless headsets for their PlayStation. Sadly, these headsets are only compatible with PlayStation 4 and onward. Meaning you cannot connect it to the PS3. These headsets have a different way to pair up with the PlayStation.

So, you cannot use the Bluetooth option to connect it to your PlayStation 3. You need to use another Bluetooth-enabled headset.

wireless headphones3

Can You Connect Any Wireless Headset to PS3?

Any device that is compatible with Bluetooth networking should be able to connect with the PS3. The mechanisms for doing this are the same as with the headphones we just discussed. The protocols for a Bluetooth connection are universal. So, any wireless headset should be connected to the PS3 via Bluetooth.

Of course, you can only plug in one headset at a time, be it through a cable or Bluetooth. Later generations of PlayStation allow you to stack up to 4 separate devices with Bluetooth. But the PS3 is limited to just one. Meaning if you plug in your headphones, you will be the only one hearing the audio.

Why Is There No Sound from The PS3 Bluetooth Headphone?

There are several reasons that can account for no audio. It could be as simple as a broken headphone. Plug it in other devices to see if the headphone is working or not. If not, then you need to get yourself a replacement.

Another reason could be incompatibility. Generally speaking, any Bluetooth-capable headset should work with the PS3. But sometimes there may be an issue with the network. If this does happen, it could be because the Bluetooth configuration in your headset pre-dates the one in the PS3.

Additionally, the no audio can be due to not selecting the proper input/output setting. The PlayStation needs to know which device it should channel the sound into.

If you took off the headphone or reset the settings, this option could be turned off. In that case, you need to go back to the audio settings and set it up as we discussed in the above section.

Now, if the headset is compatible and still functional, and you have the correct audio settings, then the problem may reside with the PlayStation itself. You can try implementing different configurations from the settings menu and see if any of them produces sound.

Sometimes, simply turning the PlayStation off and turning it back on again can do the trick. If it does not, it is probably best to take it to a gaming store and have it checked out by an expert.

If you find that your headphones keep turning off however, check out this article here. 

What to Do When the Passkey for the Headset is Incorrect?

To connect any headset to the PS3 via Bluetooth networking, you need to give a passkey. This key is for the headset and this allows the PS3 to access its network.

By default, most wireless headsets should have the passkey set as either “0000” or “1234”. However, the key can be different and unique for that particular device in some cases.

Check the instruction manual/user guide that came with the headset. If there is a separate passkey, it should be written on it. You can also search for it on the internet by entering the model of your headphone.


Bluetooth pairing has made gaming on the PlayStation so much more convenient and enjoyable. And with the right headset, you can enjoy hassle-free audio from anywhere in the room.