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Gboard is the default keyboard for Android devices. So, what will happen if you disabled Gboard?

Android users risk getting locked out of their phones after disabling Gboard, leaving them with no means to unlock their phones. According to Apple, iPhone users tampering with the system app risk exposing their phones to malfunctioning viruses. However, the effects vary on different phones.


Can I Disable Gboard?

Disabling default system apps including Gboard may not be an easy task. However, it dappepends on the different kinds of phone models as well as the approach method on the same.

Generally different phone developers; both Android and Apple Inc. tailor several settings to match their clients’ desires, however; the procedure is only possible based on several factors, I have outlined in a later section in this article.

Is It Okay to Disable Gboard?

Gboard, Google’s default virtual keyboard is a typing app developed for both Android and iPhone users. It is a taste of fun and engaging mobile keyboard synchronizing with lots of amazing Google features.

So the developers constantly keep customizing and update the system app into possible preferences fitting your needs. This is to ensure you get all features you may admire in other keyboards; all in one place. This also defines the constant prompt notifications you get to update your system apps.

However, despite the various preferences tailored to your needs, it is still okay to opt-out for what you feel is better than Gboard. In any case, you are not limited to the app only, and so you are at liberty to disable it whenever you feel it is no longer meeting your needs.

What Will Happen If I Disable Gboard?

There are several ways to disable the system app; however, mindless of your approach, the effects are almost the same in both iPhones and Android devices.

So according to Apple, the company, uninstalling or disabling the Gboard app has its side effects on the device including exposure to dangerous system viruses.

In a detailed article directed to their customers, the company distances itself from being responsible for any damage brought about by any third-party apps meant to replace Gboard.

When disabling the app, Android phones send system warnings to their users on the consequences of the procedure. However, should you, see any of such warnings, either of them should not threaten you since they always aim at stopping you from going along with the procedure.

So, in case you make it to disable the app without any other third-party backup of the keyboard, here are some of the noticeable effects you will encounter as an Android user.

  • Inability to unlock the phone
  • No more automatic start-ups on booting the phone

Do I Need Gboard on my Phone?

In addition to being Google’s default keyboard, Gboard comes with several basic features fit for, not only Android devices but also iPhones and Ipads too. However, the keyboard is not a default system app for all devices; it is majorly the default keyboard in iPhones, Ipads, and several models of Android.

Its setup varies in the devices, however, Android versions benefit with more features as compared to other models.

Some of these features include:

Google’s Qualitative Search

As part of the extensive features not found on other keyboards, Gboard offers you a massive Google search icon right from the keyboard. This means while writing mail or notepad documents, you will not need back and forth navigations to the net.

Therefore, as the keyboard’s user you are unlimited on what to search for from the web; as well as copy-pasting your results to any relevant sites. However, for more easy access to the Google icon, you can drag it off from the right side of the toolbar to any location of convenience to you.

Swipe Typing

With this feature, you can glide your fingers over different letters to spell out necessary words. However, in case your slide does not yield your expected results, Gboard’s active prediction feature will give you a list of predictions from which you can discover the words you need.

Multiple Languages

With the integration of over 900 languages, the Gboard keyboard lets you enjoy the fun of typing with dozens of translations for the same in the toolbars. In addition, the keyboard is also customizable for you to make direct selections for any of the languages you may need from all over the globe.

Voice Typing

Partnering with Google, Gboard lets you enjoy stress-free chats by voice typing you’re your permission to access your phone’s microphone and files. This feature is also important for the physically disabled.

Extensive GIFs and Emojis Touch

Gboard lets you add emotional feel and touch to your chats with millions of emojis, GIFs, and packs of stickers too; without having to access specialized gif or emoticons keyboard. So in case you need either of these features to accompany your texts, Gboard is the right app for you.

Quick Typing and Editing

The keyboard lets you have seamless and easy customization for copying and pasting texts for use all around the phone’s applications including email documents, notes, and many others. This feature is important for precision text editing by highlighting words that you feel are fit for inclusion in your files.

When setting up a new phone or just after the installation of Gboard on your phone you may be asked to give permissions for different access, including access to your contacts, gallery, document files, and several other relevant options.

The keyboard can run on its own without permission to these features, however, for seamless and efficient working with all the above features integrated therein, it might be a good thing to grant some of these permissions.

However, if at any point you’ll feel uneasy with either of these options, Gboard gives you the full authority to review and fine-tune them or opt-out of it for a tastier keyboard of your choice.

disable gboard

How to Disable Gboard?

Disabling Gboard depends on the phone you are using whether Android or an iOS device. However, before disabling the keyboard you may need to consider several factors that will determine the success of the procedure.

This includes:

Default or Installed keyboard

Some phones come with Gboard as a built-in app while in others, it is an app you choose to install and download from the play store.

Phones with Gboard as their default built-in app, do not permit disabling of the keyboard; you can only freeze the app’s data, or install third-party apps that can be used in place of the Gboard.

While phones with user-installed Gboard apps have easy installations after activating other apps.

Presence of a Third-party App

Since Gboard is a keyboard software, you can only disable or delete its data if there’s any other third-party keyboard to take over its duties.

So, if you have another app on the phone, you can visit your phone’s settings to activate the third-party app. So once your second app, is activated to be the default keyboard, you can go ahead and disable Gboard according to the settings illustrated below.

To disable Gboard on android phones:

  • Navigate to settings
  • Select apps
  • look for Gboard and tap on it
  • to the far right of the Gboard screen, tap disable icon or the grey switch button at the top.

To disable Gboard on iPhone and iPad:

  • Open Settings app
  • Select General > keyboard >keyboards
  • At the far right, tap Edit
  • Besides Gboard , tap remove > delete


Whatever happens after disabling the Gboard app on your phone depends on several factors including the model of your phone and the presence of any other third-party app.

However, in most android phones, disabling the app locks out the users since there is no keyboard to facilitate their screen unlock.

In an iPhone, the results can be exposure to harmful viruses that can corrupt the phone.