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Bluetooth headphones one of the best thing to happen to music. They allow us to listen to our favorite tunes without having to worry about cables getting in the way. But there can be a downside, too: Bluetooth technology is not flawless. The main problem with Bluetooth headphones is that they can stop working for no reason at all.

Your Bluetooth headphones will keep turning off when the battery has busted or is not functioning well. Also, outdated drivers or corrupted file paths could make it turn off. Sometimes, the headphone may turn itself off when it runs out of power and needs a recharge.

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Why Do Bluetooth Headphones Keep Turning Themselves Off?

Bluetooth is becoming an important device for streaming music. You can also use it to share content and pictures with friends. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth is not reliable and will often turn itself off for some reason.

Also, Bluetooth headphones are not energy-efficient devices. So, they will turn themselves off when not in use to help conserve energy. Similarly, when the battery drains itself, the device may turn itself off.

The Bluetooth headphones are programmed to turn off when not in use. This helps to conserve power and reduce wastage. However, you can also set the device to turn off after a given period.

So once the timeout lapses, the Bluetooth headphones will turn off automatically. It will turn off to disconnect the system and save energy.

Also, the phone’s settings are likely to influence how your Bluetooth works. Some settings may change the way the phone accesses certain features. So, when the settings change, Bluetooth headphones are likely to turn off.

Some Bluetooth devices do not have idle mode. So, the phone turns off unnecessary functions like Bluetooth to save energy. Therefore, it will switch itself off automatically when the battery starts dwindling.

By default, the phone will timeout and turn the Bluetooth off after 10 minutes. This helps it conserve power. It turns off the screen and will remove connections such as Bluetooth.

But you can fix the problem by accessing the phone’s connectivity settings and disabling the function. Besides, you can stop this manually by stopping the phone from switching off after 10 minutes.

You may also solve the problem of the Bluetooth headphones turning off by refreshing your device. To do this, you need to turn the device off and power it on after a few seconds.

This is a simple refresh method that you can use to fix a problem on your headphones, phone, or even wireless Bluetooth. Also, if the file path is corrupt, rebooting the device can help fix the problem.

But to get excellent results, you may need to turn the Bluetooth off, wait for a few seconds and turn it on once more. If the Bluetooth cannot stay on and no time out or power-saving modes are applicable, you may still need to check the power access.

The blue tooth may also turn itself off if the receiver or transmitter is out of range. When the Bluetooth cannot reach another receiver, the phone will turn itself off to help save on energy.

Also, a Bluetooth headphones connection may need to pair with other devices. However, when there is a problem with the phone, it may not be possible for your smartphone to pair with the other device.

For instance, if there is an issue with the phone, it might turn the Bluetooth off if it cannot find the device.

Driver problem – it is another common issue that may make the Bluetooth earphone turn off. If the software drivers are out of data, you will need to update them.

Interference – when the 2.4GHz frequency is interfered with, you are likely to experience connection issues. If the Bluetooth headphones disconnect because of this issue, it may be necessary that you move to another location. Alternatively, you will need to wait for a while to refresh the connections.

Faulty hardware – this is one of the most common problems that headphone users face. So, when the Bluetooth keeps turning itself off, you may need to consult an expert to fix the hardware issue.

Faulty wiring – if there is a problem with the components or faulty wiring, the Bluetooth device will disconnect itself, so you may need to check and fix the wiring. If you cannot fix it, consider consulting a repair manufacturer.

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How Do I Stop My Bluetooth Headphones From Turning Off?

It isn’t very pleasant when your Bluetooth headphones turn off without warning. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to solve the problem. First, you’ll need to identify where the problem is before you look for a way to fix it.

Second, you’ll need to check and ensure that the headphone battery has enough power. Also, you may need to check if the problem is with the earbuds or the app you use to play the music.

You may troubleshoot this by pairing the headphones with another device. If it works, then the headphones may be working correctly. Also, try to check the wiring of the headphones.

If your Bluetooth headphone supports using a cable, you may want to plug it in and test if it works. Finally, you may need to try and determine the cause of the problem.

Headphones cannot pair- if you cannot connect the headphones to your phone, do not despair. A professional should be able to fix that. But before you see a professional, here are some of the things you may need to do.

Check the manual- it is easier to pair headphones when you use them for the first time. However, whenever you try to do it the second time, pairing it becomes a problem. So, you’ll need to check the manual for the instructions.

Connected to other devices – if the headphones are connected to other devices like the iPad, it may not be easy to connect them to your phone. Therefore, it may be necessary that you turn off the other Bluetooth devices before you try to join them.

Also, check and ensure that your spouse or children have not connected their phones to the headphones. If they are, request them to clear the Bluetooth device from their phone’s memory.

This may reduce the number of devices that connect to your Bluetooth headphones and stop it from disconnecting.

Further, if your Bluetooth headphones use Bluetooth 5.0, they may not connect to old phones, laptops, or tablets. So, you’ll need to check if it supports the Bluetooth version.

Also, you can stop your Bluetooth headphones from turning off by updating the firmware. A software update could be all you need to get help. If the headphones offer a companion app, it may help you.

But if you already have the app; you’ll need to turn off the audio processing. If you already have an app, check and turn off the extra features. Notice that canceling, Equalizers, and turning off the extra features could cause distortion that makes headphones turn off. So, turning off these features could help.

How To Reset Bluetooth Headphones?

To stop your Bluetooth from turning off, consider resetting the device. Firstly, you must disconnect it from the charging port.

Press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds. If the reset is successful, the LED light will blink to show that you have reset it.

You may also reset the Bluetooth by pressing and holding the volume and mode down. While in other cases, you may need to press and hold both the volume up and volume down buttons down.

It would help if you waited for the two LED indicator lights to show the yellow light to indicate that you reset the headphones.

For most headphones’ models, you can reset them by simply pressing and holding the power button down at the same time for 5 – 15 seconds.


The Bluetooth headphones may turn off if the battery drains or when there is a wiring fault. Also, the device may turn off if the drivers are outdated or when the device software is not compatible with the phone. But by disconnecting the device and connecting it fresh, you may solve the problem. Lastly, you can solve the problem by resetting the device.