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Don’t be a victim of laptop theft! Let’s face it, laptops are incredibly tempting. There are so many people in this world who can’t afford a laptop and would love to take yours. To prevent that, you should first make sure your laptop has a security lock slot. But how do you use it?

A security slot for a laptop is a small hole in a laptop with the primary purpose of protecting your device. Some laptops have a security lock slot on the side of the laptop whilst others have one at the back corner.

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Most portable computers or laptops made after the year 2000 must have a security lock slot. In many cases, the security lock slots come in the form of a Kensington lock, k lock, or k slot.

A Kensington slot pairs with a Kensington lock to secure your laptop. To lock the security slot, a separately bought security lock is inserted into the slot. With the lock secured, you can protect your laptop against thieves in case you are not around.

In the brief guide below, we’ve shared an in-depth outline of what a security lock slot is and what it does. Does the guide answer questions such as how important is a security lock slot? And how can you securely lock your portable computer?

Do All Laptops Have Lock Slots?

Generally, most laptops have some type of security slot built into their base frame. In fact, most laptops and portable computers made after the year 2000 come with a security lock slot.

A separate laptop lock can then connect to the slot to make it harder to pull them out in a theft attempt.

In the market, you will find three main types of security lock slots. Thus, when you are buying a lock to fit them, you want to find one that will fit the slot.

Common Laptop Security Lock Slots/Kensington Locks

As mentioned above, most laptop and computer manufacturers use Kensington security slots. In fact, due to its popular and widespread use in different brands, the 2-decades old Kensington slot is simply referred to as a lock slot.

Mini Laptop Security Lock Slots

With the recent introduction of newer laptop designs such as the Lenovo IdeaPad and ThinkPad, manufacturers have begun using other security lock slot designs. These smaller security slots are designed to help save space on the already smaller laptop chassis.

Dell Security Lock Slots

Other brands with even bigger laptops such as Dell use other security lock slot designs. Such laptops use slot designs from manufacturers such as Noble Locks.

So, the bottom line is, if you use a laptop from brands such as Dell, your security lock slot certainly will be from Noble Locks.

If you use smaller, thinner laptops such as the Lenovo IdeaPad, your security lock slot design will be from the brand’s proprietary security lock slot system. If you have other laptops, chances are they most certainly will have a Kensington slot.

Laptop and portable computer locks that work with mini-slots are backward compatible. This means that you can use the same locks for regular-sized slots, such as Kensington locks.

But, mini security slots will not be able to accommodate regular security locks. This is why you must check your laptop manual to ensure you find the right lock.

Apple Security Lock Slots

Keep in mind, however, Apple Macbooks are the exception. Apple Macbooks don’t integrate a built-in security lock slot. But, you can find a vast range of third-party locks you can attach to your laptop’s feet or clamp onto the laptop’s lid.

How Do You Use The Lock Slot On A Laptop?

Using a laptop lock slot is pretty simple. All you need is to invest in a security lock you can attach to the slot to protect your laptop . Laptop security locks attached to a security lock slot also come in two designs.

You can opt for a key-based laptop lock or a combination-based laptop lock. If you use a key-based laptop lock, all you need to do is insert the security key at the slot in the back of the laptop. When you want to remove the lock, simply twist it and pull it out.

A combination-based laptop lock, on the other hand, functions just like a bike lock. To use the lock, set the code for the lock the first time you want to use it and insert the lock into the laptop.

Then, just like a bike lock, you have to attach it to an immovable object such as your PC desk.

After wrapping it around the desk, you can lock it. When you want to unlock the lock, enter the combination code, unlock it from the desk and pull out the lock.

This lock design attaches your laptop to an immovable object to make your laptop theft-proof and immobile.

When shopping for combination-based laptop locks, you will also come across different designs. These include resettable and serialized locks.

Resettable locks offer a more customizable design; with some allowing you to choose from up to 10,000 different codes. Serialized locks, on the other hand, are ideal for large lock deployments and come with a preset combination code.

How Do You Lock A Laptop Without The Key?

As effective as the security slot and lock key are, they aren’t the only method for locking your laptop. You can still lock your laptop without a key.

Locking A Windows Laptop

One of the easiest ways to lock your laptop without a key is through the Windows lock. There are several ways you can lock your windows laptop.

First, you can lock your laptop from your keyboard. To do this, press the buttons Ctrl + Alt + Del, then, select Lockoption. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Key + L command to lock your screen.

To unlock the laptop, simply use your Windows password. Alternatively, you can use other resources on your laptop to lock it automatically if it has been inactive for a long period. You can configure your screen settings or even use your laptop’s Bluetooth.

Locking A Macbook

There are various ways to lock your MacBook without having to invest in a third-party security key or lock. The easiest way is to simply shut the lid of your laptop . This will automatically lock it until you can enter your password to unlock it.

Other methods include using the Apple icon in the upper left corner. Click on the icon and pick Sleep. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut method.

If you opt for the keyboard shortcut, press the keys Control+Shift+Power or Command+Option+Power. Additionally, you can set up your laptop with Hot Corners. This allows you to choose one of the corners on your laptop to be sensitive to your cursor.

When the cursor touches the chosen corner, it puts it to sleep or starts a screen saver.

To set this option up, head to System Preferences – Desktop & Screen Saver and click on the Hot Corners button to set it up. Apple has plenty of other built-in options for locking your MacBook such as user switching and keychain access.

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No matter the laptop model or design you opt for, you are guaranteed to have a secure locking solution. As mentioned above, most laptops made from 2000 come with a security lock slot.

So, most laptops do offer a secure slot and key security solution. In fact, even with an Apple MacBook with no built-in slot, you can still find a locking solution from third-party manufacturers.

Sure, this means that you will spend extra. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that you will enjoy reliable security for your laptop!

Yet, even with a security lock slot option, your laptop still offers built-in supplement security system options. Whether you choose the windows solution, Apple Macbook’s built-in security features, or invest in add-on accessories, you can always find a security option for your laptop.