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The Xbox One is the successor to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, and it precedes the release of the Xbox Series X/S. It builds on the framework of the 360 console, and it offers a huge array of special features that make gaming and other forms of entertainment fun, easy, and accessible to the user.

Like any computer, the console has a feature to download new updates for the system, patches for games, or digital versions of games themselves.

Some players wonder if they can leave the Xbox One on overnight to facilitate some of these processes when they don’t need to use the console, and we’ll cover some aspects of this in our article.

Is It OK To Leave Xbox One on Overnight?

Leaving the Xbox One on overnight could lead to a couple of things. The console has a fully powered state that you’ll use whenever you play a game or enjoy other media. However, it also has a power saver state. In this state, some power is still going to the console so that it can perform background processes. In either state, you could choose to leave the Xbox One on overnight.

It is possible to leave the console on for the whole night, and you could choose to do this in either its default or power saver state. For the former, you may have to change some settings to ensure the Xbox One stays in its default state.

However, there are some considerations to consider before going through with this decision. Depending on specific circumstances, you could leave the Xbox One on overnight without any issues. Much of the reason for this lies in the hardware Microsoft supplied to the Xbox One framework at launch.

However, there are some reasons why you might want to be wary about leaving the Xbox One on overnight. This is particularly true if you plan to leave the console on every night regardless of whether or not it might need to download something. We will dive into the possible repercussions of this in the next section.

It is worth noting that the Xbox One hardware is robust, and it should be able to handle overnight sessions from time to time without incident.

Microsoft understood that many users would prefer to download large updates or full games outside of what they might consider the active hours of operation for the console.

Furthermore, many of the games released for the Xbox One require being current with their updates to access cooperative play and, online features, or simply running. At the same time, the console is connected to the internet. It makes sense that players would like to take care of these things at night in order to enjoy their content whenever they would like.

Why Shouldn’t I Leave My Xbox on All Night?

We talked about how the makeup of the Xbox One uses components designed to handle being on overnight or for otherwise long periods of time without interruption. While this is true, the Xbox One is not necessarily the only consideration to remember here. The Xbox One also comes with parts that attach to the console to ensure proper and smooth operations.

One thing that you need for an Xbox One console to function adequately is a dedicated power supply unit. This unit will look like an average black brick with LED lights on the front for the Xbox One. There will also be a plug on the back of the unit that goes into the console.

Another side will feature the plug you need to connect to a wall outlet to provide power to the console. Most Xbox One power supplies are equipped to continuously handle running games and other resource-intensive media for several hours without incident.

However, this doesn’t mean that a power supply unit is inexhaustible. The Xbox One console is rated to run continuously for days, and some users might do this as a way to perform stress tests on different systems. Power supply units, particularly the original units that come as default with an Xbox One console, might need breaks from time to time to get the best performance.

These units are also robust but rated differently than the console and its hardware. Even if your Xbox One can run for days on end without incident, the power supply unit might be experiencing stress that you cannot see.

You should be able to run your console for a long time, and it is probably okay to leave it on overnight for things it might need to get done. Just remember to give your power supply a break from providing a continuous loop of energy to the console. There is no guarantee of monitoring any failure rate with the power supply attached.

Indeed, it could run continuously for days without incident. But, if you don’t need the console to be on to have it do things in the background, giving the power supply a break in between gaming or entertainment sessions is a good idea.

Can I Leave My Xbox One on Overnight To Download?

There should be no problem in leaving your Xbox One on overnight to download something in the background. Microsoft knew when designing the console that users would want to play games without staring at download progress bars or enjoy their apps with the latest updates already applied.

Background downloading is already part of the Xbox One’s functionality, and the company expects players to use it when needed.

This is where we circle back to the different power modes for the Xbox One that we mentioned earlier. The fully powered mode is what you can expect to use when playing a game or enjoying an app’s functionality. The Xbox can enter a low-powered state when you still want to start it up quickly but save some energy simultaneously.

This is where downloading overnight might come in. Theoretically, you could leave the Xbox One on in its default state to perform downloads overnight. However, there is also a ‘Standby’ mode that allows for a quick startup or some background processes to run.

There are specific ‘Sleep mode & startup’ preferences in the Xbox one’s ‘Settings’ menu that you can set regarding how the system handles downloads.

1. Once you navigate to the appropriate menu, you should be able to select from a short list of two power modes for the Xbox One.

2. After the latest console updates, these options should read as ‘Standby’ or ‘Energy saver.’

3. ‘Standby’ mode consumes more power than the other one, but it also allows the console to perform some background operations that you might want it to do. It is still in a state of low power that turns off some of the usual functionality.

4. ‘Energy saver’ is more efficient in terms of its energy usage, but it shuts down the Xbox One. When you activate this feature when turning off the console, you should notice that the status indicator on the power supply turns orange.

5. In ‘Standby,’ the status indicator on the PSU will remain green in the same way it would when the console is fully on, and you’ll still hear faint humming from the Xbox One.

6. If you need to select specific downloads, you can also tell the console to finish updates or downloads and then turn it off.

How Long Can an Xbox One Stay On Without Overheating?

Many gamers like to try out games for a few hours. Modern games can be intense with their resource demands, but any title made for an Xbox One should run on the system’s hardware without issues.

Some players wonder if playing so much or leaving the console on for a very long time could cause overheating issues.

While there is always a slight chance of a component in any electronic system overheating, the Xbox One is designed for many hours of continuous operation without getting too hot. You may wish to remember a few things to take extra care of here. Place your Xbox in a ventilated space to give the console proper airflow. This will help it stay cool even when you are asking it to play games for many hours.

Additionally, having the console on but idle uses fewer system resources, so you should also be able to do that. However, it’s always a good idea to check up from time to time on active electronics connected to a power supply.

Will an Xbox One Automatically Turn Off?

You can set an Xbox One to turn off automatically. This feature embedded in the console’s system allows it to perform some background operations. You might also want to keep a game running if you need to step away, but an automatic shutdown feature gives you the means to ensure the console can turn off if you are gone longer than expected.

  1. To access this feature, you will once again want to go into the console’s ‘Settings’ and access the ‘Sleep mode & startup’ tab in the ‘General’ section.
  2. From here, you will see a list of options on the left-hand side.
  3. In the first window, you can choose to have the Xbox One turn off after increments of various hours of inactivity. You could also disable the feature entirely if you wish.
  4. The second option allows you to turn off the console automatically after a certain number of hours for video or music media.


The Xbox One is a fine console that brings some of the most high-end features of gaming and other entertainment of the past few years right to your screen.

Microsoft built the unit with long hours of use in mind, and, typically, its hardware will support several hours of intense gameplay. Some users have left their consoles idle for days without issue. While it is always good to give our technology a bit of a break, it’s also good to know that the Xbox One should be ready to handle our entertainment needs almost indefinitely, too.