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Most of us who use laptops as a primary device for everyday work have faced the battery overheating issue. It is a prevalent problem among laptop users. But when there is a problem, there are various ways to fix the problem.

A laptop battery can get hot under some circumstances, which are common. But what is not expected is if your battery exceeds the bearable temperature limit with no valid reason. Some solutions are available to fix this dilemma, and they can be handy to maintain your laptop correctly.

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This article will give you a broad overview of the problems that cause the overheating issue and how to fix it. Moreover, I will guide you to become an expert about correctly maintaining your laptop.

Whether you are a new or pro user knowing these things can give you a satisfying experience and can also save some time and money while using your laptop.

Laptop Battery Is Getting Hot

It is quite usual that when you are using your laptop while plugged in for charging, it may get hot. This is very harmful to the battery because by doing this regularly, its lifespan would be reduced.

The battery can become warm for many reasons. I will talk about these reasons in the next part of this article. But one thing is to keep in your mind is that there can be no reason to panic about your battery. A

battery can get hot quite often, and some simple tricks exist to cool down your battery.

Overheated battery means there must some rare events occurred that caused the malfunctioning. When using a laptop, you must apprehend some basic kinds of stuff to maintain it properly.  It is a delicate technology packed with various sophisticated components.

That is why you should give proper attention while using it.

Most of the time, a battery gets hot because of the unawareness of the laptop’s owner. Without maintaining the battery while using it for an extended period, you might end up damaging it. Though a damaged battery is not harmful to your laptop, it can give you an unpleasant experience, and you may never want to use a laptop again in your life.

The easiest way to solve your battery dilemma is to replace it with a new one. However, it can be costlier than other solutions, and if you are using an ancient model, you may never find a suitable battery for your laptop.

So, my advice would be for you to maintain your existing battery carefully to save some bucks.

Nowadays, laptop batteries come with lithium-ion cells, which are more power-dense and need low maintaining than other cells.

But their lifespan is not great because the number of charging and discharging cycles affects the battery’s health. Over the period, these batteries tend to get more heated than before.

Why Is My Battery Burning Hot?

As I mentioned earlier, there can be several reasons that cause your battery burning hot. No matter what the reasons are, there are also solutions available to solve these problems. So, stay with me to find out what is wrong with your battery that causing an overheated battery.

First, if you are using your laptop in a stagnant place and the air circulation is not sufficient enough, then your whole laptop, especially the battery, can get very warm.

Modern laptops come with built-in fans to ensure the airflow inside the laptop and maintain the components’ ideal temperature.

If the vents of the laptop are blocked somehow, then it tends to warm up quickly. One bad habit of the users is that they use their laptop resting in their lap or in bed where the underneath air circulation vents get covered, and eventually, the temperature rises.

Sometimes, when you are working or gaming while charging your laptop, the battery can become very warm. It is because the battery is storing the energy and delivering the power at the same time.

If you are not using the original charging adapter to charge your battery, it can damage your battery, and a damaged battery warms up in a slight moment.

Another reason can be the overpowered adapter, which is way more than your battery can absorb, will raise its temperature.

The advanced lithium-ion battery has a minimal lifespan. Though it can store more energy than others, the life cycle gets reduced by charging and discharging.

And with the period, the performance of it decreases gradually. An old battery can heat up instantly, which can give you unwanted complications.

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Can a Laptop Battery Cause Overheat?

A laptop battery can cause overheat as it is one of the biggest components in your laptop, and when it heats up, the whole system will likely provide less performance. I have already mentioned why a battery can get hot. To ensure that your battery does not gain temperature, avoid these circumstances.

There can be many reasons behind your overheating laptop . Starting with your laptop’s fan to a battery, any of these components can be the culprit that is causing the overheating issue.

Any damaged or old battery can produce extra heat that can end up heating the whole laptop. If you can not point out which is why your laptop is getting burning hot, see an expert and fix it as soon as possible.

I would recommend you to check some simple things before seeing an expert.

First, remove the back panel of your laptop and check all the parts if they are appropriately connected and maintained. It would help if you cleaned the fans and vents.

Then, check the battery if it is correctly attached to the motherboard and clean the connection area with alcohol-soaked cotton so that no rust can exist on metal joints.

If your battery looks damaged or swollen, it would be wise to replace it. Because a weakened battery might explode and can create a fire if the temperature exceeded the limit. In a situation like this, try to disconnect the charger with the power source and leave the place immediately.

A heated battery can quickly transform the heat throughout the whole laptop. While you are typing or resting your palm over your laptop, you can feel the burning sensation in your hand, which can be irritating.

How Do I Cool Down My Laptop Battery?

You can cool down your laptop’s battery in many ways. Keep trying to discover the proper method to cool down your one. After that, you will get a much better experience from your laptop.

I always recommend using a laptop cooler when you are working or gaming with your laptop. Modern laptops come with a fan , which can be not enough for your device.

The additional cooling fan will give better airflow inside the laptop, and it will keep your battery cool.

Another fact I want to share is that do not use your laptop while charging it. Because then the battery is storing energy and provides power to the processor power to operate the laptop.

In a stressed situation like this, the battery tends to gain temperature much faster. To avoid overheating, try to charge the battery first fully and then use it.

If you use the power adapter that comes with your laptop, then your battery will give the best performance in usual condition. Because the battery will be charging correctly, and this would reduce the possibility of damaging it. A healthy battery tends to keep its temperature below the average.

Always use your laptop in an ideal condition where the temperature is endurable and adequate air circulation is available. By doing this, your laptop will get more air naturally to cool down the whole system.

After some hours of heavy working or gaming, give your laptop a rest. Your laptop is a delicate device and can not endure much stress like a computer. Giving it a sufficient amount of rest will cool down the battery.

When you use the laptop in your home on a couch or bed, try to put a hard surface beneath it to ensure the airflow does not get blocked. A laptop stand would be suitable for your laptop.

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How Do I Stop My Laptop Battery from Overheating?

It will be tactful to monitor your battery’s condition regularly. If you maintain your laptop decently, but your battery produces excisive heat, it means that your battery is damaged. To stop overheating issue, replace it as soon as possible. Buy the original battery manufactured by the brand of your laptop.

Just like the battery, use the power adapter that comes with your laptop. If you are using a different adapter with different power input, chances are high that your battery could get burning hot.

Because it can get less or more energy than it needs to charge. For that reason, always use the original adapter to prevent your battery from overheating.

If the vents and the fans are jammed with dirt, it will reduce the air circulation capacity, and eventually, your laptop will get much warmer than usual. So clean these areas more often and use the laptop in a clean environment to stop it from overheating.

A laptop cooling fan can be handy to prevent overheating the battery. When using a laptop on an unsmooth surface, try to elevate it with some height.

Most of the time, the battery of a laptop is located at the backside of it, and the ventilation can get blocked if you do not elevate your machine.

Almost every laptop comes with one or two fans, and you can control it using the software. If your battery and laptop start overheating, maximize the fan speed to cool down the whole system. By following this step, you can easily control the temperature of your device.

If you need to work for an extended period, try to use a secondary device to back you up when your laptop reaches the temperature limit.

As a laptop can not handle excisive work pressure as a computer does, give your laptop some rest after some time. This process will reduce the probability of getting your laptop overheating.

Use your laptop in a dry and cool environment. It would be better if you can use it in a temperature-controlled space. Again, the more clean and cool air your laptop can get, the more it is unlikely for your battery to gain overheat.

A laptop can give you years of quality service when you maintain it properly. So, preventing the battery from overheating is a must. And with the information you gained from this article, you can ensure a long life for your laptop.