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If you just purchased your PS4 game controller and want to know if the joystick is charged, there’s a couple ways to tell.

To know if the PS4 joystick has charged, users can look at the light bar. When it is charging, it will blink in orange; then, the light bar will dim and turn off when the battery is charged. Moreover, press and hold the PS button when Rest Mode and the battery status will appear on the screen.

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How Long Does It Take for A PS4 Controller to Charge Halfway?

DualShock 4 is the name of the PS4 controller, and it uses a lithium-ion battery that requires 5V 800mA for charging. If the user has used up the entire battery, typically the controller will around 2 hours to be completely charged. Then, if you want to give just half of the charge to the controller, only charge it for roughly an hour. That is if the controller’s battery is empty.

Nothing will happen if you do not charge the DualShock completely; however, the PlayStation 4 User’s Guide website recommends giving the controller a full charge at least once a year. Giving it this full charge, they said, will help to keep the lifespan of the battery.

There are some myths about lithium batteries that people still believe. Many recommend keeping the controller charge between 25% to 90% percent, which is somewhat true, but when it comes to DualShock 4, it is not completely necessary.

First, the PS4 controllers are made to be used while they are being charged; whenever they are charging with the console, the system will stop the charging once it reaches 100 percent, and it will send the supply enough to operate the controller. The battery will remain at 100 percent.

Technically, this will not burn the controller out, but the ions inside the battery will never stop working.

Inside a lithium battery, the lithium ions are stored in two places: an anode and cathode. The lithium moves from one side to another creating free electrons, and a separator controls the flow of the electrons on the battery. When the controller is charging, the cathode releases lithium ions to the anode.

When the controller is in use, the anode releases ions to the cathode. So, if the controller is always charging, and besides, used, the lithium ions will never “take a break.”

You can use the controller while charging, even when it has reached 100 percent. But once you finish, unplug the controller, and let it rest. Keeping the controller completely charged is not bad ; nonetheless, leaving it always plugged into the console can reduce the lifespan.

However, it is not keeping the controller completely charged. However, the User’s Guide recommends giving it a full charge. That is, from almost fully discharge to 100%.

How to Know If PS4 Joystick Is Charged?

There are two official ways to check the battery status of the controller.

  1. Connect the controller to the PS4 and you will see it being charged and it’ll display a usb symbol, this indicates that the controller is charging.
  2. When you press and hold the PS Button on the controller, the controller’s battery level will display on the screen right away.

We can mainly recognize that the battery has charged by checking the light bar of the controller.

When the controller is charging, the light bar will blink in orange or an amber color; then, the light bar will dim and turn off when the battery is completely charged. Besides, if you are using a charging station the process is the same; the light will blink in an amber shade until it turns off when the charging is completed.

Don’t worry if you let the controller charge an extra time. The system will stop sending power when the controller has reached 100 percent of charge. However, if you are not playing, remember to activate the Rest Mode. You can charge your controller in rest mode. Having the Ps4 in this feature saves you on electricity. 

The User’s Guide also recommends charging the PS4 controller in a room where the temperature is between 10° C and 30° C or 50° F and 86° F to get an efficient charge.

The user can connect and charge the controller when playing games. DualShock 2 controllers are made to resist when the user is playing with it while charging. However, it is recommendable to give it a complete charge from time to time without using it simultaneously.

Moreover, the overall performance will depend on how the user cares about its controller and the environment where it is used.

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How Long Does It Take to Charge A PS4 Controller To 1 Bar?

Let the controller charge for almost an hour to charge it to the “first bar”. DualShock needs almost two hours for a complete charge. Then, if you want to charge the PS4 controller to the 1 bar, give it around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The light bar will be blinking in a yellow/orange shade when you unplug the controller from the console at a charging station or if it is connected and in Rest Mode; this means the controller has not charged 100 percent.

To check the battery on the Rest Mode, press and hold for a few seconds the PS button on the controller; the battery level will appear on the screen. Then, you can see if the controller has reached the 1 bar and unplug it if you want; though, the controller will last around two or three hours if it is unplugged at that moment.

How Do I Check My Controller Battery on PS4?

You can check the controller battery on the screen that appears next to your username when you have the controller plugged into the Ps4 or if you press and hold for a few seconds the PS button on the controller when it’s not connected.

Another way to check the battery status when the controller is charging is by the infamous light bar. When the PS4 controller is charging, the light bar will blink in an amber hue, and when it is finally charged, the light bar will turn off.

The PS4 controller battery lasts around eight hours when it is completely charged. However, the controllers can be used when playing. But remember to let them rest from time to time!


You can use the controller while charging, even when it has reached 100 percent. The controller needs around 2 hours of charging to reach 100%, and the battery will last 8 hours, more or less.

Remember, the user can charge the controller while playing. DualShock 4 controller will endure it!