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Most people are most likely to prefer a wireless keyboard relative to other keyboard forms, especially due to their convenience. However, like any other keyboard, they tend to wear out after some time, but how long it will take before wearing out depends on different factors, such as how careful one is when using it. Having said this, what can be the possible lifespan of a wireless keyboard?

How long a wireless keyboard lasts will depend on the type, how long you have been using it, and how you maintain it. If the wireless keyboard is of great quality, it should last you for a long time, say close to 10 years or more. How long it lasts may also depend on the battery life.

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In this article, I will discuss the keyboard’s lifespan, whether it’s the gaming one or that you use when working. Moreover, I will give you insights into what you can do when the wireless keyboard stops working.

Do Wireless keyboards wear out?

While wireless keyboards are one of the best things you can ever have in your work life, you need to take care of them like any other gadget in your home. Wireless keyboards, if you fail to maintain them, they ultimately wear out after some time.

Usually, if you have been using the keyboard for close to three years or more, you may start realizing some changes in it. The number of years it takes before it wears out will depend on factors such as the kind of battery you are using. If the battery is of low quality, then it brings down the life of the keyboard.

Also, if you have been using the keyboard for a long time, it ultimately starts going bad. A wireless keyboard should be okay, at least for the first two years of using them, but it is okay if you get some issues here and there as the years progress. If you are using a cheap quality keyboard, its letters may start pricking off after, say, three months.

Another thing that causes the wearing out is spilling things on the keyboard. Wireless keyboards are sensitive, and this is the case with any other keyboard. If you pour anything on them and fail to get the keyboard checked, some of its keys may instantly stop working or take too long to respond, making the keyboard wear out gradually.

If you keep the keyboard in good condition by ensuring that you do not pour anything on it, it is likely to last you a good one. Moreover, wearing out occurs if there is a build-up of dust in the keyboard, which is pretty common. Again, you can prevent this by ensuring that you clean it up regularly and properly maintain it.

A wireless keyboard will ultimately wear out after years. But if you do not take proper care of it, it can fail to work after a few months. As such, ensure you are constantly inspecting it and maybe changing the battery more often to prolong its usage.

How Long Does a Wireless Keyboard Last?

If you are careful about how you use the keyboard, it should last you over ten years. But of course, this depends on the quality of the keyboard, the battery life, and much more. Also, it may not depend on whether they are working well for most keyboards, but usually, their usability will decrease with time like any other power gadget.

For most high-quality wireless keyboards, you will find that they last longer than the cheap ones. Usually, such keyboards may be in a better position to handle many keystrokes at a time. On the other hand, most low-quality ones can only handle a few million keypresses, and the letters may at some point start chipping off, unlike the case when dealing with expensive keyboards.

If the lasting period depends on the kind of batteries the keyboard uses, some will last from 3 months to a few years. Logitech wireless keyboards, for instance, come with inbuilt batteries that can last between 6 months to several years.

You can prolong the lasting period by ensuring that you are using the correct batteries, charging them fully before using them, and regularly maintaining them.

Also, if your keyboard wears out quickly, you can do several things that will make it last longer. This includes ensuring that you clean the keyboard often. Moreover, you should always ensure that you turn the keyboard off anytime it is not in use.

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How Do You Know When You Need a New Keyboard?

When your keyboard stops working or is taking too long to respond, replacing it will be one of the best options. But before you go there, you probably have seen some warning signs that you should never ignore.

You can solve some of these issues by simply troubleshooting the keyboard, but for some, the only solution may be buying a new one, but it depends on the extent of the problem.

One way you can know you need a new keyboard is if it has some physical damage. Keyboards, especially if the quality is top-notch, will take quite some time before you start having issues such as the buttons not working. But when they are faulty, you will easily realize by just checking the state of the buttons.

If the buttons start falling off the keyboard or are looser than usual, it will be best to replace the keyboard. Also, if the keyboard cover has a crack or the feet are missing, then the keyboard will require a replacement. But you do not need replace it if it’s the symbols that are rubbing off since you can easily replace them.

If you have had your keyboard for a while, there is a high possibility that dust has been building upon it over time. This debris normally hides behind the keyboard cover and keys and highly affects the keyboard. This issue also applies to spilling staff on the keyboard.

If the dust and the spill-off keep accumulating, the keyboard will ultimately make the keys unresponsive, making the keyboard stop working. Therefore, you should ensure that you frequently turn the keyboard upside down to do away with large debris, or you can clean the keyboard using safe methods to make it work.

While taking the necessary precautions is important, sometimes the damage may have gone too far. For example, if wiping off the dust does not change the keyboard state, you need to resolve into buying a new one.

Unresponsiveness of the keyboard may also require you to buy a new one. Usually, unresponsiveness occurs because of dirt accumulation or if you have been using the keyboard for long. If the keystrokes take long to register, they may be wearing out, and replacing them with a new one will be the best option.

Always ensure you are keen when working with a keyboard. Some issues it may be having may not necessarily require you to purchase a new one but rather fix the problem as it appears. Some may not be working due to an issue with the software connecting the keyboard and the computer, and all you need to do is update or install a new driver.

What Do You Do When Your Wireless Keyboard Stops Working?

How you resolve the problem of your keyboard not working will depend on the cause of the problem. For example, if the wireless keyboard stops working, maybe the battery is having an issue. It may be wearing out, or you did not install the driver properly.

To solve the battery problem, it is always important to ensure that you are using the correct batteries that your keyboard needs first. If you are using the wrong battery for your keyboard, the keyboard may not go as far as switching it on. Moreover, make sure that the batteries are in a good state before using them.

If you have been using your batteries for close to 3 or more years, just know that batteries degrade over time. Therefore, make sure that you replace your batteries often and, most importantly, ensure that you are using high-quality batteries. You will restore the keyboard’s functionality by taking the above steps, and you do not need to purchase a new one.

Another thing you can do if the keyboard is not working well is updating the drivers. Out of date drivers may not be compatible with the keyboard and thus limiting them from working. Such drivers also make it hard for the keyboard to connect with the computer.

Resyncing your devices is also perfect if the keyboard is not working. On your receiver, there should be a connect button that typically connects the keyboard to the computer. Hold it down for a few seconds until you see some flashlights on the receiver.

Some receivers lack the connect button, so you can find the procedure for resyncing the manual that comes with the keyboard. If the process is not successful, you can try connecting the receiver to another USB port. Also, you can ensure that the problem is with the keyboards by connecting them to a different computer.

How Long Can a Wireless Gaming Keyboard Last?

To get the best look out of your gaming setup, you need a perfect gaming keyboard. One that allows fast key clicking and, best if it contains some backlight, will help you use the keyboard even in the dark. Also, the gaming keyboard needs to look great, but most importantly, it needs to last long.

Usually, the cost of gaming keyboards is far much more than the general keyboards. Therefore, you should expect that the high price goes a long way in ensuring that the keyboard lasts long. But this is not usually the case. Sometimes the high cost is because of the brand name.

When it comes to gaming keyboards, how long they will last will depend on the keyboard’s quality. If the keyboard parts are properly built and do not fall off when using them, then the keyboard will likely last you close to 10 years or even more.

If you are a gamer, you can barely count the number of times you click on the buttons and how hard you do. Typically, gaming keyboards have a lot of intense use hence the need to have a high-quality one. If you game often, you need something that will help you game for the longest time possible.

If you buy a high-quality mechanical keyboard specifically meant for gaming, it can even last you more than 20 years. But, of course, such a long lifespan will depend on the quality of the switches. So, using a low-quality one with loose keys will not work for more than three years.

For most gaming keyboards, you can easily replace the buttons hence increasing the durability. Also, you need to do proper maintenance on the keyboard so that it can last longer. Ensuring that you clean up any spills or dust on the keyboard should also be a priority.

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A wireless keyboard can last for over ten years, and some will only last you about three months. This period depends on many factors, such as the battery life, usage, and the quality of the keyboard. If you are using the keyboard correctly and are constantly maintaining it, it should last you a good while.