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Have you ever got iPhone not charging error before? Do you know what reason that caused the iPhone wont charge issue?

Last week, I received many questions from users that told me their iPhone are not charging even though they plug into a wall outlet or a computer.

This problem can be a result of a corrupted cable, a broken cable, or due to an error from a third-party cable without the certified, as well as a software issue.

In this guide, I will give you a few solution to fix the “iPhone not charging” problem.

How To Fix Apple iPhone Not Charging Error

From my experience, to solve iPhone won’t charge issue, you have to check if the cable you are using is an Apple-certified accessory or not. If it is an official cable that comes with the box, but you still have the “iPhone not charging” issue, I would recommend you switch to other power outlets to test – pretend the cable isn’t broken or corrupted. If you are charging your iPhone through a USB port, try other ports or use power outlets instead.

If you have switched to a few power outlets, but the problem remains, you should borrow a cable from your friends to try. If it’s worked and you can charge your iPhone successfully, then definitely your cable is damaged. You should buy a new one, with certified.

Apple Lightning Cable Frayed

Did you know how to identify a certified cable yet? No? Read this guide from Apple. Also, Rick Broida has written an article that tells a story why he wouldn’t suggest us to buy cheap Lightning cables – you should read it too.

Here are a few customized Lightning cables you should try, along with the official one from Apple stores:

If you left your iPhone battery drained out, after plugging it into the power source, you have to wait about 10 to 20 minutes. After that, you will see it’s charging.

Fix iPhone Wont Charge Error With “Accessory Is Not Certified” Message

Certification Chip Apple Lightning Cable

You are using a certified iPhone cable, but your iPhone won’t charging and still receive the “Accessory is Not Certified” error message? Then you have to check the connector to make sure it’s clean – no dust.

If it is too dirty, try to clean it properly. Just use water and soap to clean it, and then dry it. For the cable only, do not try to clean the port on your iPhone with water and soap. Instead, use a toothpick to clean out your iPhone charge port.

If you are using a USB port to charge your iPhone, try to plug your device into other USB ports.

Note: Sometimes, restart your iPhone while plugging will help you solve the “iPhone not charging” problem.

Also, you should dry the Lightning port in your iPhone. Sometimes, somehow a bit of water can get in there and prevent you from charging your iPhone.

Apple Lightning port wet warning

If after changing a few cables but your iPhone won’t charge, I would recommend you to do a factory reset or restore your iPhone’s firmware. Make sure you have a backup of it before proceeding.

I hope these tips can help you to solve the “iPhone not charging” problem.