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There are many types of vacuum cleaners available on the market today. Some are more expensive than others, and all have distinct features. One popular option is the Roomba, which is a robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean your house while you do other things. But what’s the catch? How long does it take a Roomba to clean a room?

A fully charged Roomba can take about 60 minutes to 2 hours to clean a room size of approximately 2,000 square feet. Factors like Wi-Fi connection, floor type, and Roomba type cause the difference in cleaning times.


How Long Does Roomba Run on Schedule?

The iRobot Roomba series is designed with scheduling features that one can use to schedule cleaning times throughout the week. It increases convenience, and one can enjoy a clean house every day.

Roomba can clean your house once per day on schedule for the whole week. That means you can set it such that it cleans the room automatically when the scheduled time reaches. When its charge is full, Roomba can clean for about 60 minutes before the battery runs low.

However, like any automated machine, you must adjust the settings to fit your preferences. For the Roomba, your first step should be to set the clock then set the schedule. Here’s how to do it.

How to Set Clock on A Non-Wi-Fi Connected 700 or 800 Roomba Series

  • Press the “Clock” button on your Roomba.
  • The Day, Hour, and Minute buttons help you adjust the time and set it to your preferred time. You’ll need to use each of them individually.
  • After setting the time, press the OK button. Roomba will beep to show that time, and date information has been set.

How To Set The Schedule

  • Next to the “Clock” button, there’s a “Schedule” button. Press the Schedule button so that you can make the changes
  • Utilize the Day, Hour, and Minute buttons separately in setting the schedule.
  • Once done, press the OK button. Roomba will beep to show that the schedule has been successfully sent.

The process is a little different on the Wi-Fi-connected Roomba series like the S and I series. You can schedule a one-time cleaning or a weekly cleaning, depending on your needs. Here’s how to do it.

How to Set Schedule on Wi-Fi Connected s and I Roomba Series

  • Scroll to the scheduled segment on the home screen of the app and press the arrow. You can use this to set the time, days, and rooms you need to clean using your Roomba.
  • If you want to set up a one-time cleaning job, choose the Repeat segment, then set the time you want your Roomba to start the cleaning after you have unchecked all the boxes.
  • To create a weekly schedule, select Repeat and choose the days you would like the Roomba to do the cleaning, and the time you would like it to clean.

You can also use the technology of Imprint Link to create a schedule. You can do so by clicking on ‘Mop After’ and following the above procedures in setting the mop scheduling.

How Long Does It Take for a Roomba to Clean a Room?roomba9

For you to determine how long your Roomba takes to clean a room, you have to factor in the size and layout of your floor, whether you’re using a carpet or hardwood flooring, your furnishings, the size of the whole cleanable area in square feet, and your Roomba model.

For instance, an older 600~800 series model of Roomba with a considerable irregular cleaning pattern can clean an area of about 300 sq ft, having hardwood and carpet within a battery limit of one hour.

As the battery starts to get low, it will begin trying to find its charging point, and in case it had not completed cleaning the first time, you can still resend it to finish cleaning after it is completely charged. You can do this by rescheduling cleaning manually, or if your Roomba has a Wi-Fi connection, you can use Wi-Fi app controls.

An advanced 900 series model of Roomba has a structured linear pattern for cleaning, and so it can keep a record of where it has been. When its battery starts to get low, its ‘Charge and Resume’ feature makes it return to its charging point. After it is fully charged, it then goes out again to finish cleaning.

It can take the Roomba 900 series model about 90 minutes to finish a cleanable space of about 636 square feet or about 2 hours 30 minutes, including the time it takes to charge, to complete the job. If you place it in a small room, Roomba can prefer doing more cleaning passes with no concern for battery draining.

Does Roomba Learn the Floor Plan?

Advanced Roombas, such as the Roomba 900 or i7 series, can learn, recall, and adapt to your home’s floor layout, allowing them to clean particular rooms by name. It may also empty itself automatically after cleaning.

With Roomba i7 plus, customers have full control to select the rooms that they need to be cleaned and when they can be cleaned as this robot can learn each room and remember up to about ten different floors. With this feature, a user can carry its robot to a different floor or a different home, where the Roomba can know its location and do the cleaning as ordered.

With the navigation technology, Roomba i7 plus consistently and competently navigate your home by keeping a trail of its previous locations and where it hasn’t been cleaned yet. This series of robots can adapt to a change in the home environment; hence, they are capable of knowing a better way to do the cleaning.

Roomba i7 plus model working with Google Assistant and Alexa enabled equipment enables users to clean certain rooms by their names using voice instruction. After it has finished cleaning, the robot goes back to its station to recharge. If coupled with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, it will spontaneously evacuate its contents.

How Long Does Roomba Take to Charge?

A rechargeable battery is used in powering Roomba, and it can finish 100 cleaning rounds if well taken care of. It is advisable to remove the pull tab of the battery before charging your Roomba. Also, charging your battery overnight is advisable when using it for the very first time.

In normal circumstances, Roomba can take at least two hours to charge. It is also advisable you charge your Roomba battery fully before it can begin cleaning. Green battery light will indicate that it is fully charged, and it will finish at least one full cleaning round, which is about 60 minutes.

To prolong the life of the battery, the manufacturer recommends that you keep your Roomba always charged. Recharging the battery as soon as it is depleted is also a way you can extend its life, rather than waiting for days or the next cleaning session.

If you won’t be using your Roomba for weeks or months, it is advisable to keep it in a cool and dry place. Try charging the battery to its full capacity once every six months for excellent performance.

Leaving your Roomba off the Home Base for a longer period will automatically start a 16-hour charge which is a special cycle. This substantial charge is refreshing to the battery and prolongs its life. During the charging process, the indicators on the battery pulse rapidly.

In other models, the indicators go off after the first-minute charging. This behavior is normal and is meant to save energy.


Roomba can do a better job if it is used to do a rigorous vacuum manually every six months and with appropriate, efficient maintenance. As life gets busier, the need to use automated robots like Roomba to clean cannot be overemphasized.