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Keyboards are one of the most important pieces of technology for people who use computers. There are so many models to choose from, but some people wonder if mechanical keyboards wear out just like regular keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards hardly wear out, even with fifty million plus clicks thanks to the manufacturers’ keen attention on their long-life properties. However, their mishandling and poor maintenance can as well be the start of their wearing-out journey.

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How Long Does Mechanicals Keyboard Last?

Despite the increasing keyboard models in the market today, computer manufacturers are fully aware of the tastes desired by their customers. Therefore, they work round the clock ensuring they deliver keyboards with quick touch response, are very efficient, and are highly durable.

You, however, do not want to imagine their prices; but considering their outstanding features and the capacity to withhold your fast clicks as well as the accuracy and extensive lifespan, the mechanical keyboards maintain their high value for computer users.

The models however vary depending on the companies, but they all averagely have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years.

What features determine the lifespan of a keyboard?

Despite their overly long lifespan, if mishandled, the following parts of mechanical keyboards will be the first to wear out or break loose.


These solid plastic materials have no sign of breakdown even in constant high-speed applications. However, the millions of clicks guaranteed by these switches can turn into a nightmare when typing; any of the key switches breaks off. Such, calls for expertise response in opening the keyboard and re-soldering the switches or replacing them with another.

However, such cases are not so common, meaning most switches hit at least three-quarters of their expected lifespan.


Despite their hardness, as compared to other parts, keycaps face the heaviest rage from their users in case the computer hangs amidst a serious activity. This happens by continuous bangs using the fists threatening to the switches to break off the switches too. Such effects may cause extensive damage that might be too costly to fix.

Do Mechanical Keyboards Wear Out?

Mechanical keyboard’s keycaps and key switches are the parts that seem quite easy to wear out over time only on accounts of mishandling them. However, in case of damages, depending on the models’ such parts are easy to replace.

Generally, mechanical keyboards hardly wear out. However, the increasing different models have varying characteristics that tend to threaten their durability and sturdy nature.

For instance, some keyboards are quite heavy, meaning that should they fall off the table, their impact with the floor could tamper, weaken or loosen something in them. But, with appropriate and keen maintenance, the keyboards will never lose their shape and new touch even when they are decades down the line.

However, despite their assured long life, the following activities may start of wearing out in your mechanical keyboard.

Spills on the Caps

Generally, liquids are never in sync with electronics unless in the production of electrical energy. So, any spillage on the keyboard could mean the death sentence of your keyboard unless you seek professionals help to clean up the mess. Such mishaps do come around as a result of the habitual meal taking from the computer desk.

Advisably, despite the long hours spent working by the computers, you need to take some time off the screen and stroll around. In addition, to taking breaks from the computer being medically fit for your eyes, these can also be the perfect moments to enjoy your meals, off the computer desk. In case of such spills, always refer to your manual guide on possible cleaning measures on the keys.

Incorrect Cleaning

Generally, it’s good to clean the keyboard at least once in a while, but the issue comes when one is too busy to maintain a regular cleaning routine. As such, it is easier to be tempted to clean it with solvents meant for different purposes in a bid to cover up the skipped cleaning exercise.

Some of these solvents might be highly reactive with the electronics in your keyboard causing extensive damage to the motherboard. Therefore, unless directed in the manual guide, you should avoid cleaning the keyboards with any solvents

Incorrect Packaging

Packing your keyboard with other stuff when traveling is one of the risks that not only threatens the key switches but also the entire keyboard frame. So, it is best to get yourself specific travel bags that have protected compartments for your keyboards and other related electronics.

How to Get the Keyboard Back to Normal

Despite a raging smash or an accidental spill on the keyboard, your immediate response to the situation determines whether the keys will spring back to normal working. So without any mechanical or electrical background, you can do the following, depending on what happened on the keyboard.

  • Check out for sticky keys and wipe off any residues using a cotton cloth, and a little warm water. However, if the spill was extensive you might have to visit a technician for further checkup.
  • When your keyboard suddenly goes inactive and is no longer recognized by your computer, you may want to reboot the computer and check for any changes.
  • Carefully clear off, food crumbs and cotton wool particles beneath stuck keycaps.
  • Using canned compression air, blow away dust from the ridges, sides, and undersides of the keyboard periodically.

If none of the above revives your keyboard, it could be an alarm for replacing the keyboard. So if you are within the warranty period, it could be a good time to head back for a free replacement.

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When Should I Replace My Mechanical Keyboard?

This gadget lasts for years depending on whether you practicing the right maintenance procedures on them. However, here are some red signs that you cannot ignore, but replace your keyboard. Ignorance of these signs could mean, you are due for the keyboard blacking out when you least expected.

Piled Dust and Debris

This happens if you fail to maintain and take care of the device correctly. So when one, two, five, or more keys get stuck or too tight to press. Compressed can air no longer function on removing them anymore. You might want to revisit your warranty or purchase a new one.


This could be a result of different reasons including too much pressure exerted on the keys; the harder strokes aimed to meet up with timely deliveries as well as slight wear and tear. So if you have tried working on the issue with no fruits bone, it would be time to invest in another new keyboard.

To avoid this issue in the future, it is best to monitor the progress of your keyboard from time to time. This will go a long way in helping your reaction to any problems that may arise in the future.

Physical issues

This may include problems with your cabling system, and other serious problems like the keycaps falling off, in addition to any other visible problems. Most of these could be resulting from the pressure the keyboards withhold and occasional impact with the floor.

Do Mechanical Keyboards get better with time?

Some of the top advantages of these keyboards including their durability, quick responses, comfort, accuracy, and total efficiency, are some of the reasons these keyboards are extensively turning out as your best choice.

The growing importance of these keyboards is now visible in the gaming world where gamers, happily get themselves the manual keyboards because of their long unshaken keystrokes of up to a 50million strokes.

This is a great improvement and benefit for the gamers considering the essentiality of their tools, and the efficiency needed along for a worthwhile gaming experience.

This is despite the threatening high shooting price that comes along with such top soaring gadgets as the demand for them increases daily.


Mechanical keyboards are extensively growing in sturdiness, durability, fast response, and much reliable accuracy and efficiency. With the manufacturers, therefore, understanding exactly these needs as they are sought for by their consumers, they have gone overboard to make sure manual keyboards cannot wear out by any means unless mishandled by the users.