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The MacBook name represents a line of personal notebook laptops Apple has developed for light work in both the home and business sectors. Current models include iterations of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

While these computers come with sleek, uniform finishes, it isn’t uncommon for some users to want to personalize them a bit. One of the more common methods to do this kind of customization is through the use of stickers. With a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and themes, stickers are a ubiquitous, inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your MacBook.

As nice as they can be, some computer owners wonder whether it might be possible for stickers to ruin their devices somehow. We will cover various aspects of this topic in our post here. As part of the article, we can address how easy it might be to get stickers off of the MacBook, and we’ll go over some of the tips you might be able to use in order to do it yourself.

Our goal here would be to help readers get stickers off the computer in such a way that they can restore it to how it looked before they put any stickers on it.

Additionally, we will discuss how a trade-in for a MacBook might go if you just keep the stickers on it, any possible warranty concerns that might be related to sticker usage, and how stickers on the computer might be seen in the professional world.Depositphotos_466894012_S School desk, pupil or student workplace. Table, chair and exercise book with pencil. Ready to study concept

Do Stickers Ruin Your MacBook?

Whether stickers can ruin your MacBook somehow will mostly come down to your preference and that of those people who might have a professional say in the matter. We will discuss the latter category in a later section.

However, it is worth noting here that stickers should not ruin your MacBook in any way in terms of functionality. The most common place for stickers on any kind of laptop is the top of the lid, which allows the items to be visible both when the computer is open and closed. Having stickers here has no impact on how your MacBook works.

That said, some MacBook owners might be worried about stickers altering the appearance of the outer shell in some way. For the most part, stickers should not do anything to the aluminum casing of the MacBook.

Although it may be difficult to get stickers off once they’ve been stuck on for a while, there should be no issues with ruining the computer’s case. The most you might do is scratch a bit of the exterior when you try to remove the stickers.

Even so, these marks should not be too deep or noticeable, and there may be things you can do to cover or treat them if they do appear.

Do Stickers Come Off MacBook Easily?

Yes, it should be easy enough to remove the stickers from a MacBook, although this notion may differ from one case to the next.

Some stickers are noticeably more aggressive in how they attach to various surfaces, and these kinds might leave residue or other things that you’ll need to take an extra step in order to remove.

That said, you will probably just need one or two mild solvents to help you get the excess portions of the stickers off of the case of your MacBook.

One other thing to note here is the presence of sticker outlines. These are areas on the case that are in the form of whatever stickers you had on it before.

For the most part, they will resemble lighter portions of the MacBook’s surface in sticker form. Depending on how long you had the stickers on the computer, it may be tricky to remove these shapes.

This can also depend on where you’ve taken the laptop during all this time, and what kinds of conditions in which you’ve chosen to use the device. The reason for all of this has to do with the anodized surface of the MacBook itself.

When your computer was assembled, the finish on the casing went through a special treatment process. This process produced the specific color of the laptop, and it also served as a small protective measure for the shell itself.

Over time, the effects of weathering and other things changed how the surface of the MacBook looked. The parts of the lid that were shielded by the stickers had some protection from these things, so what you are seeing is not sticker residue at all.

The space left by the stickers has the original, anodized shade of the MacBook when you first made the purchase. The surrounding area has changed due to use and different environments.

It is unlikely that you can make these exposed portions look more like how they used to in the past. However, the parts that had stickers covering them should catch up to the rest of the lid over time.

What Are Some Easy Ways To Remove Stickers From a MacBook?

There are some different ways that you can try removing stickers from the laptop. Which methods you use might depend on the kind of sticker it is or how long the sticker has been on the surface of the MacBook.

In some cases, you may need to use a combination of different methods to produce the best results. Here are just a few of the primary ways in which you can remove stickers from a MacBook with relative ease:

1. If the sticker hasn’t been on the computer for more than a year or so, you can try to peel it off normally. You may need a small tool to help you scrape the remnants off, but be careful not to scratch the surface of the device while you are doing this. For this method, we recommend trying to peel the sticker at its corners first.

2. For any residue that is left behind, use a slightly damp, lint-free rag to try to wipe it away manually. It is best to turn off and unplug your MacBook during this method. While using a damp cloth shouldn’t be an issue on the lid, it is a good idea to not take any chances where water and electronics are concerned.

3. If manually rubbing does not seem to work, you can add a few drops of a mild dish soap solution for some added cleaning power.

4. You may need to get slightly more aggressive with particularly stubborn stickers, and this is where abrasives might come into play.

While that may sound bad for the smooth surface of your laptop, many of these things are mild enough not to harm it. Mineral oils and special solvents that deal with goo-like things such as sticker backing might be most helpful here.

5. Use the mineral solutions, abrasive solvents, or other chemicals sparingly. Apply just a few drops to the cloth or surface of the laptop. After that, rub or scrape gently, the same way you would do so if you were using a damp cloth with water.

6. You can put a hair dryer on its lowest setting and use its heat in increments of about 30 seconds or so to peel away the stickers.

Can You Trade In a MacBook With Stickers on It?

There are no official rules that say anything against trading in a MacBook that has stickers on it. Most users should be fine trading in these items without removing the stickers.

However, it may be worth it to take a bit of extra time to remove your personalization effects before trading in the device. This will make the laptop look cleaner, and it will save someone else from a bit of extra work later.

Additionally, although it is not a guarantee, removing the stickers might help the overall trade-in value of the MacBook.

Does Putting Stickers on MacBook Void Warranty?

No, stickers on a MacBook do not void its warranty. You will want to make sure any sticker placement you do cannot have an impact on the performance of the machine. Otherwise, you are free to place stickers where you would like.

Depositphotos_150404596_S Laptop computer on workplace

Are Stickers on a MacBook Unprofessional?

This answer is highly dependent on both workplace policies or culture of the company you are working for. Some office spaces may want a minimum of customization done on things like laptops.

If your company provides you with one for business use, they may have rules about what you can do with it. 

In other settings, policies around this kind of decoration may be more relaxed, particularly if you use your own MacBook at work.


If you need a readily available, cheap way to dress up your MacBook a bit, stickers are a great first stop. With so many options, it is easy enough to help your computer stand out. While some stickers can be tricky to get off, there are several methods you can try that should not harm the surface of the MacBook.

Furthermore, sticker placement isn’t very likely to harm the trade-in value of your MacBook or void its warranty. Depending on the rules or atmosphere of your workplace, they may even have their place in a professional setting.