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Rest mode is a popular option for gamers who want to keep their consoles ready to go at any moment but also want to save on the power they use. Before you pick up the Xbox Series X or Series S, you will want to know if either or both have a rest mode. You can also learn what you can do in the different modes.

Xbox Series S vs. Series X

Buying a new game console today can cost quite a bit of money. The Xbox Series S retails for around $200-300, while most stores sell the Series X for around $500. One of the main things that sets the two consoles apart is size.

The Series S is one of the smallest consoles ever sold under the Xbox name and comes with only 512 GB of storage space. As it already has some apps and data loaded, you may find that it doesn’t have as much space as you need. On the other hand, the Series X has more space and is backward compatible to play previous generation games.

Rest Mode

You won’t find a rest mode feature on either the Xbox Series S or X because Xbox does not use this term. This is a term that Sony uses to describe the standby mode available on its PlayStation consoles. With the Xbox Series X, you get a standby mode that does the same thing.

If you walk away from the console without shutting it down, it will enter standby mode. You can use the remote and hold down the Xbox button to bring up a screen that lets you shut down the whole console.

The Xbox Series S has a built-in sleep mode with two different options. When you choose standby, you essentially enter sleep or rest mode. This mode allows the console to run quietly and use fewer resources. It will come on quickly when you want to play.

With the energy saver mode, you use less power without shutting off the console. Both modes have an option that allows you to turn off the console after a certain amount of time. You don’t need to worry about wasting power because the console will shut down.

Benefits of Shut Down Mode

Xbox offers a shut down mode that some consoles call the energy saving mode. Some of the benefits of using this mode include:

  • You consume less power.
  • It makes the console more environmentally friendly.
  • The console will come to life within 45 seconds.
  • You can select this mode through the console or controller.

To use this mode, press the Xbox button on the controller. Go to Profile & System -> Settings -> General ->Power Options. Click on ShutDown or Energy Savings to turn on the mode.

Benefits of Sleep Mode

The sleep mode is similar to the standby mode found on the PS4 and similar consoles. It allows your Xbox to go to sleep instead of shutting down. A few of the reasons you might prefer this mode include the following:

  • It brings the console to life faster.
  • This mode uses less power.
  • You can use it with voice commands.
  • It offers a faster boot time.

If you want to turn on sleep mode, follow the same steps as you did in the above section to open Power Options and pick sleep mode. You can also select the Customize Power Options to select a different mode or customize how your Xbox turns on and off.

Can You Download Games in Sleep Mode?

As an Xbox user, you have access to the Xbox Live Marketplace. This features tons of games that you can download right to your console. With the Xbox Game Pass, you pay a monthly fee and can get some titles for free.

As a bonus, you can even get a discount when you buy multiple months at a time or shop around the holidays. The problem is that it takes a lot of time to download a game. If you want to play another title or watch a movie on Netflix, your console can slow down so much that you see glitches when you play or watch.

Both the Xbox Series S and X allow you to download games when you’re away from your console as long as you choose the right mode. Not only does this reduce the amount of power it uses, but it also allows you to download games while you’re at work or school.

You can even head to bed and feel confident that the game will be ready for you in the morning, provided you have a solid internet connection. Neither Xbox console will download games when you use the energy-saving mode. This mode shuts down the console when you don’t use it.

It does not register a download as a user and can shut down in the middle of your download. Unless you want to waste more time when you return to start the download over again, stick to the sleep mode.

Use your controller to change the Power Options to sleep mode. Then head to the marketplace and pick the game you want to play. Pick the download option and do whatever you want to do. Head to the store, take a bathroom break, spend some time with your friends, or make a snack.

Both the Xbox Series S and X will download your game while in sleep mode. You can even leave the Xbox set to this mode for days without worrying about damaging the console.


Don’t assume that just because Xbox consoles lack a rest mode, you must always leave yours on or off. The top two models have shutdown and sleep modes similar to rest mode. Choose the right mode and let your Xbox Series S or X download games without using a lot of power.