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For an excellent gaming experience, you need to be comfortable enough. You can achieve this by ensuring that there is a proper connection between your PS4 controller. People have different opinions on whether you can connect the PS4 PC to the controller when gaming, at least for precision and comfort. So, can you link it?

You can connect your PS4 controller to the PC. Even if you are a pro in gaming who swears by using the mouse and keyboard, you can never regret the comfort that the PS4 controller gives you. You can use a micro USB cable, a steam account, or a DS4 windows utility for connection.


The different ways you can use when connecting the PS4 to the controller may depend on your equipment. Today, I will discuss the various processes and highlight how you can link them without Bluetooth.

Moreover, this article examines whether the PS4 controller can recognize windows and the factors behind this. Read on!

Is There a Way to Connect a PS4 Controller to a PC?

Most people are used to playing PS4 using the basic keyboard and mouse, and they find it super comfortable. However, with the introduction of controllers, playing the game can get ten times easy and makes your time more intuitive.

With a PS4 controller, you need to sit back, and lean on your desk and comfortably enjoy the game without needing to anchor on your desk. For the controller to function, you can connect it to your PC just as you connect the mouse and keyboard to the PS4.

There are various ways you can use it when connectingPS4 to the PC. For instance, if you have the DualShock controller, you can use a Bluetooth connection or a wireless USB cable. Moreover, you can use Steam when connecting, which tends to support different kinds of games.

When using the USB, it does not matter the kind you are using since you can even employ the one you use when charging the controller.

But you need to ensure that the cable connecting the controller and the PC is long enough, and to specify, use the micro USB cable. Usually, once the connection is successful, the Windows 10 PC should recognize it instantly, and you can start enjoying your game.

DualShock 4 controller is one of the best PS4 controllers you can ever use, and connecting them with the pc is super easy. When setting it up, you can opt for the wireless or the wired method, of which the technique differs, unlike when using the PlayStation 4 console.

For the wireless mode, you will be connecting it via Bluetooth, or you can use the Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock Wireless Adaptor, and for the wired, you employ a USB cable.

Does Windows 10 Recognize PS4 Controller?

Using the PC to the game is great since you can employ different peripherals on it. Windows 10 PC is one of the most common gaming PCs that you can easily use, and you can connect your controller to it using either the wired or the wireless method. The connection process is effortless, and if you do it right, the PC will instantly recognize your controller.

When connecting the controller to your PC using the micro USB cable, you can do so via Steam.

It is easy to connect the controller using Steam by adjusting the settings and enabling play station configuration. If the connection is successful, the controller’s backlight will glow, indicating a link.

Another way Windows 10 can recognize the PS4 controller is by connecting the controller through the DS4 Windows Utility, which you can find in the DS4Windows.com browser on your computer.

Also, you can use the Bluetooth wireless connection, and if the link is successful, your Bluetooth will notify you. Typically when using the Bluetooth connection, you open both links on the PC and the PS4 controller and pair them together.

While in most cases there will be no issues in connection, sometimes, you may get a Windows 10 PS4 controller error when playing.

This error implies that you may not be able to play your games since it is impossible to use the controller.

The error comes to be due to connection failure between the controller and the object connecting it to the PC, say the Bluetooth or the USB cable, and it can also be due to an error within the Driver.

To solve such, ensure that you regularly update the drivers so that the PC remains healthy. By updating, you will be detecting old drivers and the malfunctioning ones and create better versions.

You can use the DS4Windows app to correct this error. If the Bluetooth is causing the error, disconnect the PS4 controller from the Bluetooth device and reconnect it again.

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How Do I Connect My PS4 Controller to My PC Windows 10?

There are many ways you can connect the PS4 controller to Windows 10 PC, among them being using the micro USB cable, or through wireless Bluetooth connection, or using the DualShock USB Wireless Adaptor, which connects to the PC’s USB port.

Usually, the connection method is almost the same and is straightforward for all. Here are the steps you can use for each technique.

Connecting using Steam

Steam is one of the most popular PC gaming portals, and it offers support to the DualShock 4 controller.

The steam option comes in if you want to connect the controller using a micro USB cable, and It is always easy to use DualShock 4 when using Steam to play games. Here is how you can connect it.

Step 1: Download and Install the Steam Account

Typically, you must ensure you have a steam account on your PC; if you like PC gaming, then most probably you have one. If you lack one, you can download it online. You can follow this procedure when downloading.

Step 2: Launch the Steam Account

Once your installation is successful, open the steam account. There is a square with two arrows pointing out on the top right of it, the “Big Picture Mode.” Click on it.

Step 3: Navigate to the Settings

Once you launch the “Big Picture Mode,” you will see the settings icon at the top-right part of this page. Go to the “Controller” tab here, then click the controller settings option.

Step 4: Go to PlayStation Configuration Support

While under the controller settings options, you will see the box “PlayStation Configuration Support. You should click on it, and now the USB cable will be ready to pair with the PS4 controller.

Step 5: Connect the PS4 controller to the PC using the micro-USB Cable

You can now plug the controller into the PC. In this case, you will be using the micro-USB cable. You will notice that the controller emits some backlight to show that the connection is successful.

Usually, once the Steam is on, it automatically detects and configures the controller. You will see something indicating the detected controllers, and then it will show you the kind of controller noticed; click on it, and that’s it!

Connecting Using DS4Windows

This connection option requires you to have the DS4 Windows on your PC. Once you launch it, you should connect the PC to the controller using a USB cable.

Usually, the prior setting up of this process may be quite intense, but it remains to be among the top ways you can connect the DualShock 4 controller to your PC via the DS4Windows.

If you succeed in connecting the DS4Windows with the DS4 Controller, you will enjoy a variety of games via different PC gaming portals such as GoG and Origin, which is quite a win for this process.

The DS4 windows give you access to even motion controls when playing. Here is the procedure for connecting:

Step 1: Download and Install DS4Windows

For a much better experience and an easy time connecting, ensure you are dealing with the latest version of DS4Windows.

Step 2: Extract the files

You can use the WinRAR to extract it or any other archive manager. Usually, the file will direct you to a location where you would like to drag your file. For installation, double-click it and run the installer.

Step 3: Launch DS4Windows

Once the installation is successful, double click the DS4Windows and open it from your location of choice, then click “Run” to launch the program.

You will get the option of where you want to save the program; you can keep them in the “Appdata” or the “Program Folder.”

Step 4: Install the DS4 Driver

You should then install the DS4 Driver and allow the programs to install the files here. Click the “Install” option on your screen. You can now restart your PC once the installation is successful.

Step 5: Connect the DS4 controller to the PC using a Micro-USB cable.

You can opt for the cable you use while charging your phone or the controller or any other wire that seems to work. Enjoy your game now!

Connecting Using Bluetooth

This process should be one of the easiest ways to connect the PS4 controller to the PC.

Almost all PCs come with a Bluetooth connection, and you can easily pair it with the controller if you are looking for a wireless connection method. If you have the PS5 DualSense Controller, this method should also work perfectly. Here is how you can create the connection:

Step 1: Launch Bluetooth on your Pc

You need to go to your windows settings and switch on the Bluetooth.

Navigate to where there are “Bluetooth and other devices settings” and click on it.

Then go to “Bluetooth” and click “On.” You can also click Windows Key + Q. It should be able to open instantly.

Step 2: Repress the Share Button on the Controller

Press down the share button on the controller. Release it once the backlight flashes.

Click “Add Bluetooth” on your PC to connect it, and you should be able to see the “Wireless Controller” there, then add “000” as the passcode. Your connection is now successful, and you should be able to play comfortably.

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How do I connect my PS4 Controller to My PC Without Bluetooth?

If you do not want to connect the PS4 controller to the PC via Bluetooth, you can opt for various options, such as using a USB cable.

While using the USB cable, you can either opt for the ds4windows option or go for the steam option. In both, ensure you have these applications on your PC.

Also, with any of the connections, you will enjoy various games such as MGS, just like when using the Bluetooth connection.

While this wired connection option can be quite annoying trying to install the applications, they give you a comfortable space to play your PS4 games.


You have an array of options when it comes to connecting the PS4 controller to the PC. Whether you choose to use the USB cable or Bluetooth connection, both should work well with Windows 10.

And both offer comfort when playing, unlike when using a keyboard and mouse.